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  1. HEY - doesn't that guy in the black shirt in the background look suspiciously like Alan?? I think it's the hair.
  2. LOVE IT!!!! And yes, the way he says "Saturday" is gorgeous. I bet they told him to sound "extra Scottish" because of the Loch Ness reference. Just a thought.
  3. That was actually recorded the night I was there! OMG - it was pretty embarrassing. I was all the way on the other side and heard the phone loud and clear. It just kept ringing and ringing. We were sinking in our chairs. I assume the person was too mortified to actually turn it off, thus revealing themself! Then a minute later, it rang AGAIN! This time while Daniel Craig was speaking. They both stayed in character, with their Chicago accents, but you could see it threw them for a loop. It was kind of funny, and kinda embarrassing. Anyhoo - was the most "visually stunning" play I've been too . . . . and there was no set design.
  4. Wow, that's really cool that you went to see it. Oh yes Lisa. Was just them on a black stage, no set - just two chairs. Verra nice. Here's the site if anyone's interested: http://www.asteadyrainonbroadway.com/
  5. Ouch - so painful. I was at the show on Thursday night! Missed by one night. Well, the show was okay. Hugh and Daniel were truly great, the material was a little dull - in my humble opinion. Was a 2-man show (!) and they play Chicago cops. Their accents were good - although I would have preferred their native accents of course. Sure wish we got tix for Friday night instead . . . .
  6. That actually makes more sense. I just get nervous when it comes to those planes. You hear of too many accidents with experienced pilots, you know? I didn't mean to insinuate anything; just worrying. I'll chillax ... Yeah, chillax girl.
  7. OK this does not make me happy. But obviously he's fine. Tim must have his license or something. Ah, whatever, so long as he enjoys himself and stays safe. Lis-I just think they were doing this together - not saying that Tim was necessarily flying the plane.
  8. I thought the same, but just never said. Was it Tim something? Maybe....maybe not. Yup - Tim - that does sound right. He played Leo's Dad in 300. Not positive, but it really does look like him.
  9. I swear that the other guy in the first photo looks like Gerry's stunt double that we see him with a lot - 300, LAC and on the set of The Bounty. Anyone else agree? That might not be the pilot. Maybe he is there for researching a role. Or could be that they are good friend and having an outing together. Anyway, was wondering if anyone else noticed.
  10. Okay my speculation is definitely something with 300 - but maybe it will be during his monologue at the beginning. I can see him doing a normal monologue, and then the regular guys from the show will line up behind him in the Spartan uniforms teasing him or something. Could be cute.
  11. !!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this had to happen eventually! Everyone is seeing how fookin' funny he is. Can't breathe.
  12. Lis - we will miss you dearly. Just know it was all worth it.
  13. Almost fell off my chair. How, HOW can someone be so absolutely amazing???
  14. Ahhhhh - thanks B! I figured it was something. Must have missed that on a previous thread somewhere.
  15. Was noticing that there are no red carpet photos or videos of a premiere. Does anyone know what happened with that? I assumed this was a big enough movie to warrant some sort of red carpet. I guess it depends on the studios and how much they want to put into promotion and press? Was looking forward to some photos, but am realizing it was a low-key opening. Anyone have any more info or insight?
  16. Okay - since this is in the Rumors forum, I admit I am making a complete assumption . . . but could this be the redhead? Video is from the press for the Ugly Truth and she's definitely a "hot redhead reporter"! Coulda been 10 hot redheads from the press that day I suppose. Anyway take a look. At the very least you get to watch (re-watch) a Gerry interview which is not a bad thing. Need to skip over some of the trailer stuff first to about :40 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZjwEzHTnb8
  17. Hey Lis - I was watching it again and I think the story he is referring to is the story of Phantom. He says "It's an amazing story. When I was doing it . . ."I'm pretty sure at least.
  18. My guess is it's from when he was here in April.
  19. Kill me. Just kill me now!! He's the best :wuv: Thanks for posting.
  20. Yeah, that's putting it mildly Lisa.How does he expect anyone to get on with their day - my brain is total mush right now .
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