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  1. You can always change it or add to it later Tina! I've added it to our list!!
  3. Dear Gerry, We, as your fans understand the daily pressure and stress of being a dedicated actor such as yourself. How you devote yourself to your character, mind, body and soul must take it's toll on you. Thank you for all you do for us fans and keeping us entertained with your Great Performances! Hope that you are feeling better and enjoying each and every day! With Love and Support to you Gerry!! ((hugs)) Suzanne
  4. Happy Birthday May!! :D



  5. You can vote for Gerry as the best looking on the red carpet: http://www.nbc.com/golden-globes/photos/battle-of-the-suits/9507#item=218246 Thank you for letting us know MORNINGSTAR!! I've posted the info here in Off Site Polls > http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38910 Let's get our fingers moving and start VOTING for our favorite Scotsman!!
  6. screen cap - Gerry and friend Freddie on 'road trip' 2011 In our GALlery here > http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/interviews/Leno_1122012/Leno-011212-Gerry_Freddie+road+trip_cap.jpg.html
  7. Gerard Butler suffers Mav's hold-down On a day reminiscent of last January when Jacob Trette, a rookie big-wave surfer, nearly lost his life out at Maverick's, the infamous Northern California break has sent yet another beginner to Stanford Medical Center. In this case it was the star of the Hollywood production about the life of Jay Moriarity, Gerard Butler. On Sunday the California buoy was reading 12 feet at 16 seconds, which would put Maverick's right at the point of breaking in the 10- to 12-foot range, but the swell direction was decent so there were a few bigger sets sneaking in. With Maverick's and the entire Northern Hemisphere big-wave season off to a slow start, surfers -- and Hollywood film crew -- were chomping at the bit to get a few days of surfing and filming in. Approximately two dozen people were in the lineup. A few big outside sets had already come through, and between takes Mel, Long and Wormhoudt were passing the time by catching a few insiders. Photographer Doug Acton and myself were out most of the morning shooting serving as water patrol, but decided to go in as the swell began to drop. As we were cleaning our boats at the launch ramp, we heard the faint sounds of sirens in the distance. With crab season in full swing and the entire movie crew set up, there was already a lot of action at the ramp, but as the sirens got closer, they turned down the road and headed straight for us. We don't ever like to see or hear ambulances when Maverick's is breaking. It never bodes well, and right now everyone is still a bit shell-shocked from the recent death of Sion Milosky and the near death of Trette last season. One of the film crew's radio cracked -- they were "bringing Gerry (Butler) in." No sooner did I hear the transmission then a jet-ski and Zodiac turned the corner at the Half Moon Bay harbor mouth. They were coming in fast. I ran down to the dock, helped tie off the Zodiac and noticed Butler on board. He had that 100-yard stare that surfers get after a two-wave hold down or near-death experience. After almost 20 years at Maverick's I've seen a lot of it, but it was good to see he was standing on his own two legs. He was carted away in the ambulance and raced off to Stanford Medical Center for observation. Talking to Wormhoudt on the dock, he said they were all sitting on the inside when a large outside set came through, swung way to the south, caught them off-guard and mowed them all down. For Mel, Long and Wormhoudt it's all in a day's work (hence their being on the crew), but according to other eyewitnesses, Butler was held down for a solid two waves and took four or five more on the head before being washed through the rocks on the inside, where he was finally able to be plucked out. Butler was brought to the hospital for observation, but a complete recovery is expected. Butler and the film crew sat on the inside with Peter Mel, Zach Wormhoudt and Greg Long, who were assisting the production. Even on small days, the inside at Maverick's can push 10-feet-plus and really tear you up. Source
  8. We will miss you dear Suz. You were too young to leave us so soon. Rest in peace my friend.
  9. Happy Birthday Sally!! <3



  10. Happy Birthday Girlfriend!! xo

  11. Ahoy! Matey's! By the powers that be - it's talk like a Pirate Day! Arrrr

  13. I do too Delene but my teeth say - no way! lol Snacking on Vegee Chips although I think I like the sticks better.
  14. Keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. I can't stop going back and looking at that picture!! He looks like he could be Zeus...just add some longer hair and holding a lightning bolt! yep, that's the word,, Powerful!"
  16. Two Leading Roles for ROGER DUBUIS and Gerard Butler Gerard Butler joins the ROGER DUBUIS family Gerard Butler wearing ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon.©ROGER DUBUIS GENEVA, Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As one of the most charismatic actors of his generation, his mold-breaking personality was bound to lead him into some unusual encounters. Gerard Butler has landed a new role and joined the family of Geneva-based fine watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS. Both of them are more into action than introspection, both approach their art head on, and both are driven by passion. (Photo: http://photos.prnews...0110906/NY63020 ) So is it surprising that last year Gerard's attention was caught by a certain watch in a store window? Since that moment, Gerard Butler has kept the faith with Geneva watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS and enjoys showing off this watch that is so like him, one of the Warrior range from the Excalibur collection. Intrigued by this Maison that shared so many of his values, he sought to discover more. The spell really took hold after a recent tour of the ROGER DUBUIS manufacture. "I'm blown away," said Butler – who has seen many things in his time – on discovering the world of fine watchmaking and its most arcane secrets in on site. The innovation, passion and creativity at ROGER DUBUIS were what struck him most during his visit, where he had a glimpse of all stages in the watchmaking process, with every step performed in-house by the Geneva company. Gerard Butler ended his tour with a long look at the Manufacturer's current models, particularly the Excalibur and La Monegasque collections. As a friend of the ROGER DUBUIS brand, Gerard Butler intends to take an active role in spreading the word about the Swiss manufacture and introducing people to this unique world, bubbling in perpetual effervescence, where creativity rules and innovation is queen. Deliberately extravagant, the future is bright for the Swiss Maison, which values boldness as much as it respects tradition. "Counting Gerard Butler among the brand's friends is all the more special since this proximity is a natural fit with the world of ROGER DUBUIS. Gerard's fire and powerful image resonate perfectly with the firm's watches and will increase publicity amongst an audience who appreciate art and aesthetics," ROGER DUBUIS CEO Georges Kern. Gerard Butler happily admitted: "Watch making is just like the cinema, it hides a precise mechanism which must then generate emotion. The world of ROGER DUBUIS, the arrival of its collections, like spaces of freedom, perfectly matches my principles. You need to take chances in life. And always push yourself." Founded in 1995 and based in Geneva, ROGER DUBUIS stands out with its avant-garde watches made in limited production runs, meeting the most demanding quality standards. The quest for excellence, the long search for the right motions, the development of unique skills are all constants of the Swiss Maison. Boldness and extravagance are the brand's signatures, and determination its engine. Distributed worldwide through an exclusive sales network, its flagship collections are named Excalibur and La Monegasque. ROGER DUBUIS is the only watchmaker in the world to have all of its movements stamped with the Geneva Hallmark, a guarantee of fine craftmanship. http://www.prnewswir...synd_id=zOsgeLS Thank you Lisa/Phoenixgirl for the find!! =)
  17. My thoughts exactly. ((hugs)) Suzanne Oh my goodness! Please stay safe Tina!
  18. Just popping in to say, to all the wonderful Golden Girls!!
  19. The Actors: Gerard Butler, 'Machine Gun Preacher' He gets choked up about playing real-life character Sam Childers. Gerard Butler is crying. It's a sunny afternoon and the actor best known as King Leonidas in "300" had just sauntered into a Los Feliz eatery, fresh off his Harley, adorned in a black T-shirt, army green pants and a helmet tucked close to his newly trim body. He's charmed the wait staff, ordered a salad along with his café latte so his guest won't have to eat alone, and is affably sharing anecdotes. Yet the moment he revisits his time in South Africa, playing Sam Childers, the real-life gun-wielding preacher who went to the Sudan and started an orphanage, his emotions can't be contained. "This happened to me a lot when we were filming. I would just be overcome," he says through tears. "I feel every emotion. I haven't talked much about this movie in a while, and I did the other day, and I just started crying. I cried for about five minutes." This time Butler's crying jag lasts a good two minutes. "I don't know how I'm going to get through this," he says with a laugh while wiping his eyes as he ponders the exhaustive national media tour he's about to embark on to promote his upcoming passion project "Machine Gun Preacher," which opens Sept. 23. Directed by Marc Forster ("Quantum of Solace"), "Preacher" forced Butler to examine his own demons as he embodied the violent, rageful Childers, a rural Pennsylvania native who transformed his drug-riddled, crime-filled life after finding God. Childers' born-again experience led him to becoming a preacher in his hometown before traveling to Africa, where he came upon hundreds of children orphaned at the hands of the Lord's Resistance Army, which was staging a violent campaign throughout Uganda, Sudan and the Congo. The atrocities propelled Childers to found an orphanage in Sudan in 1998 that now houses more than 200 children and feeds more than 1,000. "A lot of the feelings I felt with Sam, the violence and the craziness, being out of control and not knowing how to live your life, I had all that," says Butler, who remade himself as an actor after his unhappiness with his first career as a lawyer led him to use alcohol and drugs. "Did I go around stabbing people and shooting people? No. Did I end up in Africa building an orphanage? No. But I did have a massive transformation in my life where I sorted everything out." For Butler, who from July 2009 through March 2010 starred in what "could have been a career killer" five movies (including "The Ugly Truth" and "Law-Abiding Citizen"), the commitment to the part of Childers began a year before the cameras even started rolling. The 41-year-old Scot would sporadically meet with Forster and screenwriter Jason Keller for marathon sessions to deconstruct each scene. It's clearly a movie that affects him deeply but also one that allows him to "gain some gravitas and weight as an actor," he says. It was also a unique experience for Keller to work so closely with a film's star. "I think it was a great responsibility for Gerry to play the role of a guy who is alive, a guy who is as dynamic as Sam with a story that's so incredible," says Keller. "During the sessions, and even when we were filming, I saw him going deeper and deeper [into the role]. It was an incredible burden [for him]." By Nicole Sperling, Los Angeles Times Source Link
  20. I only drink decaf coffee with flavored creamers.
  21. I'm so sorry April. ((hugs and prayers))
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