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  1. that is Fan....tastic! and is he hot!!!
  2. that is really funny and Gerry was great for going along with it! But they should NEVER be seen in public together!
  3. Entertainment Tonight had the much better trailer....more of Gerry and the picture shown....looks like a cute film and he looks really good
  4. Back talk was that Gerry was being considered for the Bond role after Pierce Brosnin but it went to Daniel Craig instead. I saw Quantum of Solace on Friday and it was way too non-Bond from what we had been use to. Gerry with his droll sense of humor, would have been great in the part. This movie is too serious and does not contain many any the usual Bonderisms, one-liners Bond is famous for.
  5. Co'latha breith sona dhuibh, Happy Birthday Gerry Dear Gerry.... I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more good wishes for a healthy wonderful year ahead. Good luck with your new production company and may you find love in all the right places.
  6. this is the funniest show so far! Gerry's got a quick, keen sense of humor...I've listened to it over & over just to hear his brogue wish he'd come to the NY area we can help him here get on his softer side!
  7. I for one would love to see this but then again...."seeing is believing" ....the tabloids have a field day wherever Gerry's name is mentioned.!
  8. I don't think I added my birthday when I registered, it's Oct. 19th. Celtic Star
  9. I've just come back from seeing it...playing at MetroPlex theatre in Farmingdale, Long Island Great movie....typical Guy Ritchie with multiple subplots...Gerry is sooo cute! The "sex" scene with Thandie Newton...don't blink or you'll miss it!
  10. this is a man of many talents....never had Korean food but since he's into healthy eating so it must be good!
  11. I can't wait to see this movie! Gerry says he's a lot like OneTwo but I hope OneTwo is more Gerry.... georgous eyes, killer smile and fantastic sense of humor!
  12. that was a great interview! just hearing that accent and his explanations blew me away! Loved it
  13. I saw the first tv add for Rocknrolla on Wednesday 10/ 1....so I'm sure it will be coming to NY....
  14. Hey Frannie! On the RnR website it says "in theaters everywhere October 31", I went looking to see if I could find anything out. So I'm with you...crossing my fingers it means what we're hoping!!
  15. it's too bad that magazine is not available here but it reports mainly what Gerry has said before. If you haven't seen the Men's Health issue with Gerry on the cover, you'er missing a great interview!
  16. that means he'll be in Hollywood for that as the L eno Show is taped there.....wonder if he'll be back in NY for the opening of RocknRolla
  17. it's not only the Japanese alphabets that are confusing! You really have to watch the interview on YouTube to get a sense of what really went on and how cute Gerry was
  18. It wasn't meant as an insult but as a slip of the tongue purely where he was at the moment..... another country, another word
  19. it shows he has a very self awareness and realizes what he's very capable of doing or what will hurt him great advice Gerry!
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