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  1. All caught up on all the episodes and absolutely LOVING them! Thanks so much again Stuart! DebbyD
  2. Ahhhhhh Stuart ~ love love love this series! You're everyone's hero big guy! xox DebbyD
  3. Stuart, what a lovely New Years gift! Thank you soooo much for taking time to post these episodes. I've been bummed for years not being able to see Gerry's work in this series. Now I can happily relax knowing I've seen everything Gerry has starred in! Cheers! DebbyD
  4. I'm on it Nick! Nick-Flix! Ask and ye shall receive....GALS are like that. DebbyD
  5. Why on earth these people would promote a film using stick figures on a poster when they have two of the most gorgeous and photo-friendly humans on the planet is beyond me. DebbyD
  6. I think that picture is over-inflated DebbyD
  7. LadyJ, what a wonderful, unforgettable day you've had! The stuff of dreams....and speaking of....how the heck are you going to be able to sleep? No way could I. Thanks so much for posting about your experience. And you got to meet the love of Gerry's life too * *! The stars were shining brightly on you yesterday! DebbyD
  8. What a treat it is to read this transcript and to fill in the missing words from those wonderful videos. It really is the complete package for those of us who missed the convention. Many thanks to those hard working transcriptionists and all involved. It is so appreciated how much work you all do to bring us our daily serving of Gerry Juice. DebbyD
  9. To be correct, make that a big hug to "Tonya" - DebbyD
  10. Suz - "Good Call"! :inlove: DebbyD
  11. The answer is that, most likely, you can't. I also have Cingular and they don't have anything available via their download site. The Really Useful Group website has some PoTO ringtones (not Gerry), but it depends on the make/model of your phone as to whether the ringtone is supported. Oh sorry, I should have mentioned that I also have Cingular, and was able to download from their site to my Motorola Razor phone with no problem. DebbyD
  12. Thank you ladies - if it weren't for all your good suggestions, I would not be listening to my brand new ringy dingy of Gerry singing the Point of No Return. I now pay people to dial my phone number! :cell: DebbyD
  13. There is no one on this planet more scrumptious looking than this man in that picture. :licky: I'm one inch away from a heart attack! (But I guess it's good to go with a smile on your face..) Thank you for sharing this with us! DebbyD
  14. Swan, go to the Jo Malone website (jomalone.com) and you will find smallish bottles of all of these fragrances....the nutmeg and ginger Gerry mentioned he wears; lime and basil; orange blossom; on and on, there are so many. You can mix and match a Gerry fragrance! You too can smell like Gerry! Spritz it on your sheets and dive in! I've tried them all and my favorite is the new one, Nectarine Blossom and Honey. Yum. (sorry to drift off topic here.... ) DebbyD If I were you, I would definitely offer to wax his skiis DebbyD
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