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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. sounds expensive!! oh yeah and privacy..hello!!! next time he takes a dump at a public lavatory, they'll be analysing his poo
  3. If He became a lawyer, he wouldn't become an actor! and then,who will we love?! ok, I guess he could PLAY a lawyer in a movie, and then he could STILL wear the wig I'm so smart...S-M-A-T..I mean S-M-A-R-T
  4. phew..thanks...I almost died there I hope he will never ever start again
  5. yeah...a lawyer...without that silly wig they're wearing in the U.K Too bad he didnae become a lawyer... he would look great in a white wig
  6. yeah...the link doesnt work, I'll have to imagine his hotness
  7. amazing, thank you for this. Oh God, I have such a dull life compared to his
  8. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love Monty Python! "I will not buy this record, it is scratched!" yep, they are awesome.
  9. Wow! Katja, we share a lot in common! My family is from Denmark and I'm also 27! Though, I'm a couple of weeks older! I was born 9 June 1981 - weird! :-)

  10. I love it, I wonder when I can move in, my chinchilla will absolutely love the antique furnitures (apparently they taste very good; like fine old wine perhaps)
  11. has he ever been to Denmark? Does he know where it is?
  12. jeg er studerende, så jeg har hverken tid eller råd til at tage til london..specielt ikke råd . Hr. Butler må komme til mig istedet , gad vide om han nogensinde har været i Danmark(?) og så er jeg kloge-åge, fordi jeg forsøgte at gøre mig klog på nordisk mytologi
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