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  1. WOW, Swannie......I really think you've nailed it here, with your insights into Gerry. I agree 100%, and couldn't have said any of it better than you just have!
  2. cool! 3rd row!! Cool article Becozy!!!! Thanks so much!
  3. Wow, third row! I just saw him! (So excited I left out a word!)
  4. I set my dvr to tape the TVGuide channel, as I switched back and forth between ABC and E Live. Now that both of those are over, I'm focused in on ABC's taped thingy for the next 25 minutes. I'm hoping both of these will give me ANOTHER chance to DROOL over my boy!
  5. I've loved George for years, and I can tell you that he's been great to his fans from the very start. He and Gerry are by far the best celebrities with their fans, IMO!
  6. I believe if you visit "just jared" you can copy these pics. They have the hat pictures and the shoulder bandage picture. Maybe it's just the camera angle or shadowing but in most of the pics Gerry's abs looked toned again but then in the one of him exiting the house it looks a bit like Barbados. It doesn't matter to me, though, I love his tummy any way he wants to expose it! In fact, I love that he battles the bulge just like the rest of us ~ or SOME of us, I guess, me definitely being one.
  7. Well, I guess I'm in the minority but I have to say I prefer Gerry clean-shaven. Strange, because I normally go for guys with facial hair ~ in fact I didn't even know what my ex-husband looked like under his beard until we were married for about 10 years! (I was pleasantly surprised, thank goodness!) I probably like Gerry's fresh, scruffy-free face better because that's the way he looked the first time I noticed him ~ in PSILY. I don't think he was ever cuter than in that particular movie. I love seeing the dimples and the complete outline of his mouth when he talks and kisses! Sooooooo sexy!
  8. I can't remember where, but I heard Gerry introduce himself as GerARD Butler, the same way Americans pronounce his name. Has he given up on the correct pronounciation?
  9. Oh my gosh! I get the joke now! You're right, introducing Gerry and Jen that way went right along with RG's joke! Duh! I guess no matter who had been presenting this particular award, Ricky would have done the same thing to them! I feel better now!
  10. Here's the link to watch RG's introduction of Gerry and Jen. I hope this is how one does this in the forum! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgK_1tZa3sc
  11. Was anyone else a bit perturbed that Ricky G. introduced Jen and Gerard as 2 of the characters they played instead of their names: "That guy from 300" and something that referred to Jennifer as Rachel from Friends? Everyone else was introduced by name. I didn't like it.
  12. I just finished watching all 9 episodes and am ready for more! Thank you soooooo much, Stuart, for all your hard work!
  13. I really enjoyed that, Steph. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Like the others.....let us know if you choose to share your other stuff, too! Hugs, Mo
  14. I was thinking that Gerry's new announced "maybe" movie, "Slide," could possibly qualify as a film in the genre I'm talking about......a character movie. A movie more about people and less about plot. Yes, the plot is important, but it's the development of character and the relationships between the characters that carry the film....i.e. "Dear Frankie." I would so love to see Slide become another Dear Frankie! A movie to sneak up and grab your heart! I'm still thinking about my movie for Gerry......more to come soon. (I'm toying with something revolving around the little hero stories we hear about these days during the economic crisis we're being hit by in so many ways.) All are still welcome to join me with more ideas! Hugs, Mo
  15. I definitely give you my heartfelt, "GO FOR IT!" Steph! I think your idea sounds BRILLIANT!
  16. Well, I don't know what a "Brodie storyline" is, and I don't know about it already being a written story ~ but for what it's worth, Topaz, I really like it, and I can see Gerry doing magnificent art with it! Thanks for your post! Mo
  17. I was just sitting here tonight thinking how much I love, "Dear Frankie." I also love how much Gerry loves that movie and how proud he is of it, even though it never got much attention and hardly anyone in his interviews, of late, mentions it. It got me to thinking how loverly it would be to see him in more films like that....movies that stand on their own two feet simply because of their honest simplicity, and by focusing on the actors themselves and the characters they bring to life when the director lets them develop them so subtly through more than just words. All the actors in that film were so exquisite in their roles. I find that to be true in so many independent, small films. Small films with simple but beautiful and believable stories run right up my alley and I have a funny feeling, Gerry, with his sensitivity also would love to do more of them. Perhaps, after a couple more "attention-getting" films (needed at this time, and I'm so proud of him because he seems to have made a few good choices lately, and doing well) make it onto the screens for Gerry, and his box office pull is more solid, I think it would then be an opportune time for him to return to a few of these types of films. They may not make as much money as the blockbuster thrillers/comedies but they would really give him the chance to show his artistry and versatility by playing everyday "Joes" in everyday situations ~ sounds simple, but I think it's actually the most difficult stuff to play convincingly, because the stories rely so heavily on its characters to make the story work. After that, well, then I see the road just getting sweeter for Gerry to really be considered as first an artist at his craft, and second one that has potential to carry a movie to success. Well......with all that being said, I was wondering what kind of small movie I would develop for Gerry if I were to write one. I'm still thinking. Then I thought it might be fun to share this thought with other gals here and see if anyone else would want to let their imagination go with me on this little venture. Is there anyone out there willing to share your idea of a story line you'd like to develop for Gerry? Maybe this is boring, I don't know....I thought I'd try though. It certainly doesn't have to be limited to what I've already described. It could be any kind of genre. It's limitless! What kind of movie would you like to see Gerry in most? Hugs! Mo
  18. I just read this whole string and am DYING to see this movie! Yes, you heard it right.....I'm an AMERICAN and I STILL have not seen TUT, and it premiered waaaaay back last summer! I have reasons for that, but now I'm just counting the days 'till November 10th and Netflix sends it to me in the mail and I keep it for as long as I want, watching it over and over and over and over and over and over and.......well you get the picture! So many of you have talked about the dancing and elevator scenes so I'm going to try my best not to fast forward the DVD and enjoy it, SAVOR it, as it is for the first round, and save the finger action for later! The REMOTE finger action, that is, gals....geesh, why do I feel I have to qualify that statement!? Because we're Gerry's gals, that's why!
  19. Ok, ladies!!!! (Big smile on my face!) "That's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh!" Smart arsses come forth and be heard! It's the FUN way to go! (Maybe I need to take a nap....or take my meds, one or the other.........either way, I probably need to behave, being new here and everything.......SORRY, can't help meself sometimes!)
  20. He did TV REAL good last Saturday Night! Guess he didn't mean it. How about condescending, patronizing idgits?Delene Now THAT'S what I'm talking about, Delene! I can say stuff like that? Alllllll Riiiiiiiiight! Awesome!
  21. Someone agrees with me, that the Scottish play also benefit from Butlerization and agrees with us that that was some awkward interview this morning. Were those anchor guys drinking already? Thank you, Lavender, for your posting of this poster's commentary on these knucklehead interviewers and for your agreement with the poster! I had mentioned them (the knucklehead interviewers) a loooonnnnnggg time ago in this string and didn't get any response from the gals so I thought I was alone in thinking they were a bit, well.....'off' shall we say to be respectful (as I'm trying SOOOO hard to be ~ Oh geesh, I hope saying "knuckleheads" isn't disrespectful! Well, I'm just gonna have to risk it, cuz' I really can't think of anything better at the moment!). Anyway, thanks and kudos, girl!
  22. Honestly though, Gals, after all the hubbub on the Alexa Chung string.......didn't any of you get a bit p-o'd about the way those two GUY interviewers started out their interview? Aren't you just a bit tired of Gerry always getting teased about his chest, abs, chest hair, changing shirts, etc. etc.....Personally, I wanted to gag myself with a Ginsu knife and I didn't think Gerry looked too comfortable either. I could see him saying to himself, "oh brother, here we go again....I have to play along good naturedly and all I want to do is talk about my movie, G** D*** it!" Just wonderin'....... (Hope I didn't say anything disrespectful, but let me know if I did.
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