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  1. I have to say, I stared at the shirtless picture for quite awhile...and O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so magnificent to look at! I call the deep "v" on him..."The Treasure Trail".....leading to the family jewels!!! Should I go to the gutter now?
  2. I am on Gerry overload! I can't keep up with all of the pictures, news stories, interviews, TV apperances.....but I am doing my best! I just have to stay up til all hours of the night to get my Gerry Juice in! Thanks for working your "little butt cheeks" off, Gerry.....we LOVE it!
  3. Bought mine months ago...and LOVE IT! I just wish Gerry was singing Galway Girl on it.
  4. Love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to feed our addiction.
  5. Fantastic interview! WOW! I love to see insights into how he thinks and responds to questions!
  6. Beautiful pictures! He is just so handsome and debonair!
  7. Mornin Gals! I was up most of the night doing a Relay For Life walk. 6PM until 6AM....I have had three different cancers in my life and thought it was time I give back to the American Cancer Society. I am fine, now, but one day, you never know. Anyway! Back to our Hot Scot, Gerry! Hope you are all enjoying Vegas and we are looking forward to hearing all about it!
  8. WOW! Thank all of you for reporting back to us at home how the convention is going. How awesome is THAT! Our Gerry calls and talks to everyone. He is so d@amn cute and sexy all at once! The man is a walking conudrum! I wish I could have made it this year, but I don't think my husband would understand my obsession with another man and leaving him to run off to Vegas to play with other like-minded Gals! Maybe some day I can explain it to him! For now, I keep Gerry close in my heart and mind and dream about one day meeting this incredible human being, who claims he "is just a man". But boy o boy, what a man he is!
  9. I LOVE those pics of him with his arms raised over his head and behind it. It reminds me of that sexy little scene in PSILY when Holly is on stage singing "Get Off" by Prince in kariokee, and Gerry is looking all hot and bothered by her singing. He puts his arms up and behind his head and does a little bounce in his seat. I lose it every time is see that! It is so damn sexy!
  10. I love seeing him smile! And those twinkeling eyes! Man, oh, man! Welcome back to the states Gerry...your fans can never get enough pictures of you looking so fine!
  11. You and every last one of us want to sit down and talk to Gerry!
  12. I remember he sat with Frida Pinto at the Golden Globes....at the same table anyway.
  13. I love it when he goes on Craig Fergison! The two of them really crack me up!
  14. How do "we" know he likes strawberry lipgloss? I mean who doesn't, but how do you know Gerry likes it? Just wondering.....
  15. I love rom-com's! I think Gerry is great at using his expressions in his eyes and face in them. He also has great comedic timing.
  16. Ho boy! I'm a goner! This trailer has me panting for more! He's SO delish!
  17. Well, THAT certainly caught my eye! <verybiggrinn!> So long a wait for this movie...guess I'll have to hope for a little "sumthin' sumthin' " in TUT. I have quite a few of my friends going with me to support me when I keel over in lust!
  18. WOW! Fabulous article! Loved all of the descriptive words she used!
  19. I am not hesitating for fear of strangers, or being alone in Vegas ( I know I won't be alone, b/c I'd be with all YOU Gals!) but I think my husband would have a stroke if he knew I wantd to go meet like-minded women. You see I don't think he realizes how deep my crush on Gerry is. I think he'd have a really hard time with knowing about it. He knows I have a picture of a really cute guy on my phone, but that's about as far as he thinks it goes. Any one else's husband not on board with the whole Gerry crush?
  20. Awe! You're welcome! <blush> I was SO excited I saw this and came right on here to let an administrater know so they could post and let everyone watch. We need to spread the Gerry juice around!
  21. I am in complete and total awe of you! To think that his Royal Hotness recognized you....doesn't it just make your millineum? Way to go darlin'. Don't forget to watch ET tomorrow night (Thursday)...Gerry and Jamie will be featured!
  22. I JUST saw that on ET and came on to let becozy know to do a post so everyone can watch Gerry. It'll be on Thursday's show! I am SO excited! I just love that man! So many of you are SO eloquent in describing your feelings for this wonderful man. I just sound like a looney! LOL! In my heart I KNOW what I want to say...but I just can't type out the words. Funny though, I could say the words, but they just don't come out of my fingers when I'm typing!
  23. Seriously ladies. You all put into words, so eloquently, what I am feeling. Thank you so much! I love coming to gals and reading your words. It gives meaning to what I feel for Gerry.
  24. It is so interesting to hear how a "movie" is made out of sequence. I like hearing about it. One of my favorite shows was Project Greenlight" on HBO. It ran a few years ago and showed how movies progressed in development.
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