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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. Nanci-you're right! He can't be compared to anyone. For us -he's always number one.
  3. That was a great interview! Thank you for posting it! Gerry was funny as always (why this guy is so perfect! it's just unfair!). The last part just killed me! "Spartan!!!!!!!!!!" oh god.....this voice can melt ice!
  4. I found the scene! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH5ZvLAtkAg Look at the the pictures in 00:03,there is a picture of a boy Burdened Soul - thank you so much for the picture! he is so cute!
  5. A couple of days ago I saw one of the scenes from the movie and I noticed something interesting. When Daniel came to Holly's apartment to help her with Gerry's stuff,he looked at the coffee table and there were many pictures and I noticed one picture of a boy, most likly to be Gerry's photo from the childhood but I think that it might be a photo of Gerard himself in the childhood. I was told that there is no pictures of Gerard from his childhood on the web so it can very nice if the picture is really Gerard as a child. http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=93582746br5.png it's the best shot of the scene....(it tried to do it better but ...) and the red circle is too low so the photo is the photo of boy above it.
  6. I sing very terribly but I keep singing all the time, I can do something, like just walking at the house and I start "Past the Point of no return!!!!". I am just addicted to those songs!
  7. Great pix! but one think bothers me-he looks so tired! and it looks like he have gained some weight. In the previous pix from NYC he looked so relaxed and here he looks very stressed and it looks like he haven't slept for a couple of days..... But he's still sexy!
  8. I don't have big kissable lips but I always take the lead in relationships (however-I am too young for him.... )
  9. I read comments about the opening scene,where Holy and Gerry was arguing and many of those comments was negative. In my opinion,this scene is one of the best in the movie. It shows that Holy and Gerry are a normal couple that can fight and shout at each other but they have this huge love that can beat everything. You can see that they are so in love with each other and you can understand that they're just perfect! and you're just moved by the way they understand each other,they know what the other means when he says something. In the next scene,when you the the funeral you see that their "and they lived happily ever after" is not going to come true but after the first scene you just know that Gerry wouldn't go without saying goodbye in a very special way. So what do you think about the first scene?
  10. You're right, it was 5 years of difference.
  11. I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago,and I really was thrilled by it. The casting was great. In the beginning Gerry's character is too perfect and during the movie you understand that none of them is perfect. I loved how Gerard played this character,he showed so many emotions and even thought his character is pretty cruel, because he cheats on his wife but you still feel a lot of compassion to him. Pierce was great as well! he was so "cold" and did his part so good,that you can't even think that he not so bad! and the same thing about Maria,she was the "bad guy" but you can't know it until the end because she you see her in the same situation as her husband. And the plot is so moving,you see the parents who are worried to death to their daughter and on the other side you see the "bad guy" who he seems to be heartless but in the end you understand who is who.
  12. If He became a lawyer, he wouldn't become an actor! and then,who will we love?!
  13. It's fun to search information about him... He's wet because Israel is a very hot country You can walk slowly and even then you are all sweaty....(but Gerry is perfect even when he's wet). The Israeli media hadn't talked about the visit as much as I thought they would, "300" was a hit in here.....
  14. I can't believe it.... HE WAS IN ISRAEL AT 16.07.2008 JUST KILL ME! How have I missed him! http://www.nrg.co.il/online/7/ART1/760/821.html it's an Israeli site that says: GERARD BUTLER CONQUESTS TEL AVIV. The sexy star who fight with Ahmanizadies B.C in the melodrama "300",has lent two days ago in Israel. Last night he went to a spartan conquest journey in the port of Tel Aviv. When the fight seemed to be with no chance of success, a local girl joined him to a drink saved the battle. When he was tired he returned to him room the hotel. How wild.
  15. OMG! You're right! He was in Israel! In the photos,next to him is an Israeli comedian! I hope so much that he would come again....and again and again... p.s: The pants that he wears in the photos look like Jack's from Nim's Island(as someone has said).Maybe he took them from the set of the film .
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