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  1. Hi Tonya,

    My mum Pat, and I have been fans of Gerry's for some years now. We have tried to contact Gerry, sending birthday cards and letters for 3 years. However, we have never had a reply. Does he ever respond to his fan mail personally? I would love to hear back from him?


    Leigh Haggar

  2. ei tony,you is brazilian is not?if it will be enter in contact with me in the www.rosianejamesbulter@yahoo.com.br....is www.rosianeyeahyeah@yahoo.com.br....obrigada!


  4. Dear all, (there are WAY too many of you to mention personally), I just wanted to write and say thank you all so much for all your wonderful support, for coming to Vegas, for supporting Gerry so much (I know it means so much to him), for raising so much for charity and also for your wonderful gifts!! (I didn't see Gerry for almost three weeks after the convention so it took a while to get through it all, and we're still reading mail now!) But in the meantime, in the absence of personal letters, I wanted to say thank you on his behalf (and from me!). Honestly, you all take my breath away with your thoughtfulness - he loves his manbag!! And everything you sent, from the Celtic cap, the mugs, the towels, the amazing jewellery, even the leather cleaner and protector was so amazing and so perfect for him I think you must read his mind sometimes. As I've said before, I think you all know him better than I do and I think I've known him ten years now!! I also wanted to say thank you for being so welcoming and supportive in Vegas. I was a little bit nervous (couldn't you tell?!!) and worried, walking into a room of so many wonderful women who I didn't really know but you were all so welcoming and lovely. Thank you. And I'm still in awe of all of you - I think Ger has the most talented fans ever! Jennifer's books, Annette's jewellery, all you amazing video makers and singers out there, Lisa's incredible jewellery, Ashley and her jewel gang, the computer whizzes who work on all the great sites, Dayna (and Maureen and Stef), of course, for organising it all, Annette (I think) who won all the news awards for broadcasting - you're all amazing and so talented it's almost embarrassing!!! It was a pleasure to meet you all and I'm just sorry we didn't have longer with you. I'm not with Ger at the moment, he's been away for a while, so I just wanted to say sorry if you don't get a personal reply to your wonderful letters and cards (the management have someone else in the office who deals with mail, so it will probably all go there at the moment). But I just wanted to write a personal thank you from him and I and tell you how much it meant to us. I hope you're all keeping well and wonderful and I look forward to seeing you all somewhere again one day, Best wishes always, Tonya.
  5. You guys, I've only just got a new computer after months of being offline (and loving it frankly!) but had to come back to the real world, do some work and catch back on all my life again. Anyway, now you know I wasn't ignoring you all those months! Anyway, I just logged on and saw all those lovely messages for the first time ever and they are all so lovely and touching. Thank you so much truly. It's really sweet of all of you. ANd of course I miss you all too, the whole community, as I said the other day on another post, I really do feel like you're all family and it has been so amazing going through the whole stratospheric rise of Gerry the last nine years or so, the last three as his assistant and it's been incredible seeing all these sites spring up, learning about all you fans, your amazing loyalty to him, the lovely friendships you have all made, the charity work done, the bonds you have created. I (and he especially) are so appreciative and I especially love that he is the same now as he was before he was famous and he always has time to chat and stop and hang out with any of you he meets. Anyway, I'll still be in touch even though not with him the whole time any more. And take care of yourselves too and continue the great work, Much love and light and more great gerry success! X Tonya
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