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    I love to go to hockey games, watch movies, read, Timothy Olyphant, Luke Goss & of course Gerry!

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  1. knew it was costly, just not that much
  2. wow never knew this, good idea!! I'll set up something. a lot easier too ok I need help, how do I set up a "subscription"? thanks
  3. I was there the 1st cpl cons and loved it. I think Vegas is a good choice as it has a lot of things there to do no matter what. For me, not attending more often has been $$, not working, helping daughter, health, the expense to go ( it all adds up, cant save what I don't have ) and several things happening around the same time. I wish the registration fees to come could extend alttlle more to pay, I'm afraid to buy so far ahead and then something might happen that I am not able to go and lose my $. I loved it when it was about getting to meet the other GALS/PALS and was Gerry themed, as it's because of Gerry that I met you all as this site was created. I don't really know much of the charity aspect there and how it has affected the con. I think helping out the charities is important, but would love if I was able to go again for it to have something about Gerry. I'm not sure this even helps, but wanted to share, as I would love to make it again. My daughter keeps asking to go to Vegas, maybe we can and I can just go to the con.
  4. "Olympus Has Fallen" Gerry is on Yahoo's movie home page today as First Look :)/> http://movies.yahoo.com/
  5. oh MGM grand, I stayed there before and it was very nice. I'd so love to go again to the con. maybe.....
  6. ughhh, I just missed him.....I was in NYC last Thurs and came home Sunday. I did see Snoop Dog Lion in Times Sq on Thurs night
  7. rec'd my 300 signed pic today, LOVE IT!!! thanks
  8. Thank you Barb for all of your hard work to let us join in!! hugs Dina
  9. Barb, sent my $$ for the pic today thru paypal thanks
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