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  1. Tho I don't "Tweet" too much, i enjoy reading others tweets lol Here's mine... Tmpttneyes (big surprise huh?!)
  2. Yay! Great story Barb~ Very happy for you!
  3. Great pics Moira! Thanks for sharing them with us I'm glad you had a good time there and got to see Gerry!
  4. I heard the accent pretty well too Frannie and I agree that this is the Gerry that first caught my eye. Neat & Tidy.... And I thought I spotted him at the table behind Clint Eastwoods table...
  5. I got one thing to say.... UH HUH!!!!!
  6. Couldn't agree more with you there Sally! lol (but yes, the man looks like he needs some rest!)
  7. Great job Landa & Beachie!
  8. The girl in this video just posted it earlier on "Oh No They Didn't", a community on Live Journal... I think she personally was just looking for 5 minutes of fame- But all the same, it was amusing to watch.
  9. Well I'm a happy camper... Despite already seeing Rocknrolla at the screening with Gerry in Toronto, I just found out it will be playing here in Rochester!!! I haven't found out the times yet, but I did see it listed at atleast 2 theaters.
  10. That was really cute... I just love his sense of humor
  11. Poor fellow is just mad that he didn't get to see Thandie naked!!!
  12. best line in the show was... "Objects in the mirror, appears smaller than they are!!!!"
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