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  1. Well, get on it ... http://www.ehow.com/how_2056949_record-from-dvr-dvd.html Now you can!!! *waiting for the video appearing in the multimedia section* A new ring??? What is about Gerry and the rings??? Eh... Come on Gerry, we know you have the One Ring... Oh Gosh, you would have made a great Lord of the Rings... Lol ! Gerry is Sauron or Gollum, or Frodo=))) Gerry was verry cute & funny on the Alexa Chung show
  2. Love Gerry!Love Shakira! Adore and admire them. Nice song
  3. Maybe my sense of humor is truly sick or I didn't understand smth, but this parody is a little stupid and not funny for me. And Gerry is the best, the most talanted actor ever. Love him!
  4. Hi, Gerry! I am so happy for you! Your career is just skyrocketing! You deserve all the good things coming your way. You are proof that dreams come true with hard work & dedication. I enjoy that you stay real & grounded through all this. This is what I most admire about you Perhaps you' ve heard it many times a day, but you are truly brilliant actor. Your movies are of different genres from musical to thriller, and your characters are so natural and realistic, even they have the same bristle.) Hmm..Gerry, I saw the Gamer and it's fantastic movie, but you are more dr
  5. Eowyn - is that you? Minx?


  6. Recently I've read "Jane Eyre", and in your description of Gerry's character I saw Edward Rocherster. Yes, I think Mr. Butler's character is like Mr. Rochester. Besides, Rochester was a talanted actor.
  7. I don't like Aniston much though but hey if he gets to hunt her down and maybe kill her ...I just don't want it to be a romantic comedy although I did enjoy him in PSILY... So am I. I don't think that Jennifer is a good actress, her films are similiar, and sometimes boring,exept" Friends". Also, I don't want to see Gerry in comedies, after UT it' s enough for him.
  8. Yea, it will be great. But Gerry will compare with Damon((I want very much, that he has played a role of the Phantom again. Gerry has a sexy beautiful voice, I'd like to see him in the ALW's new musical
  9. Great pics!!! Gerry looks good in dark blue.)
  10. He is so charming, sincere, kind, so natural. I love Gerard I adore this interview.
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