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    Los Angeles.....but Montreal in my heart and soul!
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    Interior decorating, Fashion design, music, dancing, art, painting, travel, jewelry making, science, architecture, archaeology, astronomy, running, weight training, mountain biking, F-1, boogie boarding.

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About Me

Moved to LA 7 years ago from a lifetime in Montreal Canada. Still can't get used to this place. LA is SO over! Why do people keep coming here? I MISS HOME! I'm SOOOO f'n lonely!

All I really want & need are friends, good friends, REAL friends...Miss my gays! Miss everyone! My friends mean the world to me...they accept me the "way I am"! My brother Rob & my beautiful niece Melina mean EVERYTHING to me. I'm a little "out there", honest to a fault. East Coast...I'll give you the straight dope. I also have a bit of a potty mouth...Maybe it's a Scorpio thing, a Montreal thing...or it's just me, I don't know. I am a good loyal friend, and will keep a secret till the day I die. I'll give you the shirt off my back, but DON'T take advantage of me, as I have the memory of an elephant!

Over the years in Montreal I have raised funds, collected food & clothing for Nazareth House Center for the homeless, answered phones for Tel-Aide Suicide Hotline, gave of my time to battered women's shelters, rehabilitation for handicapped children & raised funds for The Farha AIDS Foundation. In Los Angeles I have been part of the Dress for Success Program Los Angeles, The LA AIDS Walk, The Challengers Boys and Girls Inner City Youth Club of South Central LA, and donate custom jewelry pieces I create to the yearly Elixir Fund Charity Silent Auction.

I am in the process of getting my jewelry line out. I have grand aspirations for Mz. Luci Wicked Designs, in the next year or so. Please visit me on Facebook at Jennifer L. Tiltin or at www.mzluci.com.

But if I could fulfill a dream, an ultimate DREAM? It would be to create Electronica for the masses & play for 100,000 people!!!

I AM DJ Mz. Trez Luci!

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