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  1. m&m FL


    That's really a great idea! I love tattoos with meanings. I myself have 2. The first one ,I got it in december 07, is two stars on my back. Then about a year ago, I thought of getting another one, but didn't dare (I'm such a coward !) After a year of "maybe I should do it..." and "no way!" last tuesday I did it, I got my 2nd tattoo. Now I have 11 brand new stars on my neck . I really love them but it's itching like hell!!
  2. I've purchased several copies to raffle off for the international GALS! So, you may have a chance at winning a copy! Keep an eye out for an announcement in the Updates! Barb Wow you are great thanks! Never thought about that! You just made my day! Off to the Updates I go!
  3. It's soooo mean! I want one too ! It's not fair that they don't have in stores here. We only have the boring german one!
  4. Hey Lucia!

    Just read that you had a surgery a few days ago. I hope you get well really soon!


  5. Hey Amber!

    Just wanted to ask how your studies are working. Hope you've settled in a little bit and feel better now!



  6. Hey Allie!

    Thanks for adding me as your friends! I'm sure we'll meet every now and then for a short chat.



  7. m&m FL

    Dear Frankie

    I was just searching for a song that I could sing at a friends wedding, when I found this on Youtube. I' don't know if it has already been posted somewhere ? But I just thought you gals have to see it! It really moved me to tears ! So get you tissues ready and enjoy it! nicole
  8. Hi Nicole

    Thanks for the message. Great to have you here. If you have any questions, just ask.

    Liebi Gruess us dr Schwyz


  9. Hi LV!

    Just wanted to say hi and by the way I LOVE your siggy!


  10. Hello!

    Just saw that you are from switzerland too. Great to see other swiss people!


  11. Hallo ihr! Jetz habe ich gerade eure posts entdeckt un mir gedacht, da schreibe ich doch mal. Der letzte ist zwar schon eine Weile her, aber vielleicht hört, sieht, oder liest mich doch jemand ? Grüsse aus dem schönen Liechtenstein nicole
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