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  1. Well, very glad you decided on PSILY over Dracula - and I warned you about getting two boxes of tissues. I STILL cry when I watch it - and I've seen it twenty times at least. When she calls his cell phone it is so heartbreaking - you are right. Her loneliness is palpable. On a lighter note, I love the whole opening first 12 minutes or so. I think Gerry is so spot-on running up the stairs and his performance in the apartment seems so authentic. And the karaoke scene! That deep growling, voice. And Galway Girl!. Okay - clearly I can go on and on. I can kind of live without the whole shoe-thing with Holly at the end. I thought it was hokey - but I like the message about life being a "great and terrible and short and endless thing and none of us come out of it alive" - good to remember to keep you motivated. anyway Crimson - enjoy the next 49 viewings!
  2. Dallas - I came to the exact same conclusion myself! I'm with you. I saw that Star magazine article and was thinking the same thing about Gerry and the other man in the "track pants" photo. I really do think it's Mr Tennant. He seems to specialize in directing romantic comedies . . . . .
  3. He is just truly beautiful. wow.
  4. Just an FYI - in New York they didn't show ads in the papers until the week of. But they did show them! So, there's still hope. The TV ads were few and far between though I have to say, and on late at night. But I agree that WB is not doing a good enough job - although we knew that was sort of gonna happen unfortunately.
  5. I don't know Lisa - but you bettah get out your trusty thesaurus because the pix just keep on coming . . .
  6. Beautifully said Joanna! I was gonna add to that, but I can't - it was lovely. I'll just have to agree and pay homage to Ger.
  7. I was waiting for this thread to take a turn . . .
  8. OMG!!! I can't believe you found this! Thanks so much for posting.You KNOW he wanted to just rip that tie off.
  9. No, that was Ariel Vroman. Correct - that was Ariel "the camel" Vroman. BUT - Vadim Jean did direct Gerry in One More Kiss, so I guess he's had him in mind ever since. That movie must have been 9 or 10 years ago already.Dare i say it - and don't get mad because I want nothing more than to see Gerry do Burns - but Robert Burns did die at the age of 37. Yikes. I know he would be spectacular at capturing the passion and charisma of Burns, I just hope they hurry up so that he doesn't age out of the role, ya know? Is it just me? I know there is movie makeup and OBVIOUSLY Ger looks incredible . . . . it's just something that occured to me. Don't hate me. Okay, I'll think positively like Gerry always does.
  10. Oh me too, me too! My thoughts exactly. Can you imagine if it actually, finally happens? I don't think it will be for a while, but good to know it is still on someones plate - and Gerry is the ONLY one who can do it! Thanks for posting GreenEyes!
  11. Keiko- Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us. This is one of my favorite Gerry interviews ever. Very inspirational. It is too bad that the link to the full interview on the website is not there anymore. I wanted to save it because there was more in the transcript than in the video. Oh well. Thanks again.
  12. He was in the first Tomb Raider with her. He was the bad guy I believe. No romance like with Ger in TR2.
  13. Oh PSILY - definitely!! Well, in my opinion. But bring a box or 2 of tissues. He's definitely in it for much more than a quarter of an hour - don't worry. The opening scene alone is all Gerry and it's about 12 minutes. You get him on and off for half of the movie I would say. A chick-flick, but the story's great and his performance is spot-on.
  14. Yeah, I noticed that too - and I think I noticed them in some TIFF pix as well and was wondering. Seemed like a unusual duo - but makes sense now.
  15. Always saw the Paul Newman thing in Gerry. It's a wonderful comparison and compliment to both guys. They should take a look at this photo:
  16. Bummer if it's true. Crossing my fingers that this project goes through for Gerry and it's as great as it was looking to be!
  17. Maybe Stephen already is a "GAL" - you never know. If so, "hi Stephen - we really enjoy your work"
  18. If you pause it at exactly :45 the look on Gerry's face is priceless. I can't stop watching this video.
  19. I'm SO glad you found that! OMG. Thanks for posting. DYING as well as you.
  20. OMG!! He kills me. That was classic - wish I could have heard and seen that in person!
  21. He does, remember when the one interviewer asked how Handsome Bob smells? This was really cute, too. It's nice to see Gerry be relaxed and have a little fun with all the redundant interviews. Lisa YES! (I loved) Gerry loved the Handsome Bob question because it was bizarre and had nothing to do with the movie. I think he high-fived the interviewer and said it was the best question so far. It WAS hilarious. Even funnier that Gerry seemed to be able to name Handsome Bob's after shave. Okay, maybe he made it up. He's just so quick-witted aint he?And, BTW, I'm with you gals on all the nose scrunching and the crooked mouth and the laugh, etc - completely irresistible.
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