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  1. Welcome to GALS RamsayGirl :)

  2. So cute... When I saw it in the trailer I thought... He's so lovely!!!
  3. It's not difficult. Believe me. I was in Scotland in September and, except the first half hour, it was very easy. Just believe in you, don't be afraid and pay attention to the roundabout a couple of times. Then everything will be mechanical. I assure it to you
  4. He looks gorgeous, amazing, sexy, handsome, great,... http://wireimage.com/SearchResults.aspx?ig...ld=C&vwmd=e
  5. Wow!!! I love the photos. And the interview is very interesting. Can anybody send to me the scans?? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  6. Ooooh... God! He looks very hot!!! I love him in suit (or without suit) LOL
  7. In a italian website. Is a pic "not classified".
  8. Has anybody seen this photo earlier?
  9. Only I can say a thing... He has been fantastic, as always!!!!!
  10. Gorgeous Gerard http://www.gm.tv/videos/star-guests/36469-...ous-gerard.html Gerard does the weather http://www.gm.tv/videos/star-guests/36470-...he-weather.html
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