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  1. i am glad gbutt is ready for some more relaxing time after just finishing playing the field. i noticed he is staying at a national park in arkansal for some well earned r&r and riding his motorbike, which is so cool. he can spend a few days there before returning to new york to do this awards presentation and home. i do hope hes going to be doing premieres for at least one of his films from last year. me and my friend are waiting patiently to hear if he is coming to london for coronlius or machine gun preacher, before starting filming again for maverick later in october. we have seen him every year in leicester square since 300 back in 07 and are having terrible withdrawal symtoms and need to see him asap.
  2. Gerry always seems to be in great shape. He stays healthy most of the time, for which I am grateful. I want to see himaround for a very long time. Love him absolutely, Sandy Katy,You see the real Gerry in his videos, and even more so in the earlier ones. He has become a little more reserve lately and not nearly as outspoked as he used to be. He used to talk about himself a lot more. People have said so many bad things and made up so much bad stuff that he doesn't open us like he used to. Try to watch the early Leno and Craid Ferguson interviews. he was so open and honest back then that you could not help but fall in total and complete love with him, especially when he talked about being so self conscious as a youngster. He is just such a precious creature. Love him absolutely, Sandy
  3. i think he looks good in his suits, especially the lighter coloured ones, but most hot in his casual wear, jeans, combats or shorts. i think he should be no. 1, because it should go to someone who doesnt even try to be fashionable, just is, rather than someone who tries to hard and has to always play it cool.
  4. ive already written once before, but i had to write again, i have just seen photos of gbutt on the set of playing the field and he looks mega hot. he has still got the longer hair look, but tidied up, and he has, thankfully lost all of his beard and moustache look and gone back to scruff. well done gbutt. he looks so great that i feel that i could jump on a plane, all the way from uk, to give him a big hug. i am missing him greatly, as i have met him every year since 07 in london at the premiere of various films and are due another visit sometime this year hopefully. i have got gbutt withdrawal symtoms. its a new disease ive invented. gbuttalitous.
  5. im with the fan that loved gbutt as beowulf. thats my favourite time with him with long hair and a beard. but normally i like him with just scruff and slightly shorter hair, not crew cut or anything, but at least its tidier now and dyed again, as hes too young to have to put up with grey hair. my perfect gbutt look is at the premiere of nims island in l.a. in 08, and law abiding citizen premiere in glasgow in 09, absolutely gorgeous. i just want to wish gbutt good times and luck with his new film, playing the film, and forgive him for not taking me up on my invitation to travel with me to new zealand for the month of march, which by the way was fantastic and he missed his chance, but i suppose the filming industry wouldnt put the filming on hold not even for me. oh well, maybe another time, hey gerry.
  6. i think its great they are doing another httyd. i thought the first one was brilliant, and all the cast were so funny. i suppose gbutt had to think about it as it takes such a long time to film, three years, he mentioned, but im so glad he decided to go ahead with it. it was great that its been nominated for the animation section of the award ceremonies, but upset to see, so far, at the golden globes and baftas, that it was pipped at the post by toy story 3 each time. i will keep everything crossed for the oscars.
  7. gbutt looked super hot at the BAFTAs yesterday, and his usual funny self teasing jonathan ross as he presented the best actress award. he looked so different than, when years ago in 05 at the golden globes, when he presented with emmy rossum, he was so shy and fidgety. hes come a long way since then and can now enthall an audience. way to go gbutt. have a good time tonight at the coronlanus premiere at the berlin film festival.
  8. i knew gerry was learning to surf in l.a., but i didnt realise it was especially for a movie about surfing. thats cool. i remember as a child on holiday in cornwall, where they surf a lot in england, watching for hours the surfers. the waves werent anywhere as big as l.a. and definitely not hawaai, but it fascinated me, and i always wanted to learn, but you have to dedicate so much time to it, and we live in london, so that was out of the question, but seeings gbutt lives a lot in l.a. he should have time to prefect it enough for the film. good luck with it anyway, it looks like its a lot of fun learning and you look double hot trying. sue grint - londons greatest fan
  9. dont forget butterfly on a wheel premiered there at the same time in berlin as 300 back in 07. it was a double whammy for gbutt. i hope this year will go better for him, as now he has become a top actor and his craft should be appreciated more.sue grint - greatest london fan
  10. Hee hee - Gerry's no dummy. i wish me and my mum could come, as she loves colin firth and she is 88, and i am besotted by gbut
  11. funny voice, thats gerrys gorgeous scottish brogue would you know. well done gbutt for getting recognise for your films of last year. what makes me laugh is the fact that ever since 300, he has 2/3 films out at the box office each year, which shows what a popular actor he has become. what other actor can say that, and also finds time to do charity stuff and presenting and producing and premieres to boot. way to go gerry!
  12. Now that's what I'm talking about!! But funny voice??????????????????????? Frannie
  13. i wasnt sure of the longer look gerry at first, but its growing on me, excuse the pun, but only if he pushes it off his face like now. when it hangs forward it looks scruffy. he looked really hot and sexy at the globes and i managed to stay up till 1.30 am, england time, to try and see if he was on the red carpet. i have to still watch the rest of it later. i was keeping everything crossed for the best animation award, for how to train your dragon, which i personally thought was brilliant, but it was up against some very strong competition. at least it got nominated. ive watched some of the award ceremony, way to go colin, as im british and brilliant as always ricky. sue - greatest london fan ETA: i forgot of course christian as well, way to go england
  14. its a great clip, gerry looked so funny dancing along to eric. im glad he was having a good time with his pals. looking forward to the singing clip, as i personally think, gerrys got a fantastic voice. sue - greatest london fan
  15. hes having a nice long holiday time this time what with scotland, urguary and now brazil. i wonder if he will meet up with rodrigues, a very nice guy, i met him at the 300 premiere in london. i would split a room with gerry anytime if i was lucky enough, no chance. have a great time gbutt, then its back to reality cos feb. theres the coronolus premiere in berlin, then starting filming in louisana, usa for slide, more producing and of course the pinkerton and burns maybe next year. busy boy. hopefully meet you again, for the fifth time in leicester square this year at one or two premieres of coronolus or machine gun preacher. looking forward to it and this time get a photo of you and me, you buggered it up last year as you took my camera and didnt hold the button in long enough and it didnt take, i was gutted, but at least when ive met you before ive managed to get an autograph, hug, kiss and given you a kiss, so im not doing bad, so the photo the last thing im likely to get from you, worse luck ha ha ha. sue - london greatest fan
  16. i agree with sandy, this film was absolutely brilliant and tested gerry to the limits. i think it is his best performance to date and showed us all his acting talents in one film. i agree hollywood should notice him more but i never understand how all these awards work and who decides and how they decide who is legible for awards. i dont care, and i dont think gerrys that bothered either, although its always nice to be recognised for your work, but gerry loves his work so much and does so many different genres, awards are only a tiny part of it. i personally cant understand how 300 did mega well and brought in so much money over the world because it was so popular with audiences, that it didnt even get a mention on the oscars, not necessarily for gerry, but zack, the original novel, the graphics, how it was filmed, there were so many categories to choose from. we will see how how to train your dragon gets on this year, as i have heard its been nominated in the best animation section. sue - greatest london fan
  17. OMG, i have just woken up to this, and i have a huge lump in my heart, and have gone all unnecessary. gerry looks absolutely gorgeous in it and like some of the other fans above and mentioned, they should have put a lot more of it in the original ad., but i suppose there was a time factor involved. he looked so natural and his normal charming, boyish self and acting us gerry as we know and adore him. i always thought his ad. was so short and jumpy. for instance, the ad. ryan reynolds was in seemed more stable and wasnt jumping from one thing to another so quickly. anyway this behind the scenes was unbelievable and confirms how absolutely great gerry is and why i adore him so much. sue - londons greatest fan
  18. thats gerry all over always happy to have a photo with people, sign autographs and generally have a good chat. i notice that a lot at his premieres ive been to in london. he tries to see as many fans as time will let him and generally has a fun time with everyone. after all he respects and appreciates his fans greatly .
  19. You mean you didn't like seeing Gerry in the buff? Are you mad, woman? If Gerry was willing to show off some of what he had, his leading lady could be obliged to do the same, I suppose. Your question is interesting, however. I'm not sure if you meant "who" in the sense of who would show that in the scene or "who" DOES that. But you are right! We want more bare Gerry in any future sex scenes with the women fully clothed. (Or no woman at all!) Amen, sister!! Delene Delene, you're a riot! No, I was just fine seeing what we could see of Gerry, but if they showed her breasts, why couldn't we have something frontal from him!!!! Come on Ger-bear, let's add some shots of that beautiful body in this next film, aye? What I meant by "who does that" is when did you last smile and lick your lips during . . . . . Sorry, Ger-bear! Hugs, Burma to fan 28, i think it looks better when gerrys half naked. its far more sexy and leaves your imagination to wander. i like the bit in the bounty hunter when hes just come out of the shower and is wrapping his towel around him, that gets my temperature up every time i watch it, and i cant help thinking gr r r r . the other favourite one is him being arrested in lac when he walks out with his jeans really low down on his waist thats just so sexy. right i have to stop down as getting very hot and bothered.
  20. this is good news for gerry fans. i think gerry has to do a few comedies, which i personally think hes great at, to unwind from the more intense films he does. people mock tbh, but it was just an ordinary film, i think great chemistry between milo and jen by the way, more hostility than romance which was the chemistry between abby and mike, but just to unwind after such a brilliant, very involved film like lac. he has just finished corolanus and machine gun preacher which were also very involved films and now this one to unwind and have a bit of comedy and fun with. he likes to balance his films out so theres not so much pressure all the time. sue grint - londons greatest fan
  21. i hope london has a premiere of it or machine gun preacher, which will be a bit later in the year, which will be good as i am in new zealand for the whole of march on holiday next year and i dont want to miss gbutt. i have met him 4 times before, but you cant get too much of this man. sue grint - londons greatest fan
  22. gerry looks very mysterious in this poster, and i am looking forward to this film greatly, as i dont really know the story and it seems a very usual adaptation to the original. sue grint - londons greatest fan
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