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  1. What happened to the video?!?!?! Awwwwwwww
  2. OMFB! You've got to be kidding me..... This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, as far as I'm concerned- for me, JA is up there on the same list as Keanu, under "Undeservingly popular actors that can't act to save their lives" ... I am still skeptical about the Ugly Truth, and that's not even a musical... I think Gerry is doing himself a disservice by choosing something so corny.... I mean, think about it, ladies... If it wasn't Gerry in the role, take your pick of whom-would you feel the same way? Would you be as excited about the storyline, or any part of the movie? Ah, you must be ware of how much your love blinds you..... Sometimes Cassie, you take the words right out of my mouth! I'll wait and see what unfolds but it certainly doesn't leap out and grab my interest. 'Shawshank' set too high of a benchmark for prison movies in my eyes.
  3. Probably not always that common, but we libras get along well with everyone....LOL
  5. OK, I want to know, where did he get that hat?!?!?! Anyone know? Lookin' good, lookin' good...
  6. Hey, can't seem to download- says Internet Explorer cannot display the page..... help!!! I've tried numerous times today, and I still get the same message- crash the site, ladies?
  7. I can't imagine him in a "Woody" outfit (would he even know about Toy Story?), much less that outfit being considered sexy- I guess it doesn't help that the only "Woody" I'd wanna see isn't a doll... LOL Post Options
  8. Ah... those 3 and the Martin Pope photo shoot- where the eyes in my siggy are from!
  9. I found this on one of the many Gerard Butler fan sites- can't remember which one... too cute! http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp55/Bu.../normal_gjb.jpg
  10. I agree with you, GBPhanatic- It seems like things were just not falling into place the way they should have- from what I remember, and maybe I'm wrong, Gerry was dealing with changes in location for the film, the japanese premiere of PSILY, while at the same time attending premieres for RnR in Toronto, NY etc., (and weren't some of those dates pushed forward?) It just seemed to me that a whole lot was happening at once, that definitely was not allowing him the time needed to focus on such a serious project- not to mention opening a restaurant(?!?!?!) The globe trotting alone would be enough to make him nuts- that's a lot of irons in the fire! I too believe that everything happens for a reason, as does Gerry its seems- having spoken before about his great fortune that resulted when other things did not work out, like when he was looked over for James Bond... I think this is another one... He was looking pretty tired and stressed out for a while there... It wouldn't surprise me if some relief is found in the indefinite postponement of the project...
  11. Um, for some of us newbs, what on earth is Shadow Company?
  12. I believe that it's all relative- look at how people strive for visual perfection today- to the point of starving and getting so much plastic surgery they are unrecognizable- I swear, if Janice Dickinson gets one more facelift, she'll be a bearded lady... Growing up in AZ was a lot like growing up in CA. I experienced a lot of pressure to be perfect, and people there are extremely image conscious- the things you see in tv shows about peer pressure, etc., are all very real. Anyway, the problem is, no matter how seemingly insignificant a person's flaw seems to others, to that person, it can be extremely emotionally destructive, as in Erik's case. Regardless of what other people think, physical flaws can be so devastating to a person, that those flaws taint how they see the world, as if creating inner flaws in one's personality- think of it as unconsciously becoming ugly on the inside to match the outside. Of course this all has to do with each person's focus in life... some people couldn't care less, and go on with their lives, while others are completely consumed by the "monster" they have created in their own minds. I have battled feelings of flawedness, the "inadequacy" of being imperfect for most of my life, particularly from the effects of illness. I have learned to overcome a lot of it, but I still hold myself back in many ways because of my physical appearance. And, like Erik, even if I had plastic surgery that miraculously fixed every flaw, I still have to deal with the emotional wreckage those flaws created in my heart, mind, and soul- If I were perfect on the outside tomorrow, I'd still be F*ed up on the inside for a long time- how we think people see us is a very important factor in how we live our lives, who we become as people, how we move within the world, and whether we decide to care about that aspect or not, it still affects each of us on some level... SOoooooooo, I don't know that the story would change all that much- or would it exist at all?
  13. HAHAHA!!! I love the look on Gerry's face when the interviewer says Brokeback was his #1 movie-- that's an Oh face, just not the right kind!!! He looked momentarily mortified, like, OMG where is this conversation going?!?! glancing at the camera like, Aw Crap!!! And the open-mouthed grin... Leave it to the interviewer to find gayness in it all....
  14. OMFB! that was freakin' hilarious! Was it just me, or could you hear Gerry's butt cheeks clench shut in the beginning of that interview???? Talk about the anxiety of what that guy was going to ask Gerry... Poor Gerry totally looked like OMFG?!?!? He is so not gay...
  15. I hope that Gerard plays the better part, whichever part that is- he deserves the top role- I think he was seriously snubbed for 300, along with Zack Snyder- that movie was one of a kind. I am personally NOT a Jamie Foxx fan- I used to, but I think he's become very conceited, and that it comes through in his roles. I hope that if he is chosen, he doesn't wind up stealing the spotlight from Gerard.
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