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  1. I love when he says "look at her eyes, she is beautiful." She must have blushed!
  2. Ok he's looking hot again yay I love the sheepish smile he gives when the pap tells him that he heard him!!!
  3. He's a sweetheart. I love how he takes on all these great causes!
  4. Ditto. Together with his screen name, Milo, it makes him seem like a real hick. Maybe that's the character and I do like the "size" of the shirt - nice and small to show off his *ahem* assets (those arms!!), but otherwise it is NOT a flattering shirt. Apparently, we do get to see him in a tux at some point. What is also strange is that Jennifer has been seen in several different outfits during the time GB is still wearing that same shirt. If they are on-the-run, where is SHE getting the new clothes while he has to wear the same old shirt. Lol, this reminds me of the Friends episode with Brad Pitt in it. After someone asked him a question Phoebe tells him "Come on just take your shirt off and tell us" lol
  5. He needs his Scottish accent for Burns right? When does that start filming?
  6. Oh my god. He should be number one! How on earth did those guys beat him. People are blind and Brad pitt doesn't belong in the list at all!!!
  7. He has a really interesting face. It changes from movie to movie and from photo to photo, even from the same night. It's amazing.
  8. What do you mean "yes"? Since when was Australia the land of tall dark women? I've never seen so many blonde white women in my life lol. I think out boy made a mistake there
  9. It's a very cool movie. I went yesterday with my hubby and he really enjoyed it as well. I was worried that he would moan about my "chick flicks"after we're finished, but it really is a movie for the guys as well as the girls. And we ended up having an interesting conversation on what men and women really want in a relationship etc. So that was fun, and I'm still laughing now at some of the scenes in the movie. Gerry was wonderful, but Katherine Heigl was amazing too, she's quite a talented woman!!!
  10. I read this really interesting interview for him in the Australian OK. He talked about his mother, women, and all the ususal stuff. But then the reporter asked him if he would like to fall in love and I was really surprised when he said "Well I've never done it before, but I'm open to it."I thought that was bizarre, how can a 40 year old never epxiernced love? I mean never ever? Or is it possible that this is a typo in the print, or maybe he was misquoted? It's just strange.
  11. It's interesting. People always say that Gerry likes the dark exotic type ( which works for me because I am Egyptian haha but he has repeatedly said that he likes all women regardless of their colour, type or style and I think he is saying the truth. It seems that he goes for all sorts of women and doesn't limit himself. Don't you wish all men were open minded like that?
  12. As I said before, I prefer his serious interviews, this one was great!!!
  13. I don't meant to critcize him or anything, but it seems very Diva like to call someone at 3 am to ask for bread. It doesn't seem like the person he is ?
  14. He looks a bit sad in the end when the interviewer says there is nothing going on.
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