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  1. Your looking great Girl!!!!

  2. LuciaVictoria

    Thank you!

    Dear Gals, I am not sure if you remember me, but I haven't been active for the last 5 months, but I am back, and it feels great to be back! I want to thank you all my gal friends...I know I will always be welcome here at this site! When I first joined this site, I have to admit you all made a very positive influence in my life. I really missed you all!.....I am glad to be back... Love you all! Sincerely Lucia
  3. LuciaVictoria

    My Gerry Pics at Golden Globes

    Thank you Moira for sharing your pictures, you are such a lucky girl! Lucia
  4. LuciaVictoria

    Golden Globes Red carpet

    Me either..... damn that hollywood!! Gee, I was just going to comment on how much I loved hearing his natural accent! He sounded Scottish to me! And of course he looked I second that, I love his natural Scottish accent and he looked GORGEOUS!
  5. LuciaVictoria

    Gerry at LAX

    Thanks for posting, Lisa Just like Lisa mentioned, no pretense, no special treatment....I love this man, he is adorable! I am glad , that he is spending the Holidays with his family. LV
  6. LuciaVictoria

    Average Ger

    I chose cooking a meal together, but after reading LadyMcBeth and Nance posts, I think I am going back and change my vote to CAR WASH!!! Lucia
  7. LuciaVictoria

    ACCION (spanish magazine)

    Muchas Gracias Thanks for sharing Lucia
  8. LuciaVictoria

    How tall are we?

    I am 5'8
  9. LuciaVictoria

    User ID - REAL NAME

    Lucia Victoria, my friends call me Vickie or Victoria (Victoria is my last name, and people get confused and think is my middle name is funny)
  10. LuciaVictoria

    Snog or Slap

    SNOG Josh Hartnett?
  11. LuciaVictoria

    Winners! Picture/Quote contest!!

  12. I love your new siggy


  13. Thanks! :) I love your new siggie too!