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  1. I'm sure it's been mentioned before - but, who is the guy next to him with the vest and white t-shirt? His agent perhaps? I know they are together a lot when Gerry's in the NYC area. Was curious if anyone knew.
  2. O.M. G. Moira, that is hilarious!!! Great article hen
  3. Lisa-It was "commercial". He said it with such a thick accent I played it a few times. Music to my ears. Am lovin' his accent back in all it's glory this week.
  4. An American Fan gives him gum at every premiere? Is this really true? Is this anyone we know . . .?
  5. I think he said "Only 2 people applauding, but I'll take it"
  6. I wasn't offended one bit. Not at all. Just confused and puzzled. I wish him nothing but happiness - but that wasn't my point - it was purely asking how we know the degree of their relationship by how close their shoulders are in a snapshot. Okay, I'm back to swooning. . .
  7. :claphands:I suppose I could have put it more succinctly like Lilyrose - but had to express myself in my previous post.
  8. So --- if their shoulders are touching in a photo, that means it is his girlfriend? How can you possibly make that assessment? How do we know it's a date, a friend, an assistant, a long-lost sister, a hotel hostess - just from a snapshot of 1/2 a second of that whole day?? How?? Some photos have captions, so we know for sure - but looking at how close someone's shoulder is next to another's or the degree to which they are smiling or not smiling tells us nothing about what what is going on in their lives or relationships. If the woman who brushed his shoulder is his girlfriend, then what about the women who are hugging him? Are they more than girlfriends? I'm sorry - I am usually pretty quiet on the board and just swoon over photos - but I - let's says strongly dislike reading into ever millimeter of a photo. I just don't understand it. Understand that I hope he did have a beautiful date for this event - I'm not in denial about the women in his life - but it is literally, actually impossible for us to make any sort of prediction on who someone new is in a photo. Unless we have inside info or a source. Otherwise it's complete speculation right?? Don't mean to offend anyone - just frustrated.
  9. Good detective work, as soon as I saw the buildings I knew it was not Abu Dhabi and probably not LA, the buildings look too old, I see the pool is open year end, they must crank up the heat, what do they do when it snows? or maybe they put up some kind of tent to cover the area. Love to see a photo from January, bwah.The Soho chain of hotels are quite the "in" places to stay and/or hang out , the Soho Met in Toronto is the preferred hotel of the rockstar set. I've been there a couple of times, so I recognized the striped loungers immediately. Not sure about the pool in the winter though - I don't think they cover it. Strange. It must be heated so the brave souls can partake.
  10. It's NYC. Soho House rooftop. http://www.sohohouseny.com/#/roof Love the pics!!
  11. Hey gals, can you help me out - what was the line exactly? Can't remember - I was too busy anticipating what I knew was gonna happen.Thanks.
  12. Nope - hasn't been on yet. Sorry if I might have started the speculation. I said that maybe it will be on this week, but nothing so far. They do often get posted to YouTube, so if it does air - we'll find it!
  13. I love, LOVE hearing these kinds of stories. It reminds me (us) that those 2nd and 3rd hand account stories of the tabloid nature mean nothing. Almost everything that comes from first-hand interaction with Gerry is so positive and complimentary. I've never heard anyone who has worked with him say anything less than stellar. Okay - just wanted to add that. Oh, and also: SWOON.
  14. Exactly - I was thinking that too since the photos are out, I bet it's coming soon.
  15. Oh I think it will air. If there's one thing Craig and his producers like it's goofiness. I watch every night and it seems the celebrity readings don't happen for at least a week or two after the guest actually appeared on the show. They usually show it right after a commercial break. I'd almost bet it will be on this week. Maybe tonight! BTW, I read Craig's book and it is excellent!! Funny, poignant, heartbreaking and really interesting how he made his way to where he is, and to being an American citizen. If you are a fan, you'll love it.
  16. Same here! I'm loving the stills we're getting in. His beautiful face (and body) in this movie cheers me up. I love Gerry with a bit more weight. Me too! But . . . the airbrushing in those stills is a little distracting. I like him in his natural state
  17. Not sure if it's an old wives tale - but I keep thinking of that quote from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where the Mom says "Greek women are lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedrom!"
  18. I know - it's a little wacky that I remembered that specifically - but I think it's because it's one of the first interviews I watched of him, and it's got all the best of Gerry in it: singing, strong Scottish burr, such passion and pride when speaking of his work, eloquence, bright smiles, praise for his fans . . . oh, and a sexy black shirt! And, fine - I admit I didn't quite know what 'erudite' meant and I had to look it up.
  19. I love that! I actually know where it's from. It's a Dear Frankie interview he did via satellite with Bonnie from Canada. The one where he starts singing at the beginning. I remember him saying "erudite". For some reason it stuck in my head. I love that interview.Ah - here it is. I know we have it in MM too. I also LOVE how he says "don't" at :33
  20. Hey Lis-How do ya know he's still in NYC? Just curious. Twitter. Ahhhhh. Saw it. omg. Thanks.
  21. I can actually answer that for you guys. James Franco was in another sketch at dress rehearsal, but it got cut from the live show. It wasn't a sketch with Gerry. James had a bunch of lines in it. At rehearsal he was not in the What's Up With That sketch, but I think because they cut his other sketch, they sort of stuck him in the other one because he showed up and all. There was also an additional scene in the Daveheart sketch that unfortunately got cut along with a whole other scene with Gerry. It was actually funny - it was him in his dressing room and his "sister" came to visit from the old country and she brought a bag of rocks that she and Gerry could throw at each other, just like they used to do when they were kids. She also brought oatmeal and they poured salt on it and ate it dry throughout the scene. It was really funny I have to say - but I'm thinking they had too many Scottish-oriented stuff already. I of course would have loved an all-Scottish show!
  22. Okay - that may now be my favorite Gerry talk show appearance! He was in top form. Seemed so comfortable and bubbly and just beaming with stories. Was great to hear about his band days. And the whole accent discussion was so funny! When he got up to sing and I heard the first few notes of The Doors, I almost fell off the couch. Dayum - that was just the best ever! Oh, swoon. I have to say I prefer the scruff for sure. He of course always looks gorgeous, but the clean-shaven thing doesn't seem like him. I can't put my finger on it, but it's amazing how different (I think) he looks without that little bit of scruff. You know what - maybe it's the fact that without the scruff, they can really layer the tv makeup foundation on more, so he doesn't look as "natural" Anyway - fab appearance. If this is indicative of how he'll be on SNL, it's gonna be a blast! Ahh - just LOVE him! **OH - AND - he does a little dance at the beginning. I'm cooked**
  23. The "whole thing" Lisa??? Just about!! I know there's a slight chance I'm embarrassing myself and Gerry here, but what the hell ...That man has the sweetest arse and most delicious body in that scene. Yeah - I don't think you could embarrass yourself in this thread Lis - you're in good company. Besides Moira just said "meat and 2 veg", which is HIGH-larious by the way.
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