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  1. haha! If that's average than I'd like to see what ABOVE average is.
  2. Holy bathairs! How awesome of him to share the inside of his private home!
  3. oh my, this board is quite addictive, isn't it?! Pi
  4. Pina

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    My doggy Ninga: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/222/4792911...7e8af10.jpg?v=0
  5. Wow!!! That was great to read Susan. Great work, thanks I particularly liked what you wrote about him being close to his mom.
  6. OMG OMG!!! Phoenixgirl, I just saw that clip of you asking Gerry a question and girl...you've got guts of steel! You looked calm cool and collective, like journalist material. Are you looking forward to meeting him again? ...and I saw the way he was looking at you!
  7. oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to skid off the road of topic. I tend to follow the traffic. Regarding the article, I understand what he means by wishing he had a travelling companion. I travel all the time and I usually travel alone. There are just some things you want to share with a significant other. When solo, a hotel room is a lonely place.
  8. Gosh, the Scots sure have a lot of evil creatures don't they?
  9. Quit acting? Quit to what? When you've got so many people supportive of you? Don't you dare mister!
  10. That's what I thought exactly, sounds like he's having a bad year?
  11. I absoutely adore Sting's music and I am glad to see that Gerry is also a fan of his -muah!
  12. In the past, hasn't Gerry had traumatic experiences with his fans that has embarassed or hurt him so much that it has brought him to tears? Perhaps his reaction is just a hurt one? I'm sorry to make assumptions but there is always a reason as to why someone reacts in a nasty way.
  13. haha Gerry! I think that's amazing, finding your sunglasses exactly where you had left them. It's good that there's still lots of places and people with honesty and integrity.
  14. This is so exciting and I'm not even going! I can't wait to hear your play-by-plays.
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