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  1. Today, 10 five year olds sung Happy Birthday to me! It was the cutest thing ever!! My birthday was April 6 but the next week was spring break so I got sung too today!! Kids are precious!! April
  2. Hi gals! I just wanted to share a very sweet moment that I experienced today As the world mourns and is rocked to its core by such a horrific tragedy I was blessed with a little sweetness today As some know I'm a teacher assistant in Pre-K. As one little one was leaving today she jogged up to me wrapped her little arms around my waist and said "bye Ms. April". Aren't small children precious? My heart and prayers go out to so many that are suffering at this time. April
  3. Update 9/19 Recently, I was helping a little boy write his name. After we finished he asked if we could write another one. I told him we could write his last name. Student: No, I want to write my real name. Me: What's your real name? Student:(answers sweetly) Buzz Lightyear. Later when I asked him about his real name he said "No, that's my fake name" LOL ahh kids We have a little one when they get tired they climb in my lap. Here's how it went today Right before naptime Student:(very sleepy) "Ms. April, I want you" I picked them up and they sat in my lap for a few minutes and probably 20 minutes later the child was fast asleep on a mat Kids can melt your heart April
  4. Awww thanks ladies!! I really enjoy the little ones There are days though between the heat, allergies, and kids I'm totally exhausted! so tonight I'm going to curl up with The Lucky One Spot - my job can be very entertaining lol Oh the things kids say April
  5. August 27, 2012 Besides the adorable 3 and 4 year olds is the things they do. Recently, during recess(I sit level with the kids so if they need something we are eye to eye) a little one will come over and wrap their little arms around my neck and give me a hug It seems that it doesn't matter how long the day has been or how tired I am that hug makes it all better I've had a hug every school day for the last week from a little one Just wanted to share April
  6. Update 8/22/12: A little something to warm the heart So today while at school I was picking up around the room when I noticed one of our 4 year old boys holding a pipe like a telephone and talking up a storm. Who he was "talking" too I have no idea but I thought it was sooo cute! He gave me a "you caught me" look and we grinned at each other I tried to look away but he was just too cute.(He would quit talking as long as I watched him). After a bit of me trying not to watch but failing miserably we ended laughing together lol Then at recess, I see my cousin's little girl also 4. I know she is getting sleepy when she wraps her little arms around my neck and hugs me.(I'm level with the kids). After the hug, she climbs in my lap and stays there. I try to get her to play but she never wants too. Ah, a day in the life of a Pre-K teacher assitant April
  7. Hey all, As some of you know I wanted a second opinion on a eye exam I had in June. I got my second opinion in July. I've been incredibly busy so I haven't had much time until now to update you all. The doctor I went to in July gave me an exam(one that was much better than the one in June(his words not mine). He told me I could see very well and lowered my prescription. He said I wouldn't want to go without glasses due to being farsighted. The second doctor was much more polite than the first. I was sooo happy when he said I could see well. I knew I could but when the first doctor insulted me by saying I couldn't see the big E without glasses, even though I knew I could I think part of me panicked. This gal has new glasses They are much better than my old ones Just thought I'd update April
  8. Aww thanks Sue!! I love the icons!! I was in a card store when I got the call!! I was floored School starts August 1st...Hello 4 year olds :) April
  9. So today, July 19th at around 2:20 pm I got the phone call that changed my life!!!!! I got a job!!!!! I'm going to be a Pre-K teaching assistant. The teacher I'll be working with is going to retire after this year so keep your fingers crossed that I will be considered for her job next year!!! After 5 years of waiting it's time to celebrate!!!! April
  10. Thanks ladies!! I really appreciate it Alas today was no different. I heard the same thing I've heard for 5 years...."you would be a great teacher" and then I hear "if it doesn't work out this year". I mean really compliment a person then tell them they aren't good enough! April
  11. So tomorrow I have an interview at 10:30 for a teaching position!!! I'm excited and nervous!!! Prayers please I was having a few bad days last week and then boom I got a voicemail on Friday for an interview Monday. Is this a sign?? I sure hope so after 5 years of waiting!!! Here's to being back with 4 year olds :) :) April
  12. So today my aunt brought my cousin's little girl(4 year old) swimming She and I had splash contests ha ha (she won) and I'd say(think fog horn leg horn) "say girl" and she'd laugh and keep splashing. We would race from side to side and she'd win I would hold her up in the air then put her back in the water(she loved it) never letting go. She is soo cute and it's days like today that are so sweet. I got plenty of laughs and smiles from her. I have sore muscles and a slight sunburn but I wouldn't trade today for anything!! I told her to come back and we'd play some more Just thought I'd share April
  13. Aww thanks Jewels. My advice to you is follow celebs you like. I tweeted Alicia Minshew aka Kendall Slater on All My Children this morning because she has the stomach bug as did others and later she logged on and tweeted "Thanks for the well wishes. Sending xoxo" Let me know how it goes April
  14. Thanks Deb!! I love Army Wives and I love Michael and Claudia Joy so it's awesome to get a response April
  15. So I've added alot of celebs to my account lately. Here recently the Army Wives cast. I love how involved they are with fans. So I tried to get a response from Brian: April‏@TwilightGirl468 @TwoGems57 Hey Brian I just had to tell you that I love you and Kim as Michael and Claudia Joy on AW You two rock A hour after saying what I did I got this: Brian McNamara‏@TwoGems57 @TwilightGirl468 thanks April!!! I know it's a very small thing but I was thrilled as he is the first celebrity to ever respond to me It takes very little to make me happy lol lol Thanks Brian! April
  16. Thanks ladies for the support!! Whether I'm right or they are or we both are semi right what they both did was down right rude and unprofessional! I mean supposedly the dr says with glasses my vision is almost perfect but without I can't see at all. I proved his theory wrong and how is my eyesight so extreme?? I'm getting a second opinion And if I'm so extreme why are my glasses so thin?? April
  17. Thanks Elissa!! Sorry for venting! It was just really really weird! I'll be finding someone new as I don't agree with them and I need new glasses my frames are shot on my current ones I need a re-do day lol April
  18. Hi, First I want to say I have the utmost respect for those in the medical field. Today was a very strange, stupid day and this gal defended herself(in a way). I went to the eye doctor today, for the first time in 4 years. Four years ago he said if I had no problems I didn't need to come back so I didn't until today and only because my glasses are shot and I need new ones. The tech who did my exam started it by saying when my eyes are open I only use one or the other not both. Did I hear him right because if both eyes are open how can I only use one?? I am far-sighted but really come on now! He said "you've gotten so good at using one eye you have mastered it". So ok I guess in the morning I'll use my right eye the first half of the day and my left the second half! To be honest gals to hear those words out of his mouth shocked me as I've never thought of myself only using one eye. Later, when I see the dr. he barely examines me, goes on what the tech said, and so I ask what is my vision?? He states with glasses almost 20/20. Without I don't know as we didn't measure it but I'd say you couldn't see the big E at the top without your glasses(4 years ago he said I was far from blind and now he says I am completely without glasses.....ok doc if that's how you want to play it allow me.....I took off my glasses and read the first 8 out of 10 lines without blinking!! My mom watched and she said I missed none! They have put me in this category with my vision problem where I feel they feel I won't improve at all....I'll just stay the same until I'm older and that's not right. My old dr that retired years ago would never did to me what they did today. Oh Dr. G how you are missed!! Thoughts anyone?? April
  19. How can you transfer a digital copy of a movie downloaded to itunes to an ipad? I've tried syncing it but it wants to transfer my Ipad apps to my computer instead of digital movie to ipad. Thsnks, April
  20. Russell is number 2 after Gerry and this clip just made me love him more. It was so sweet what he did and their boys are adorable and I think camera shy Enjoy April
  21. Thank you Tammy, June, and May!! I really appreciate your support and prayers. I plan on visiting the board of education this week None of this may lead to a job but I'm hopeful which is something I haven't been about a job in a long, long, long time How cool....April, May, and June! There has to be a July somwhere April
  22. Thank you Ren and May!!! Update 5/22 Hey, I made my way back to the new school district today(school ended May 18). I went with the intent to talk to the high school principal. I walked in and formally introduced myself and she said "I know who you are". That surprised me as they have so many substitutes it's crazy. Then I asked about positions next year. She asked what I would be interested in and I explained how I was certified in Pre-K - 6 but would be willing to get the certification I needed for high school. She said she had a Chemistry and would have an English posting next month. She asked preference and I said English. The principal told me to leave a note for her secretary with stars on it to call me when the English position becomes available!!! She said I'd have to apply through the board of education. Now I know it's a long way from a job but from people we know in the district they have said they have not heard a bad thing about me and that everyone likes me. This person said they normally hear all kinds of bad things about subs but had not heard a thing about me!!! Finally, a school system that notices the things I can do Here's to a step forward instead of standing still or going backward!!! I'll keep you posted Here's to hope!! April
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