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  1. I am not a Letterman fan anymore either. I thought that Gerry was very good and did a great job with Dave's stupid on-going questions about bugs. I thought he tried his usual condescending tone with Gerry but Gerry wasn't having any of it and tossed it right back to him. Question for Letterman & his staff...Dave's questions were like he had never ever heard of Gerry before. Didn't Phantom, 300 and at least a couple more of Gerry's movies ever make it to New York. Maybe it was just me but I thought that Dave could have done a much better job in finding things to discuss besides "how di
  2. Just had to add this funny picture -- Thinking about that deserted island...Me & Gerry on the beach for a midnite swim, campfire, cool ocean breeze against our wet skin... :baby: going to put head in refrigerator now.... DD
  3. WOW -- This sounds like a Gerry Picture to me -- from what we've seen in Attila, 300, and others he is great at "leaving a trail of carnage behind him as he fights". I can't wait to see what Gerry brings to this role. DD
  4. I've had some trouble getting mine on too -- anyone have any suggestions? DD
  5. 06-06-06 will be a very scary day in California -- its Primary Election Day...
  6. TGIF all GALS Aw Cassie -- that co-worker -- well, you know what they say about "payback" -- she will undoubtedly be back for help sometime in the future...and you can say: I wish I was coming to Vegas -- I would so be up for a tattoo. There was a show on A & E I think (or some similar channel) that featured what seemed to be a very cool (clean and professional) parlor in one of the Casinos in Vegas--for some reason the name has totally escaped me. I might just remember it when I'm not suffering from "sometimers" I've got the worst case of spring fever ever...just want to run aw
  7. It is a superb script, it is a dream director, the salary/bonus is tops, Gerry Butler is the leading man that you are playing opposite....hmmmmm, oh yeah -- where do I sign. (For some reason I keep thinking of Kate Winslet in Titanic being drawn by Jack). DD
  8. Hi All -- Since I had only posted "left-ear" Gerry pics before I thought that it was only "right" (lol) to post some "right-ear" Gerry pics -- here are some thudworthy ones: and in keeping with my left-ear fetish... Hope everyone's week is wrapping up nicely -- yay, TGIF tomorrow. Definitely have spring fever. Hugs everybody... DD
  9. Beautifully said Swan. You have captured my feelings so well. DD
  10. "It was a good thing I brought the car in before something happened, they said." Now, that would have gotten someone yelled at for sure!! Good for you! I hate the patronizing way men treat women so many times, especially regarding cars- :angry: I'm surprised they didn't ask you if you wanted the vanity mirror polished too. DD
  11. Hi AG--I just noticed that of the 185 pics of Gerry that are my favorites (hahaha) all of them show only his left ear -- how strange -- I think it is that naughty little tilt of his head that tends to hide the right one...I must go on a right-ear search to even out my set (oh what a terrible task but someone must do it ). I love his bunny teeth too...nibble, nibble, nibble. Hugs DD
  12. That is too funny! Swan -- sorry to hear about Nathan--you are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie. Fav Gerry ear pics: Hugs everyone... DD
  13. Hi GALS...I've been awol from the board -- dang, I hate it when work gets in the way of my personal fun... I've missed you all so much! Just want to wish everyone Happy Easter and Passover Holidays and share a couple of funnies with you. Love you all, DD
  14. yes, scruff, may we please have more scruff... I'm dizzy from all this scruff -- going now to stick head in frig to recover... DD
  15. 5'2" counting fluffy hair -- am I tall enough for the ride??? DD
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