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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GBUTT from sue grint your greatest london fan. - i expect you have been filming today and are celebrating right now in la. then you can sleep it off actually on your birthday. have a fantastic time. another great year for your films and for filming two more. mgp, i saw twice, and it was bloody brilliant and your performance was fantastic - your best yet.
  2. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan i agree with the other fans above, that this film isnt getting enough coverage. ive seen it advertised on sky but not normal tv. ive spotted posters at a railway station near me. theres no advertisements on the buses. is it because it isnt a big budget film and not a large distributor dealing with it. i was lucky enough to see a prescreening of it a few weeks ago at my local cinema and it was bloody brilliant and gbutt was fantastic in it. his best performance todate, i think. it is a truly mindblowing story of one mans mission. i was glued to it from the start as gerry is such a bad arse especially at the beginning. a truly nasty piece of work, and i couldnt believe that i was watching gerry, as we have seen him shout at persians and cut them to pieces, but this was so real and true life, different from anything else he has done. i always go and see gbutts films twice before waiting for the dvd to come out and although its advertised as being out tomorrow, wed. 2 nov. i have checked and it is only on certain cinemas over the country. near where i live it is on at three. it isnt even on at the cinema i saw the prescreening. i am actually travelling up to london, leicester square, the empire, to watch it for the afternoon performance, as i have to work in the evening tomorrow and cant wait to see it again. its strange because the empire was where i was standing outside, when i met gbutt at tut premiere in aug.09. i have actually been lucky enough to have met him four years running since the 300 premiere in 07 with the exception of this year as he didnt have a big premiere for mgp. i cant understand this about the film world. its like with butterfly on a wheel, i still prefer that name, it went straight to tv and then dvd, missed out on the cinema altogether and it was bloody brilliant, and again gbutt was fantastic in it. has someone up there just got it in for gbutts films. its like 300, massively popular, grossed upteen millions of dollars, new way of filming especially for zack synder and didnt get a mention at the oscars that year, thats why i am always disheartened about films and where they are going.
  3. i thought the same, that although they got some things slightly wrong, it was a brilliant article. its only us, truly hardened gbutt fans, that would have notice this, as i think we sometimes know more about gerry than himself. was this article done when gbutt came over to london this month for the premiere of machine gun preacher at prebaftas at the mayfair hotel? SUE GRINT - GBUTTS GREATEST LONDON FAN
  4. i think gerry looks a lot younger with the longer hair look, and i believe he was growing it for mgp, coriolanus, playing the field and mavericks. i took quite a long time to get used to it, although i did like it when he played johnnie in the jury and it reminds me a bit of that. i think the beard is getting a bit long. i dont like him clean shaven,as i think its too severe for his large face. i like a bit of stubble. ideally, the best hes looked, in my opinion, was lac premiere in glasgow nov. 09, and nims island premiere in los angeles apr. 08 i also liked his size then as well, a little bit more stocky than he is now. i think he is too slim, and hope he doesnt lose anymore. it will be great to see gbutt in another thriller again, as lac was the last one, and that was five films ago. i love the way he changes his roles up and keeps as on our toes. i was lucky enough to see a prescreening of mgp the other week, and thought it was brilliant and gbutt gave a fantastic performance as sam, going through all the emotions you can have, with anger, sadness, loving and nastiness, and showing us a completely different side of his acting skills. both me and my friend who saw it also, but at another cinema, said the same thing, that you get so involved in this story, that although gbutt is great in a lot of his films, you forget you are watching him, because it is such an involved roll for him and involved storyline. i am looking forward to going again when it comes out on general release on 2 nov. as i always watch gbutts films twice at the cinema before waiting for the dvd. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  5. i saw this film last night and it was brilliant. gbutt gave a fantastic performance. his best yet. the story was amazing and to think this is still going on today, as it was a true story of one mans plight. there was quite a few funny bits in the film which lightened it up a bit, but some real blowminding parts as well. also a lot of violence on gbutt side at the beginning when he is this bad biky drugy person who then fights to find god. i encourage everyone to go to see this film as you will not be disappointed. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  6. i have just been to a prescreening at my local cinema of machine gun preacher and it was brilliant and gbutt gave a fantastic performance, the best ever. it was a very strong mindblowing film with touches of humour, sadness, terror all rolled into one great 2 hours. at the end of it, you come away not quite believing that its a true story and that this horror is still happening. well done to everyone who has managed to bring this film to the public eye. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  7. i recorded the 2 am version from usa as it was too late to watch, and then i watched and videoed the 8 pm version as well and they were both the same. the piece missing was the last part about girls which was extremely funny and was missing from gals recordings. as i said this happened with the jay leno recording as well, and seems to happen each time, that theres parts missing from the actual show and gals recording of it. it doesnt matter i was just wondering why this happens. the interviews where both brilliant and being shown in uk means i can tape them on my videos to keep. while i am on do we know if gbutt will be attending the london film festival for coriolanus next week. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan greatest london fan.
  8. i have just watched gbutt on piers morgan from sky which was recorded early this morning, and then watched him on the gals recording, and lots of it are missing. why is this, it happens quite a lot. it was the same when he was on jay leno the other week. bits from the sky versions interview, were missing from gals version can this be explained, because i would be very cross if i hadnt got sky and just relied on your versions, as i would be missing out on a lot of it. bye the way the interview was brilliant, and he looked so well and hot, as in sexy, not opposite of cold, if you know what i mean. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  9. do we know if gbutt will be attending that evening of coriolanus as he has his new film just about to start shooting in malibu, california. does anyone know at gals, especially as he secretly arrived in london the other week, without anyone knowing that he was coming. please advise, as i dont want to rearrange my job to come and see him, if he isnt going to attend that night. it would be nice if someone could give me the heads up. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  10. I just seen pics on JustJared.... If i';d have known i;d have been there. God I hate being so late with information! i emailed the website and they said that even they didnt know gbutt was going to be in london over those few days. it was a very small screening of mgp for bafta members only. i was really upset, as i have met him and taught to him every year since 2007 and was longing for another meeting. never mind, our man, i apologise, my man, will be around for a long time, so there will be plenty more premieres to go to in the future. sue grint - greatest london fan
  11. Thank you Barb. Sounds like he got a bit emotional again from some of the Tweets going round. me and my friend see gbutt at all the london premieres and we are very annoyed that we were told about this visit. i check two of gbutts websites twice daily and there was no mention of a london premiere anywhere. how come this has happened. sue - gbutts greatest london fan
  12. that was a fantastic interview, as usual, by bonnie. gbutt looked great, although, i do hope he doesnt get any thinner, as he is beginning to look rather thin especially in the face. i loved the way, when explaining the film, and his acting in it, you could tell he was getting very emotional. gbutt really gets into his roles, and thats why we love him so much. its funny, i was just remembering when i was at school. i had a terrible crush on our religious instruction teacher. he went on to become a preacher, so that says it all, doesnt it! gbutt have a fantastic time in toronto at the tiff, especially as you are celebrating not just one film but two. way to go gerry -sue- gbutts greatest london fan
  13. do we know when it will be coming to the uk as i have been looking forward to this film for ages, and its been a long time since we have seen gbutt in a new film. from watching the clips i can see why gbutt has been getting very upset talking about the film. its unbelievable the things that have happened there, especially to the children. it looks like he does a terrific job in this role and portrays sam, himself, magnificently. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan
  14. sue - gbutts greatest london fan i have been looking forward to this film for ages, and watching the trailer, which was really brilliant, i am hoping it comes to the uk soon. i know we usually get the films a bit later than in usa. at first, i did wonder about gerrys accent, but after awhile you get used to it. its just that hes got such a strong gorgeous scottish brogue, you notice straight away that hes had to use another accent. ive always wondered, why, he cant stay scottish. you dont hear that sean connery, pierce brosnan, ewan mcgregor and other irish and scottish actors having to use different accents, and that annoys me. sean connery even played a russian in a couple of films and still used his natural voice. it was, in the past said, that people wouldnt be able to understand him, but there are numerous accents used from all over the world and even within the same countries, and not many actors have to change. gbutt should be able to use his own accent. its hard enough having to act and perform your best, without worrying about your voice as well. in poto he had to speak and sing with a english accent, which i cant understand as he was living in france, so it wouldnt have mattered and you would have thought if anything he would have had a french accent, so that doesnt make sense.
  15. i am really looking forward to this film, one because its about time we see gbutt in an action film again, and two its a true and magnificent true story, which always is good, when you know it really is going on. i think the poster is great, but i have been always partial to the gamer poster myself. sue - gbutts greatest london fan
  16. sue - londons greatest fan ive always wanted to learn to surf since holidaying in cornwall, uk and just standing watching them from the shoreline. alas, i never did, as you really have to live at the seaside and practice regularly to get the art, and as i lived and live still in london that was that. i alway watch it on tv as i am fascinated by it, so you can imagine my interest in watching him practice and practice for his new film. its such a shame this film isnt being filmed next year, as i have just booked my holiday to the hawaiian islands, and among the attractions i will be going to the north shore to watch the professionals surf, and on the way back stop in long beach for two nights in november. seeings gerry starts the film sept. this year he will still be filming in november. thats twice now when gbutts been filming, i have missed it by a year. it happened in vancouver 2006, when he was filming b.o.a.w. i went there a year later. bad timing.
  17. sue - greatest london fan do we know if he is coming to london for a premiere for coronolanus or machine gun preacher at all, and also when you say machine gun preacher will show more 30 september, does that include uk, or will we have to wait until next year. its been ages since he came over here for a premiere, march 2010, and his last film was how to train your dragon, also 2010. we want more of gbutt please
  18. that is amazing. it will help so many people in east africa who greatly need it. well done gbutt for taking the time to come all the way over this side of the pond and to fullfil a lifetime dream to play for your beloved celtic. you looked so honoured that evening and were enjoying yourself to the full. it was a great evening to watch, and i never watch football at all. well done to everyone involved. sue - gbutts greatest london fan
  19. sue - gbutt greatest london fan i think he is looking a bit too slim now and personally like him with a bit more meat on him, but thats my point of view. i never watch football, but i sat through it all last night and gerry nearly got a goal at the beginning. he was so desperate to get one for his dream team since he was a kid. he managed to stay on through three quarters of the match which, considering he isnt a sportsmen, was brilliant, and the other celebrities were only on and off for a short time, except nick from westlife. he looked like he was having a great time and to be able to go onto the pitch in the green hoops of celtic, his all time fav. club since childhood was, i should think, a great feeling. also it shows it meant so much to him as he travelled all across the pond from l.a. to be included in this brilliant evening of football to help the people of africa. gbutt supports a lot of charities which shows, what a considerate person he is and he shares his well deserved wealth with the less fortunate. the whole programme was great, and ive alway liked billy connolly and it was probably great for gbutt to see him again as they have starred in two films together but quite a few years ago.
  20. Woohoo! Well at least he has a nice David Beckham figure to show off now! The downside is it's more trans-Atlantic travelling again, but maybe he can spend a bit more time with his folks this time
  21. omg, i know gbutts had his films at the tiff before, but two at the same time. way to go gerry thats fantastic. i was hoping he might have been coming to london to premiere these two films as well, or at least one of them, like he has for the past four years running. i think it might be next year, as they dont come out in the uk until then, so i will have to hold on a bit longer to meet him again. i am having withdrawal symptoms as i have met gbutt since 2007, every year except this year, for 300, rocknrolla, the ugly truth and the bounty hunter, and have got autograph and birthday kiss, a hug and i kissed him, spoke to him for a little bit and got a photo with him respectively. sue - londons best fan
  22. i think that gbutt seems to be great in anything he turns his hands to, but the rom coms he does are usually, if you notice, after hes done a very demanding film just to lighten things up a bit. he did ps i love you after a very physically demanding 300 and mentally demanding boaw. he did the ugly truth after a demanding gamer, and tbh after another very demanding film with lac. also, he finished two very demanding films last year corolanius and machine gun preacher and then did a lighthearted playing the field, to unwind. hes got to have a bit of fun as well as the hard working ones. because he does so many different genres, i find it hard to pick a favourite. i can pick a favourite of each category, but i am still very partial to dear frankie and beowulf and grendel, but if i had to really pick one film as my best, which is remarkably hard, it would be tut, as that is my cup of tea. i couldnt believe some of the things that were said, but that was the whole point of it, and as long as you are very open minded and dont mind the really close to the mark talk you would enjoy it, but i wouldnt take my mother to it. sue - londons bestest fan
  23. im glad gbutt made it to his friends wedding. what a gorgeous place to get married. i hope he has a lovely time and manages to travel to scotland to visit his family and friends up there, seeings hes on this side of the pond, and he always seems to do this whenever hes fairly close by, before starting his next film in september, maverick. ive been loving the surfing photos we have seen, and i couldnt make up my mind between the two of him coming out of the sea, for my screen saver, so i alternate them each week, so i get full enjoyment out of both of them. hes been practicing hard on the surfboard, but thats gbutt, whenever he has to learn a new thing for his latest film he gets stuck right into it full pelt. i was hoping he was going to tie it in with a premiere or two in leicester square, london for coronolius and machine gun preacher, but maybe that will be later on in the year, as they dont come out until next spring and this autumn respectively. i am having very bad withdrawal symtoms as i have been lucky enough to have met and spoken to gbutt every year since 07 when his life changed for the better forever with 300. sue - londons biggest fan sue- greatest london fan
  24. congratulations gbutt on another award for your talents on the award for best actor at the ischia film festival. i hear on the grapevine that he might be nominated for an oscar next march for his portrayal of sam childers in machine gun preacher. i am still waiting to hear if he will be coming to london for a premiere for coronlanus or machine gun preacher later this year. i am getting terrible withdrawal symtoms as i have met him four years running since 300 in 07, and i have invented a new disease called gerrylightous. the surfing photos are keeping me going as they are really hot, especially the two of him coming out of the sea. rock on gerry - the love of your life, sue londons greatest fan
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