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  1. I am not a Letterman fan anymore either. I thought that Gerry was very good and did a great job with Dave's stupid on-going questions about bugs. I thought he tried his usual condescending tone with Gerry but Gerry wasn't having any of it and tossed it right back to him. Question for Letterman & his staff...Dave's questions were like he had never ever heard of Gerry before. Didn't Phantom, 300 and at least a couple more of Gerry's movies ever make it to New York. Maybe it was just me but I thought that Dave could have done a much better job in finding things to discuss besides "how did you get here?" questions. Anyway, Gerry did great and the next guest couldn't stop talking about how hot Gerry is, lol. Getting to see him makes it all worthwhile...oh was there someone else talking? heh heh Okay, rant over...it is now safe to return to our regular programing, hahaha
  2. Just had to add this funny picture -- Thinking about that deserted island...Me & Gerry on the beach for a midnite swim, campfire, cool ocean breeze against our wet skin... :baby: going to put head in refrigerator now.... DD
  3. WOW -- This sounds like a Gerry Picture to me -- from what we've seen in Attila, 300, and others he is great at "leaving a trail of carnage behind him as he fights". I can't wait to see what Gerry brings to this role. DD
  4. I've had some trouble getting mine on too -- anyone have any suggestions? DD
  5. 06-06-06 will be a very scary day in California -- its Primary Election Day...
  6. TGIF all GALS Aw Cassie -- that co-worker -- well, you know what they say about "payback" -- she will undoubtedly be back for help sometime in the future...and you can say: I wish I was coming to Vegas -- I would so be up for a tattoo. There was a show on A & E I think (or some similar channel) that featured what seemed to be a very cool (clean and professional) parlor in one of the Casinos in Vegas--for some reason the name has totally escaped me. I might just remember it when I'm not suffering from "sometimers" I've got the worst case of spring fever ever...just want to run away from work/home/responsbilities and go have some fun Have a great weekend all GALS Hugs, DD
  7. It is a superb script, it is a dream director, the salary/bonus is tops, Gerry Butler is the leading man that you are playing opposite....hmmmmm, oh yeah -- where do I sign. (For some reason I keep thinking of Kate Winslet in Titanic being drawn by Jack). DD
  8. Hi All -- Since I had only posted "left-ear" Gerry pics before I thought that it was only "right" (lol) to post some "right-ear" Gerry pics -- here are some thudworthy ones: and in keeping with my left-ear fetish... Hope everyone's week is wrapping up nicely -- yay, TGIF tomorrow. Definitely have spring fever. Hugs everybody... DD
  9. Beautifully said Swan. You have captured my feelings so well. DD
  10. "It was a good thing I brought the car in before something happened, they said." Now, that would have gotten someone yelled at for sure!! Good for you! I hate the patronizing way men treat women so many times, especially regarding cars- :angry: I'm surprised they didn't ask you if you wanted the vanity mirror polished too. DD
  11. Hi AG--I just noticed that of the 185 pics of Gerry that are my favorites (hahaha) all of them show only his left ear -- how strange -- I think it is that naughty little tilt of his head that tends to hide the right one...I must go on a right-ear search to even out my set (oh what a terrible task but someone must do it ). I love his bunny teeth too...nibble, nibble, nibble. Hugs DD
  12. That is too funny! Swan -- sorry to hear about Nathan--you are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie. Fav Gerry ear pics: Hugs everyone... DD
  13. Hi GALS...I've been awol from the board -- dang, I hate it when work gets in the way of my personal fun... I've missed you all so much! Just want to wish everyone Happy Easter and Passover Holidays and share a couple of funnies with you. Love you all, DD
  14. yes, scruff, may we please have more scruff... I'm dizzy from all this scruff -- going now to stick head in frig to recover... DD
  15. 5'2" counting fluffy hair -- am I tall enough for the ride??? DD
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