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  1. Are you still around? Passing by to let people know that Phantom Madness is out and available at Amazon etc... It's the fifth in the Phoenix of the Opera series. Cheers, Sadie

  2. Faenwyn,

    I know you were very supportive in the past regarding my novels. I just wanted to get the word out that the third one in the series, The Phantom's Opera, is available for ordering now. Hope you might read it and let me know what you think.

    Cheers, Sadie (Montgomery)

  3. Hi,

    My second novel is available at iUniverse.com: Out of the Darkness: The Phantom's Journey. Soon it will be available at other online stores like amazon... You wrote such nice things about The Phoenix of the Opera, I wanted to let you know that the second one is coming out and is available.

    Hugs, Sadie Montgomery

  4. Hi,

    Thanks fro starting the thread in books, but it looks like there's not much interest there. That's not to say there's not interest in the book; it's spread out in various places. And I really appreciate you starting the topic. Maybe someone beside whysosilent will post. But thank you, thank you, anyway for your support. Everything helps!

    Sadie :)

  5. The bear that he slobbered on has had 24 bids, but the rest have had 0 - 2 bids. So much for that old saying, "It ain't worth spit!" It was his spit that made it worth more!
  6. What he said to the blonde who grabbed him was...Hey! this is a new suit! He said it like he wasn't used to wearing one!
  7. Is anyone here planning on bidding on the bear that Gerry put in his mouth? It is up to $300 already http://auctions.yahoo.com/i:Gerard%20Butle...ar%21:239355584
  8. Well, I am doing my part to keep it on top. I have seen it 6 times and I bring people with me every time I see it. Well not every time, I did go alone once. I wonder if it can run as long as Titanic? I think that one ran like 13 weeks, does anyone know?
  9. Hey Stef, I knew that I could count on you to hook me up with a Gerry fix. LOL! Thank you so much What a difference 3 weeks makes! So much was happening; I think that he forgot to breath. He did seem a lot more relaxed this time and not so rushed. It was vintage Gerry all the way. I laughed almost as much reading through this thread as I did at his stories, the in-laws supporting the Gerry habit was PRIMO! I was also jazzed about Tim McGraw being on with him because the FIRST video that I ever made was of Gerry in One More Kiss and Tim McGraw singing, Just be Your Tear. It has a very
  10. Ok, are they supposed to be getting out of the same car at the same time? It doesn't look like the cars are in the same place. It also looks like the insides of the doors are a different color. And doesn't just about everyone in the country have a big black SUV?
  11. OMG! Holly, I just read Big Mike's post and I am speechless. I wish I could get my hubby even 1/10 of the way to understanding that. You are a very... well I was going to say lucky...but first I want to know, did you find him like that or did it take some training? My hubby says I'm lucky that he's even house broke!!!!!
  12. Hey ladies, it is not just us. The 'fanboys' (and I use the term loosely,) that I play with are also feeling let down. It was a wild ride and now it is winding down. Bummer! They were wildly excited about the movie. They were hoping for a game that was fit to play. They want more stuff from Frank Miller. Most of them are echoing our sentiments, so maybe it is just the crash after the high. It will be Ok after we get our next Gerry fix. I am starting to sound like a character from Trainspotting but I understand what they mean. Hang in there, PSILY is coming. :tasty:
  13. Thank goodness! Does this mean that adults can start going to the movies again? For 20 years I never saw one movie that 'I' wanted to see because I could not afford a babysitter 'and' a night out, so every movie was one that I could bring the kids to see. The kids grew up and all of a sudden I wanted to go to the movies but there was no adult fare for me to see, so I stayed home. Why pay ticket prices for something you will see anyway on TV on a Saturday afternoon while you fold clothes? Think of all the people who don't have kids, they stay away in droves!!! If you don't have kids, why wou
  14. Sorry Stef, I understand. Oh well, guess I won't be sharing after all, sorry ladies! This copyright thing is hard on geeks like me, I can get all sorts of cool stuff but I always have to keep it to myself! What fun is that? It's like having a museum where I'm the only patron. Hey, now this an idea! A Gerry Museum, anyone have a spare warehouse just laying around?
  15. *photos removed* Click to enlarge Anyone want me to shed some light on these? Mod note: Until we can verify that these photos are from a legitimate WB source, we cannot post them. Thank you for your help.
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