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  1. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE don't leave me alone with these EMC's again! I missed ya'll, Happy Green Day, You know if you catch a Butler today you get to pinch some Scot/Irish bum.... Ok, So thats my own little fant..OHHH 500! Jenn you psycho Poster! wtg girl. Hiya Perrin, you miss me? I know i did.
  2. ok, this is not catty in anyway. I know that some of you who have seen my pics would say the same of me, but do some of these girls look 15? I think the oldest looks to be 19 if that. They do look happy to be in a picture with him though LOL He does not look depressed either lol Jes
  3. The "Gerry is my soulmate, we have a connection no one else could ever understand" fans Personally, these fans scare the crap out of me. It's great that they love his work, and feel a connection to him from his passionate performances, but..some of them take it to a freakish level. That is not us either. Ohhh Bethy girl, you made me snort my yogurt, and that is not a nice item to come up through your nose lol. I laughed my bum off over your discreptions of they different types of fans. I have described some of the people like that as well. I do think that we are a respectful bunch, as respectful as you can ask for with out going over to the dark side and becoming some sort of chanting cult " Oh great and wise Gerry, hear our plea, please don't fall in live with anyone but me...Ommm shakallaka Ommmmm Shakallaka" Wow, i think i need a life LOL, my mind takes unknown voyages into strange strange realms. Bye ladybugs, I will be gone for a while. Everyone take care. Jes
  4. Ohhh Suz, I am soo sorry! I read what your husband said and i have to say, all the wind went out of me in one bigh WHOOSH, I was so angry for you! OMG, OMG, OMG. I can't find the words here Suz, Tell me his comment was said in a joking manner. Oh ladybug you need a voodoo doll. I hope things get better, sending good thoughts to you. Jes
  5. Good Morning my Lovely ladies, I have not been very active on the boards as of late, i have been fighting a very nasty migrane. I woke up pain free this morning, so heres for hoping! Perrin, i miss you. I have been aiming, but the pain has thrown me off. I will try to do better, i know you miss my wit pelting you left and right... Have a good Day Pinkie, hope to see you later. Jenn, I shall vanquish your pittiful word today and search you out something like limbic... oh yea, bow lol. Kimbo, I am so glad you have gotten moved in, I hope the unpacking goes better for you. As for your boss, sounds like she is victim of IDBS ( Ignorant Damn Boss syndrome) last i heard they are struggling to find a cure for this rampent desise but it is elusive. More money must be gathered to study the beasts in their surroundings. For now , dart guns with massive seditives work best. Beans, Thinking of you and hope your well xx Em, take care of yourself, you work so hard and i worry about you sometimes. Suz, Beachie, TW, Sarah, Lish, Bethy,Abs ( well done abs, proud of you) and to all my ladies i don't have enough time to name, Have a good Day and remember, They can kill you but they can't eat you. Now i must take my first born to school... you think he could walk the 6 miles and let me sleep..something selfish about rain and freeway... i guess i MUST drive him...xxxx Jes
  6. i don't think thats mayte. Mayte has a different chin, it is more pronounced and her upper lip is fuller. I think they resemble each otehr, but not the same person. one last observation, I think if it were mayte, she has been in the spotlite for long enough to know how to hold a smile ( like Gerry is doing) Gerry is posing, and i think that if it were mayte she would hold her own a bit more. Now that is not a dig at the lovely lady on gerrys arm, I think she is stunning, but she does not seem to have taken Red carpet smiling lessons. Oh! and Mayte is not that tall. She would have to be wearing 12 inch heals to measure up to gerry that way. But then i could be so increabaly wrong ::
  7. I think my kids don't like me. Actually i am sold on the idea. I have this raging migraine that i am trying to fight with naproxin ( can't take teh big stuff , thats like giving the kids the keys to the car and telling them have fun) So i was laying on the couch trying very hard to do my breathing exercises and i get this wiff of something and i nearly lost it. The girls played beauty shop. Rasberry red finger nail polish ( Which by god was up in a cabnet that even I need a stool for) all over their bodies. Matter of fact it seems they decided to paint eachothers hair as well. I would cry but it would hurt my head, i can't yell for the same reasons. I am convinced they don't like me. Ahh welll, could be worse. Could be body waste. I really want to smoke. Perrin and Jenn, i am shipping you one each. Have fun. Defeated, Jes
  8. I have just finnished reading everyones post's. Gerry looks good, i think he could use some more meat on his bones but he is a increadable looking man and i enjoyed the pictures. As for all the other hallabaloo, all i can safely says is wow ladies, wow. Jes Who shoots no higher than public access tv stars... Ed and his fantastic body paints.
  9. The hair, i was shocked that all the top designers and styliest were all raving over this year was the year for the "casual ponytail" I think thats what she has got going on there. I for one ( an this has nothing to do with her) would hate to face my momma after going to the oscars ( this goes for all the ponytail people last night) and have to explaine to her that it was the " in " thing to do and that i really DID fix my hair for the oscars... It would have embarressed her. on the other hand, i will never be in that situation so its not a factor lol. Jes I am jealous of her, I admit it. But i n a good way. She is a stunning woman and that gown complements her colouring to a T. I hope they both had a wonderful time.
  10. does anyone else hear the music from sleeping beauty when you look at him? Is it just me? I know you I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam Yes, I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem But if I know you, I know what you'll do You'll love me at once the way you did once upon a dream going to dance around the living room now, i shall wave to you as we pass by... lada ladaidadidadiaaaa
  11. Suz, You can get them at home depot or lowes or even walmart. You want to find a door alarm, not a fridge alarm. I found the one that worked best for me is the ones that go on exterior doors, like you would have on the back door leading to the pool. Its loud enought o scare the crud out of them and loud anough to let you know that evil is afoot. Make sure you tell the person that is helping you that you want the loudest ones they have, they have some that are real crap and you can only hear if your in the room with them... that is no deterent for monkies. i know some people might be worried about the childrens hearing, but in defence, they only open the door once or twice. Thats is. The airplane rides they have been on have been louder. You will have to make modifications to your fridge to get these to fit properly ( some you might not have too) but we just put it on top of the fridge door and hade to use massive super glue to make sure it stuck. Its not pretty, but i don't have this to deal with naughty nunu's As much anymore. Now i just have to get alarms for all the cabnets and the pantry. then I shall rule the world mwaahhh
  12. Suz. My Emc's are in there eating Yogurt as we speak. I get their little buts up at 5 am every morning. ( I figure if i have to get thier brother up and i have to be up, no sleep for those little monkies) So they are in there with yogurt and and a smart sane woman would say, " don't let them out of your site" Do i listen? Ohhh nooooo lol. Thankfully yogurt is going well ( they like it tooo much to waste it). I wanted to comment about Fridge alarms. I have one that has this massive HIGH pitch sound simalar to a dog whistle/burglar alarm tha goes off if you open the door without turning it off. It works like a charm lol. I didn't let them know or watch me when i put it on and as a matter of fact it was more like a " Suprise" when They went to help themselves to some milk. I know this is mean, and i shall visit a special lavel of hell for this, but when they opened the door and the alarm went off ( you can hear it al the way upstairs with the door closed and a pillow over your head at 3 am, which happens to be when they tried..) All hell broke loose. There was hysterical screaming, children running for thier lives and me... laughing so hard i thought i was goona have to change my undies. My kids are terrorized by the fridge now and when someone goes to open it they run from the room. I find this funny, but i am sure some shrink is going to pinpoint this as the reason my kids are unable to cope with life when they get in their 20's....with any luck i will have fled the country by then mwahahahahahaah...sorry, about the yogurt, i hope your day gets better and this does not turn into "one of those days" you know the ones. Take care and remember ' I love my Kids, I love my Kids" Jes
  13. something you said caught my eye. One of the most relaxing times i have had in the past 5 years was taking a train ride from Glasgow to Egremont. Even thought i was stressed to the point of being ill, I will remember just losing myself looking out the window, grey skys passing by and rain blowing against the glass. Lots of people, so much noise, sleepy children, but just looking out the window recharged me. I would have to add train rides to nowhere while in Scotland and the Lake district. Or walking in feb through the fells of Cumbria, i even like the rain. Ta Gabriel, I needed the remembrance. Jes
  14. i put in my ipod, and go for a drive. since i don't smoke anymore i have had to limit my driving late at night, the first thing i want to do is get a pack. So i go to the garage and play darts, i read, i take long stomping walks around the neighborhoos ( at 4 am seeing me marching like a mad woman singing " Let me Entertain you" by Robbie Williams is quite a comical sight), i do yoga at strange hours of the night, it energises me, but it also releases so much stress. or more often than not I come online and Laugh with my chat buddies, We have a great group fo supportive gals and everyone of you are in my thoughts, some of you have weasled your way into my heart. Even Perrin lol
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