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  1. Happy GALS 2nd Anniversary, Aussiegal. Love your hot siggy.

  2. Hi Ladies, I have not been online for a couple of months as I was off on an overseas holiday & then when I got home my computer was'nt working. I was just wondering if anything interesting has happend or if there is any important news I need to be updated on. If you could help with this that would be much apprieciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, I cant find the video yet but I have found a site with the audio wake up call that you can download. Its at http://www.gbnetvideo.net/gbnetvideomiscclips.htm. If you scroll down the left hand side of the page its under soundbites. If I find the video I will let you know. If you find the video can you let me know please lol.
  4. As Gerry's Birthday is coming up in November I was wondering what he might like as a gift. Any ideas Ladies?
  5. That sounds like a good Idea. I actually leave for my trip in early December but I'm doing a tour of Europe first. Then I'm hiring a car & travelling around The UK. Should be fun
  6. I'm off to Scotland in January & I was wondering if anyone could recommend any where interesting I should see or visit?
  7. Video Exclusive: Gerard Butler talks RocknRolla and 300 sequel with RT On Guy Ritchie's return to form and a flashback-cameo for King Leonidas by Joe Utichi RocknRolla is, critics are rumbling, Guy Ritchie's powerful return to form, a snappy ensemble crime caper featuring drug dealers, Russian billionaires, rock stars and a priceless painting. And with two sequels planned, along with a big-screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr., it seems the inventor of the mockney gangster flick has returned from the rocky road of Revolver and Swept Away. His lead in Rockn
  8. I found this article I thought might be of interest. I'm not sure if it has already been posted. Gerard Butler cr*ps like us all By NADIA MENDOZA GERARD BUTLER may have locked lips with CAMERON DIAZ and co-starred with Bond girl GEMMA ARTERTON in his new movie. But he reckons he's still the same as everyone else by going to the toilet and 'taking a c**p'. The 300 star is taking centre stage in Guy RITCHIE's upcoming flick RocknRolla, but has managed to stay grounded from A-list looniness. He said: "You're still the same person who has to deal with getting out of bed every morning,
  9. Thanks for your story. Labs are such big sooks. My Lab always tries to sit on my lap & he is so big he almost crushes me but I would'nt have it any other way lol
  10. I asked yesterday if anyone knew what kind of music Gerry listened too & I thought I would ask: If Gerry has an ipod what songs do you think are on it? I would love to hear your ideas
  11. Thanks everyone for all your interesting suggestions. I think someone (Maybe I should) should do a list of what we think would be on Gerry's Ipod.
  12. Do any of Gerards Gals own a Labrador Retriever? I would love to hear your stories about them. I have an 8 year old male golden Lab who I could'nt live without!
  13. I was just wondering if anybody knows what type of music Gerry listens too?
  14. Has anybody heard what Gerry will be doing for Christmas & the New Year?
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