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  1. I believe Willem Dafoe has also been suggested as joining the film. Sounds like a great cast!
  2. I want to thank you all so much for your kind words. It means so much to me right now as we struggle through this process. Hug your children every day and tell them how much you adore them! The void in your heart and soul is so immeasurable when something like this happens, when someone you love is taken from your life so abruptly that it leaves you in such a state of shock and disbelief and guilt and pain, all the emotions you can think of that it's overwhelming and you're trying to deal with them all at the same time! And living next door to him makes it so difficult because every time I pass the kitchen window or walk outside, there sits his house over there, his truck parked out front, everything the way he left it like it's waiting for him to come home! His dogs always come over when he's away and they've been here now for a while looking up at me with bewilderment. How do you recover from something like this? I've been told it gets better. He was my heart and soul, the light of my life! I still see his big bright blue eyes shining down at me with his big smile and his ability to make me laugh even when I was a grump! How will I cope without that? I used to thank God I had him and that I was so blessed to have a son like him especially as I got older. It was a great relief and comfort to me! I used to say that no matter what happened in my life, I'd cope, but if I lost him, my life was over! I breathe, my heart is beating but my life has stopped! Chris wanted everyone around him to be happy and was always the one who was so light hearted but sometimes seemed his own heart was heavy. He could make your problems seem so petty. I wish I could have uplifted him as much as he did me! There are no words to say how much I'll miss him! I wish you all would have known him! There would have been no doubt that I was one of the luckiest Moms in the world! When I asked him a few weeks ago what he wanted for his upcoming birthday, he smiled and said "Gerry's cologne, of course!" He'd seen the commercial! His birthday is November 25. This will be one of the hardest days of my life to endure, second only to November 9, 2014. Delene
  3. No surfing for me but this is something I might give a try.....and the paddle boarding looks fun too!
  4. Finally! We've been so spoiled in the past with on set pics I was beginning to wonder if we would get any little "crumb" from the making of GOE at all! He looks real good and was wondering if he wears the mask/face of the God Set in the actual filming, not that we want that face hidden! Would like to get a glimpse of Mr. G. Rush too unless he's already filmed his part. I know he was over there much earlier before filming started. Looking so forward to this film! Thanks for the photos! Delene
  5. Not really disappointed he dropped it. Seemed like a lot on his schedule too. My son, Chris, wanted to ask Gerry if he wanted to grab his Harley and go to Sturgis with him in August and I told him Gerry would be busy filming. So now maybe he can get away....... Delene
  6. Hello all! Just popping in to say "hi"! Hope everyone is well and staying out of harm's way with this wild weather! Chilly here today and damp. I'm ready for warmer weather! Andrea, good luck with your kids! Didn't have time to read everything as I'm just breezing through! Butler looking good too. Nice photos! Delene
  7. He's going to be a busy boy if all of this is true! Sounds like an interesting plot. Delene
  8. Nice pics! I like his hair! I'm intrigued with the beard though. Did Egyptian Gods wear beards? It looks good too! Delene
  9. I bet Mr. Butler's a tad disappointed but relieved too! I'm glad he's getting stunt doubles. Of course we're talking "extreme" sports here and those guys are big risk takers to the max! Seems Gerry will be going all over the place to film this one too! Exciting! Delene
  10. I believe James Dean died in a car crash before he finished "Giant", didn't he Kathy? It seems silly to say an actor can't engage in any risky business when there are so many dangers in filming a movie, especially these days. You can get hurt twelve ways to Sunday while shooting even with a stunt double. He's wearing a helmet and goggles and that's a good thing. Not sure they're doing actual filming just yet unless Set has a beard! I am curious to see if we get to see Gerry's actual face or if he'll be covered with some sort of headgear that depicts a jackal or a bird, whichever one is appropriate. I heard the costumes are very elaborate and I'm sure he's involved in some of that right now. I'm really excited about GOE! Delene
  11. On the off chance you might stop by, I wanted to wish the handsomest guy ever a Happy Valentine's Day filled with lots of , and cupcakes . From my heart to yours. Delene
  12. One Two is gone, Mike Mike Mike B. to hump day island. I mean Exile Island (no camels). Delene
  13. Drac leaving, Mike B. to island....STAT! Delene
  14. Mike Banning to the island and George off. Delene
  15. It was Motor City that fell through. Gerry had to speed up completing OHF so he could start filming on it and he had already passed up some other offers to film Motor City too. I'd say that was worth a law suit. Delene
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