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  1. its sue grint again, i have found another trailer called frostys version and it is better than the first trailer i think. you find it exactly the same as the other one on you tube.
  2. gbutts greatest london fan - sue grint if anybody outside the usa is having trouble finding chasing mavericks trailer, i have just found it on you tube. just type in gerard butler in chasing mavericks and its the first one, chasing mavericks official trailer (2012) - gerard butler. its brilliant and gbutt looks megahot as usual. the film looks great, just like gerry.
  3. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - i hate it when gerry says nobody went to see machine gun preacher and coriolanus. i thought, and a lot of other people thought that machine gun preacher was fantastic, and that gbutt put in a mega performance, the best yet. i think that the only thing is that some people probably didnt like the subject matter as it was very in your face about whats happening over in the sudan, but thats a good thing to see, so that the outside world knows whats going on there. with coriolanus, i couldnt get into this film, as i didnt really understand the storyline, and i found, but thats just me, other people thought it was great, that the shakespearean dialogue got on my nerves after a while, even though gerry kept his scottish brogue throughout. i hope this wont deter him from mixing up his role, as he doesnt want to get typecast in his films. i am looking forward to the white house has fallen and i hope he is still doing brilliant, the diamond heist one, as they sounds great too.
  4. he looked very relaxed after his time back home in scotland with his family and friends, and i suppose now he has to concentrate on his next film role in white house has fallen due to start filming in july. sounds wicked, as i love the die hard films and it is being compared with them. look forward to meeting gbutt again in london when another premiere comes to town. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  5. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - i thought that they were going to say june or at least this summer, not just by 3 weeks. its been ages since coriolanus was at the cinema, although i did meet him at the premiere in london in january, so thats something, and also watched him in the unicef football match last weekend which was brilliant by the way.
  6. No worries my friend Robin We were all helping each to get those links to work I'm just sooooooo glad that it all worked out in the end and we could watch the game Lots and Lots of Hugs my Friend Tammy sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - before i begin about the match. for the person who thought gerry was playing for england, wash your mouth out, he would never do that. he was playing for the rest of the world team, along with his fellow scot, james mcavoy, and gbutt played all the first half and half of the second half. it was a brilliant 4 hours of interviews with the players, especially gbutt, and them showing you the plight of the different children in dire need of money around the world. it was great we saw them get off their respective coaches as they drove up to the stadium. we saw them walking around the pitch before the match. we saw the team talks in the dressing rooms, and at half term. it was brilliant. although, i dont like football, it was lovely seeing the celebrities bonding with the football players in their teams, and i was very impressed with gbutt as, especially, in the first half, he was on the ball a lot, more impressive then he was playing with celtic, but then he had just flown in from los angeles and had jet lag. i presume now he will go up to scotland and spend some time with his family and friends while he is this side of the pond, and before he has to go back to l.a. to start filming again.
  7. this film and brilliant are the two films gbutts attached to that i like the sound of the best, but i am confused as gerry has four films now that they are saying hes involved in; white house has fallen, motor city, brilliant and thunder bay. now gerry has always said that a film takes usually three months to complete, so is he doing these four back to back. white house has fallen is due to film july, and motor city is sept. and they said brilliant was later in the fall. surely, this cant be right, as gbutt would be knackered after all those so close together. then after all that, there was mention of afterburn and i know that hunter something has been taken away, but even though, i know gerry loves his craft there is only so much one man can do. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  8. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - for that sort of money, i would have wanted more than tea. i would have wanted the whole package, ha! ha! ha! i am glad the evening went well and they made such a lot of money for haiti, such a worthwhile cause.
  9. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan i am really happy that hes doing the olympus has fallen film next and then hopefully, brilliant. i love the sound of those two films the best. trouble is gbutt is in such demand now, but can only do so many a year. way to go gerry
  10. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - well, thats that one sorted, but what about the other 5 films mentioned this year that gerrys name has been associated with, which one is he going to do. i personally, like the sound of brilliant and olympus fallen, but as gbutt has said in the past films take 3 months to film, so there isnt enough months in this year for more than 2.
  11. i loved him as one two in rocknrolla when he was a petty thief. i wondered if he will be more serious than that one. i am glad he is still getting a lot of varied work thrown his way, but dont overdo it gbutt. pace yourself
  12. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - i was hoping to enjoy playing the field as my birthdays in march, but at least mgp is coming out on dvd and i thought that was fantastic so i am quite happy with that. the end of the year will be like 08 when we had three films of gbutts in about 3 months, if less. that was brilliant. it was because gamer was extremely late, tut was on time and lac was extremely early. it just seems a long time until christmas. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - i was hoping to enjoy playing the field as my birthdays in march, but at least mgp is coming out on dvd and i thought that was fantastic so i am quite happy with that. the end of the year will be like 08 when we had three films of gbutts in about 3 months, if less. that was brilliant. it was because gamer was extremely late, tut was on time and lac was extremely early. it just seems a long time until christmas. i meant 09 not 08
  13. sue again, i also forgot machine gun preacher, which is absolutely mind blowing and gbutts greatest performance todate. i went to see coriolanus, and although gerry was good at his shakespeare, it didnt do anything for me. i found it too heavy and the speech got on my nerves in the end, but thats just me, a lot of people will go for this. its been years since i havent enjoyed a film with gbutt in, but its true what they say, what one person likes, others dont, and being a true fan of gbutts since 02 it sounds good when i find a film with him in which i gladly admit i didnt enjoy, as people always say, you will enjoy anything hes in as you are a fan of his, but this is not so. it makes me sound normal and not a gbutt fanatical, although it was nice he managed to keep his scottish brogue and he did look mega hot in uniform.
  14. sue grint -gbutts greatest london fan what about butterfly on a wheel and law abiding citizen, two fantastic performances from gerry, and very tense thrillers. also gamer, which was very unusual, and took awhile to enjoy, but very cleverly made. also, rocknrolla, a black comedy and brilliant.
  15. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan ive just got back from seeing coriolanus, and i found it too heavy for me. i understood the story, but it was the shakespearean tongue which i think, personally, and thats me, didnt sound right for that sort of film. even though gbutts scottish brogue is left in, i think it sounds better in a film of the shakespeare era, if you know what i mean. its like romeo and juliet, when leo and clare did it, it was a modern day story but with shakespeares words, and that thoroughly annoyed me, but at least, it was a more lighthearted story to it. i know many people will love it for the reasons i didnt, particularly the cultured ones among us, but i was wondering how it will go down in the usa and other countries with this type of speech. it will be interesting to hear, as a lot of countries, especially usa, didnt get or understand gbutt in rocknrolla.
  16. i always enjoy his interviews with lorraine kelly. i think its something to do with her being scottish as well. they get on so well. he was so funny, especially about the water and the washing up. i couldnt stop laughing. it shows how down to earth he is when he says he would rather get a goal for celtic then win an oscar. im glad he can make light of his accident now, but hope he is more careful in the future, but when you think of his film roles, he hasnt done badly, considering all the action films, where he is being blown all over the place like in gamer, things coming at him in 300 etc. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  17. gbutt looked gorgeous, as usual, on the red carpet and presenting. i still think he should have got an award for his role of sam childers in machine gun preacher. i thought his performance was brilliant. im glad his old friend, idris elba, won for his role in luther. its funny, on the red carpet, i counted 10 actors/actresses that gbutt had worked with. thats some going. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  18. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - to say the least, when i heard about gbutts accident i felt sick to my stomach, and all i could do was scroll down the article as quickly as possible to make sure he survived and hadnt died. after meeting him at coriolanus prescreening the other evening, thats the fifth time ive met him, and he is so lovely and appreciative to his fans. although the other evening he had to be quick with the fans as he was due on the graham norton show that evening, he usually spends a lot of time, talking, cuddling, kissing and joking with everyone. you can see what hes like if you watch grahams show, hes very bubbly and full of energy and so down to earth. i think a lot of it is the fact that he has come from very humble family life with no wealth or riches and has worked extremely hard for where he is now, and gives to so many people.
  19. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - i saw gerry last night at the coriolanus prescreening in mayfair and he looked great. i was trying to ask him then if he was ok now and that it was great to see him, as it could have been worse, no more gbutt, but there was so much going on at the screening that he didnt hear me. i said hello to alan and asked him if he was ok now and he said yes, he was a bit shaken up, obviously, at the time, but fine now.
  20. its sue from london again. i went to see the premiere in mayfair, london this evening and gbutt looked hot, as usual, but a bit too skinny for my liking. i think he has lost a bit too much weight, and needs to fill out just a bit, but thats my opinion. vanessa and ralph were there also. the venue was a very small quiet place and not a lot of people turned out, not like in leicester square, which is where gbutts premieres are normally. there was no one commentating which i alway like and no big occasion to it. i think gbutt rushed around quickly, just signing a few autographs and seemed in a hurry, but he had to get to the graham norton show which recorded this evening and goes on air tomorrow night, so i think there was a time factor going on, as normally at his premieres he will walk around chatting, laughing, hugging, having photos taken with fans etc. and none of this happened tonight.
  21. sue grint again - greatest london fan - ive just noticed in the gallery there are some photos of gbutt filming yesterday, so hopefully he is fine and was ok about going back into the water. i know when i nearly drown as a kid, the lifeguard made me go back in because he said otherwise i would be scared for the rest of my life. the filming must be basically over now, or at least going on hold for christmas, and to enable gbutt to get back to his family and friends in scotland. i bet his mum will give him a slap for getting her so worried, and then a big hug for being ok and just the gerry we have all come to love.
  22. sue from london again, someone said you should keep out of the water now, but i nearly drowned as a youngster and the first thing the lifeguard did after he saved me was to make me go back in. although i was very scared, he said it had to be done, so i wouldnt fear the water again. ethe other thing is someone else said get someone to do your stunts for you, but that wouldnt be you, as we know you love todo these things, but it wasnt even a stunt it was just an unfortunate event, that thankfully ended with you being ok.
  23. sue - greatest london fan - thank god you are ok. i just came over all sick and worried when i heard this news. be careful gbutt, because you have a lot of fans out there who care about you. i think its time now to call it quits and go home to scotlAND for the holidAYS for a nice long break. MERRY CHRISTMAS GBUTT
  24. sue grint - greatest london fan - i hope he is going to receive one for his portrayal of sam childers in machine gun preacher. he and the fim were bloody brilliant. if he doesnt, there is no justice in the world, and what does he have to do to win something. he covers all genres in his films. anyway he doesnt have to win awards, as he knows as fans think he is great with or without the bling. it would just be nice for him to be recogised for his excellent work that he does occasionally.
  25. i hope this time they take a decent one of gbutt, because in the past, theyve always put a crappy one forward for any shows. sue grint - greatest london fan
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