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  1. hmmm - thought they changed their name to G-base? Can't wait to hear if Gerry might take a role in this one.
  2. SWEET MOTHER OF GERARD!!!! How I would of LOVED to be on that beach.
  3. Dear Frannie, I'm so happy to hear you gained some weight and are able to get up and walk around a bit! Please keep doing what your doing on your journey to good heath. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Love and ((HUGS)) Suzanne xo
  4. LOL My first thought were the Men in Black. Guess I watched that movie too many times.
  5. Got a pic of Toothless and Tweeted it. It's not very good but hey! I was so surprised to even get the pic! lol
  6. Sure, as soon as Holly gets back home from out of town I'll ask her.
  7. Wish I could make one of Hobbes famous bucket dump pyrmids!
  8. I went thru a horrible time w/my hubs regarding Gerry. He's like, He doesn't pay your bills! He's only 6'2"? He's tiny! LOL Not too mention calling him names like, Gerry Butthead. Oy! But, the times have changed and hubs thinks Ger is "all right!"
  9. OMGerard!! The Bustin' Buttons, White string and Wet Gerry memories!! *wipes drool* Am so lovin' the 3rd one down! Holy Carp! *thud*
  10. Loving all of them!! Keep 'em coming!!
  12. I didn't own a computer when I discovered Gerry but never forgot his name. We finally got one in 2004 and that's when I Googled his name. There wasn't too much info on him and like Elissa, I "lurked" for a long time on another Gerry fan site. I'm so glad I took the leap forward and joined that website that brought me to GALS! New to the internet and all it's splendors, it was the beginning of lasting memories and good times and friends.
  13. My husband and I LOVE Rock n Rolla! Still haven't seen OHF.
  14. Sara is our winner of the "Happy Birthday Gerry" banner contest!! A BIG THANK YOU to all who entered!!
  15. LOL! Sheri! I didn't see Gerry again until POTO. I remember grabbing my MIL's arm when he's walking down the corridor w/Chrisitne. The rush of "THERE HE IS!!" "OMG" on the BIG screen was overwhelming!
  16. What is your favorite Gerry movie and character? My favorite Gerry movie is the Phantom of the Opera but my favorite Gerry character is Andre Marek from Timeline. Although, the Phantom comes pretty close.
  17. You can use links to our GALlery if you'd like. We have a 10 picture limit per post. Ty.
  18. When was the first time you "discovered" Gerry? For me, it was back in 2001 when Dracula 2000 was on HBO. I'm a spooky movie nut and hadn't seen it so I was happy to watch it. The movie goes along and there are the parts with Gerry in it BUT it wasn't until he looked up to the camera and said, "Brilliant!" that my heart, body and soul was Butlerized. Have been ever since.
  19. GALS, If you haven't voted already please get your vote on today. We will be announcing the winner tomorrow. Thank you!
  20. Hi! Caroline! I added your name to the list.
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