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  1. Well, in my opinion, there can't be enough attention on Michael. (Die hard MC fan) But, I agree - Steve Barton contributed a great deal to the production and he was such a kind and down-to-earth gentleman. There is a little unknown story that a year later in 1987, after Michael Crawford had to go into hospital after coming down with a case of hiatal hernia - Steve Barton tried to take over for him. But unfortuantely on the very first night he was to go on, during the Masquerade scene where the Phantom is seen going back down to the underworld, the trapdoor fell out from under him a bit and when he landed, he had basically landed so hard it damaged his knee caps. Understandably, he had to stop and as a favour to him (and as no other understudy was available for the role), Michael Crawford came back to help him out. Even at the risk of worsening his own health. But that initial accident for Steve, resulted in him suffering from chronic knee pain for the rest of his life and just before he was to begin work in Germany in "Jekyll and Hyde" in 2001 - he suffered a massive heart attack, the result of weakened heart muscle due to the pain medications he had been taking for so many years. But I feel he will be remembered just as much as Michael & Sarah for their work - in my mind, they are the ultimate trio for that show.
  2. I'm happy there has been a positive response to the documentary.
  3. Well, the scorpions are very "Jeckyll and Hyde"... sometimes. LOL I think that it would be a perfect role for him. Emotionally and psychologically hard?? It´s the best challenge that an artist can have. I know it, know it very well,... Personally I enjoy more intensely my work if the role is very hard emotionally and psychologically. It is the interesting thing: penetrate in this world thoroughly and make yours everything that the character is, all that he/she feels, thinks,... If there is no challenge there is no fun and, often, if there is no suffering there is no art. I agree, and I thought it would be especially ironic if he was offered and accepted the chance to play the role of Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, not only because of his acting talent - but the story itself was written by a well known Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson and because one of the basis for the story is that of a native Scottish "Jekyll/Hyde" personality, whom Mr. Butler might have heard of, called Deacon Brodie. Also, I found it a little more than disturbing when I was recently looking at the 1930 version with Frederic March. Needless to say, I think there is a striking resemblance between Gerard Butler and the late Frederic March. See here - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8...yllHyde1931.jpg http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media...04-015028B6.jpg
  4. Ooh, this is a fun topic. Um, I would love to see Gerard Butler play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, although it would be very hard on him emotionally and psychologically. (If he thought that "The Phantom of the Opera" was hard, these two dual roles would be even more demanding)
  5. I'm having some difficulty in trying to upload my personal profile image. I tried to submit a photograph that was 2.80k long and 4.00k wide and yet it said I could upload an image up to 100k. Have I been disabled from uploading any photographs? Please, could someone help me regarding this? Thank you.
  6. However, God works in mysterious ways. It was still an answer to Gerry's prayers when you think about it. His deliverance may not have happened instantly in Israel, but God brought that role of PS I Love You to him which was the catalyst that gave him courage and strength to quit....The way I see it, God still came through for him. I am so proud of Gerry for conquering his addictions. I admire that so about his character and striving to be the healthiest he can be. That's exactly what I think and I'm very glad that Gerard doesn't have to suffer the fate of numerous performers who have died as a result of smoke, drinking, or drug-related illness. Indeed, he is blessed in that regard.
  7. My birthday is November 15 and I will be 24 years old this year.
  8. Well for me, it wasn't the addiction - so much as I let myself destroy myself. I think its all about having the willpower. Anyone can quit a bad habit, if they really decide to do it. And not feel as if, "Oh I can't resist my urges anymore, I'm powerless". And actually, inhalant abuse is, in some ways, more fatal than smoking as you can die even on your first attempt and then, some people can suffer from inhalant-induced physical problems - even up to causing people to have hallucinations and dementia.
  9. Hey you share the same birthday as I do!
  10. There are thousands of people who turn to God (Jesus) in order to help them quit a bad habit. I myself, I hate to admit this, was a former inhalant abuser (Granted only for a short time, 2 and a half years) until I realized the idiocy of my actions and then I decided to simply quit cold turkey. And since then, I've been sober since. (For roughly about almost two years now) The only unfortunate thing is that the abuse messed up my liver - so I now have chronic liver disease (bordering on cirrhosis). But at least, for now, its stable and I'm thankful to God for making me quit. Anyway, back to the original article, perhaps it took longer for Gerard to let go, through God. That can happen. For some it happens instantly, and for others it takes a little longer. The good news is that he has quit smoking and drinking and drugs and, as far as we know, he's quite lucky to not suffer from any complications as the result.
  11. No need to laugh, it was my opinion, of course. No offense meant. I wasn't "laughing" at you . . . poor judgment on my part to put the laughing smilie. Of course you are entitled to your opinion. I apologize for insulting you.Lisa It's okay, no need to to apologize.
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