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  1. I came on to this thread to see the news, the news that Gerry was on "FIYAH". What did that mean? I broke it down. Was that a special GALS "code"? Was it a new mag? Initials for a TV show in the UK? What? What? Upon finally finding the explanation, and allowing someone else to ask what it meant so I didn't look too "out of the loop", I do agree but I was let down somewhat. DON'T DO THAT! GET'S ME ALL EXCITED! D
  2. This man needs to come with a warning label! The following are some contraindications: Never take more than eight hits to the website in a 24 hour period. Can be addictive. Do not look directly in to his eyes. Doing so may cause light headedness, dizziness, fainting, dry mouth, and rapid heart rate. In extreme cases, seizures have been reported. Some GALS have noted sleeplessness and restlessness. Sexual side affects may also occur frequently. Some GALS have reported constant day dreaming, lack of concentration and loss of appetite. If symptoms persist, take two aspirin, crawl in to bed and watch your favorite Gerry movie.
  3. Gerard Butler seems to me to be the kind of guy who does things intensly then when he tires of it, drops it and moves on. He's enjoying his rising stardom right now and probably feels like a kid in a candy store with all the beautiful women around. He's "testing the waters" so to speak. When he gets tired of it, he'll stop and start looking seriously. But I really believe he is too wrapped up in his career right now to have anyone serious in his life. I did notice something the other day, however. I was looking at an interview he had with Diane Sawyer. I've watched Gerry during interviews with beautiful women and look them straight in the eye. His eyes were going up and down her like he was taking her in! Maybe it's older women he fancies and he's getting all the younger ones, the starlets, models and actresses out of his system? After all, he is really close to his Mom and perhaps he's looking for someone who can mother him? I think that would be a perfect fit for him, an older woman who is settled, grounded and secure and will take good care of him, but allow him to be the little boy that seems to emerge in him. He'll get his fill of all the superficial, Hollywood hype and idea of beauty. No offense to younger ladies, but their minds will be on tying him down and clipping his wings and an older woman will allow him to soar and just be himself but give him that soft place to fall at the end of the day. Just a thought. D
  4. As far as whether or not I believe the character, the opera ghost or the Phantom ever existed, I couldn't say but I do know that there are lakes underneath the Paris Opera House in reality and that if you ask anyone who works there if they have heard of the "ghost", they all seem to know about it. Just googling Paris Opera House will give you the history on it. I understand that the stage only comprises a small portion of the entire building and there are stables for horses, living quarters, dormitories, etc. Napoleon had his own private entrance to the theater where he and his army could enter, horses and all, and not be seen by his enemies. I would like to believe that he did exist. Most legends start out from an element of truth and evolve over time. Whether or not a real person existed to saitisfy our romantic curiosity is not important because he does exist in our hearts right now and isn't that what is important? D
  5. I believe that the Phantom for me, as it probably is for most all of the GALS on this thread, is the absolute perfect personafication of our deepest desires and our ideal of true love. What woman would not be totally drawn in by a man who exhibited such passion for her and in turn, could bring out her own passions? We should give some credit to Emmy in the role of Christine. For someone so young, she could take that young innocent face of hers and with his coaxing, change expression to one of unihibited desire, turning her from a child to a woman. When she looked at him, she could feel it stirring in her. That's what we all want, right? The problem was her youth. It got in the way of her being able to understand her undiscovered passions. Raoul was a safe place for her immature emotions. The Phantom brought out that side that was more dangerous, deep and tabu. The Phantom was her muse. He inspired her to be more than she was. That is, in fact, what true love should do for us. It should not hold us back or hamper our spirit, but make us soar! And contrary to his luring her in to his underground world and his desire to keep her there, would have been more freeing to her than she could have ever imagined and freeing for him as well. And when she fulfilled that undiscovered side of herself in song, it in turn, fulfilled him and made him feel whole and human and that was a metaphor for the love and passion that was unrealized between them and he fell in love with her and I believe she felt love for him in turn that she could not articulate or understand, it frightened her, it seized her in a way that she felt such an overwhelming surge of desires, her immaturity was not able to grasp it. It was not in the conventional idea of love, as she knew it, so she was afraid of it and of the feelings that he brought out in her. We like to believe that, especially for the Phantom's sake. I hope ALW conveys that in the sequel with Christine's maturity. He needs to take her to that next level. That insatiable passion and desire for someone to feel that way about us, and us for them, isn't that what we all want? Each and every woman on this site, especially those who identify with the passion and obsession of the Phantom of the Opera in particular, recognize their own inner desire being played out. But could that kind of passion and desire be something that is real or is it a mere fantasy that could never be fulfilled? Perhaps. Maybe, if we are lucky, we may find it. But if you listen to the last song on the score of the movie, it talks about learning how to love life lived alone, that we can learn to be fulfilled without that type of longing for companionship, first and maybe in order to love someone else, become more whole ourselves first. It says, in essence, "learn to be lonely, life can be lived, life can be loved...alone". If we do that, then we can become whole, before we look to someone else to complete us rather than compliment us, and then, if we are fortunate, bring out in us those hidden passions we have, whatever they are. D
  6. This IS a great thread! I have read some of the original book and understand that the character was based more on a freak of nature whom really had no musical talent but dreamed to be like other men and live a normal life. He was also over fifty. Those of you who have read the book, feel free to correct me as I merely skimmed some pages. He had no concept of being normal, so because of his recluse existance, he lacked the ability to express love and was rather abusive towards the object of his affection, Christine. That's what I gleen from it anyway. When ALW adapted it to the stage, he wanted a less "horrid" creature and more of a romantic one. Many fans of the original book are appalled by his adaptation and think this sequel is an abomination. To each his own, I say. Give me the romance but keep the character dark, eccentric and powerful with a more human side. I believe ALW did a wonderful job and I am sure his sequel will be equally as superb! The idea to make the Phantom's face only distorted on one half was originally decided upon so that he could sing. But it has played out to be a wonderful metaphor for the character's persona. The disfigurement of one side of his face depicts his dark, lonely and evil side while the beautiful side his more human, passionate and genius in my view. ALW knew exactly what he was doing choosing Gerry for the role! Even though Gerry did a great job singing, ALW wanted a more "rock and roll" feel to the character he said. He was right on, in my opinion! I've seen the Broadway presentation at the historic Majestic Theatre in New York City and even though it was wonderful, the Phantom in that did not have the striking figure and raw passion that Gerry was able to deliver in the movie! No disrespect to the actors who have played the Phantom on Broadway intended. Gerry's ability to portray a man who is so intensely passionate and tender, to that of one who is violently outraged and then to a man who shows such vulnerability without the cover of his mask and becomes like a lost and lonely little boy is so powerful and poignant and such a true testament to his acting ability. No man could be so authenic to these emotions unless it was a part of who they are in reality. I am in awe of him everytime I watch it and I've watched it so many times! D
  7. Well, then I guess it's official. Like has been mentioned, I too do not care if Gerry plays the stage production but if it goes to film, I think he should play the Phantom along with Emmy and Patrick again. In my mind and heart, Gerry IS the only Phantom in the story. No one could do it like him! I had heard that Lloyd Webber had wanted him again, but not sure if it was for the stage or film or both. Too bad Josh Groban is not seventeen anymore. He would have been perfect for the teenaged son! Perhaps the American Idol runner up from last year, the other David! He was only seventeen then but looked twelve! The trouble with Emmy, however, is she would have to play someone old enough to have a teenaged son. She's still so young being only in her early twenties. Of course, there's always make-up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks KP, for the update! D
  8. You can imagine my phoning my husband, just as he was waiting at the airport to board his flight, and asking him to run fetch me a copy of Men's Health. Without asking me why, he strolled over to the mags and books with cell phone still on his ear and proceeded to peruse the shelves. Then, he yells out, "hey, you gotta an October issue of "Men's Health" around here? My wife has to have a copy!" Nothing ever discrete about him. Finding none, he said he would check when he landed. Still no copies. What's up with that? My son used to subscribe to the mag but let it expire. DRAT!!!!!! D
  9. I am happy that he quit. I had heard him say that he had in an interview. I believe he made reference to his own mortality when he was playing the part of Gerry in P.S. I Love You. My son just brought over his copy of 300 for me to borrow tonight. I have not seen it yet. My husband says, "you're mother has a crush!" A "crush". Silly man! If only he knew! D
  10. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to add, isn't that the lovely "Lolita" in the picture where Gerry is leaning in the doorway? She's down in the left corner. She's so adorable, just like her "master"! What a lucky little dog!
  11. There are so many actors today that are one diminsional. They are all looks on the outside but have no depth, no special character. If they are attractive on the outside, and have no substance on the inside, then it kills their looks. Just another "pretty face". Then they can get up on the big screen and do what someone else tells them to do and that's about it. This is why I love this man! He's multi layed, beautifully flawed and his soul runs deep. When I say "flawed", I mean it in a good way. He's had his vices, and probably still has some, but he doesn't claim to be perfect. No one is nor do they want that responsibility. When you admire and love someone, you love them, flaws and all because that's what makes them who they are, you accept them as they are completely. I admire anyone who can see for themselves that something they are doing is wrong or bad for them and just stop it, no help from anyone, like he did with his drinking and I had heard that he quit smoking as well. I also love the way he recognizes that the demands on his life right now are not condusive to maintaining a committed relationship romanitcally. So many of those relationships in Hollywood come and go. I can see Gerry being the kind of guy that when he makes up his mind to settle down, he will be very selective and it will be a final one and done with much thought and when the time is the right time. That will be one lucky lady! The roles he's played tells us exactly all about who Gerry Butler is really. He hasn't been type casted yet and hopefully won't ever be. I had heard that Andrew Lloyd Webber was writing a sequel to Phantom and was considering our boy to play the Phantom again. Hopefully, if he gets it to the stage, then on to the screen again, Gerry will be the one to do it. I don't think anyone else could play that role. That's the character whom I most identify him with. He's imposing, powerful, and dangerous but is also sensitive, sensual and passionate and don't forget extremely talented and wants only to be loved, after all. But just like the rest of us, he has his imperfections and his fears and he hides them behind a mask, his joking around and his candid, shoot from the hip, attitude. All of that, and then that wonderful outer package ain't too shabby either. That is indeed, in my mind, my idea of the perfect man! Thanks, GALS, for letting me ramble on! D
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