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  1. i wasnt too sure about gerrys appearance with his long hair and beard, but it works brilliantly in this ad. and he looks so hot and sexy. he looks like he had a lot of fun and its something so different to the norm for him to do, and a complete break from acting and producing. well done gbutt. i hope now though he cuts his hair and goes back to his stubble where i think he looks the best, but thats me, and my opinion doesnt count, worse luck. sue grint (best london fan) i wasnt too sure about gerrys appearance with his long hair and beard, but it works brilliantly in this ad. and he looks so hot and sexy. he looks like he had a lot of fun and its something so different to the norm for him to do, and a complete break from acting and producing. well done gbutt. i hope now though he cuts his hair and goes back to his stubble where i think he looks the best, but thats me, and my opinion doesnt count, worse luck. sue grint (best london fan)
  2. i bet this really touched gerrys heart strings as he is also very involved with kkc and more recently artists for peace and justice. both these charities are to do with helping children. also to present this award to a fellow scotsman must have been a great honour and brought a tear to his eyes. way to go scotland!
  3. I thought he wrote it too. I thought he wrote all of his songs and most of everyone else's.He is a great song writer. I'd love to hear Gerry do any of Barry's songs. His voice is great for most of them. I'd love to hear Gerry do some soft Beatle's too. Love him absolutely, Sandy i really pleased gerry had a fantastic time at his birthday party amongst a lot of friends. he looked really cute with cake all over his face, but thats gerry for you, a big kid. i dont know if anyone else has got young persons guide to being a rock star, but he sings pretty good in that also. the words are n naff but his voice is good. sue grint (greatest london fan)
  4. i was shocked at the way gerry looked the other day on the artists for peace and justice with hugh jackman because he looked so scruffy with his hair hanging over his face it was just awful. i now have noticed he has brushed it back off his face and that does look hot now, even though i prefer him with shorter hair. i still would like him to go back to stubble as the beard is getting a bit long for my liking. wouldnt he have to be clean shaven for his l' oreal advert, or has that been done already. i know he was in paris filming it earlier this month, but i havent seen any of the adverts on english tv yet. i hope gerry had a super cool birthday in new york. its funny this time last year he was in london and glasgow for his birthday. he is often filming when it is his birthdays so he often spends it in various cities around the world. i, myself have celebrated mine twice away from home, once my first time to usa, second time on a caribbean cruise, and next year i will be celebrating it the other side of the world in new zealand. sue grint - greatest london fan
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GBUTT, another fantastic year for you has passed. so much has happened and i wish you all the best for the next year in all that you do, and hope to meet you again in london if machine gun preacher has a premiere there in the summer, for the fifth year running. i have to have my yearly gerry fix. sue grint - greatest london fan
  6. i think gerry prefers new york to l.a. as he has less paparazzi chasing him down, and its just normally his fans who just want to talk to him as a normal person would. i went to new york a few christmases ago and although it was bloody cold it was great. gerry goes home to scotland every christmas and then somewhere else for new year. i hope hes not on a diet this year, like other years, when he has to watch what he eats, as he always says he loves his trifles, christmas puds and chocolates which all come along with christmas. for my christmas i would like him to cut his hair a bit, get his stubble back and put on a little bit of weight, but thats my opinion and mine does count, worse luck. sue grint - greatest london fan
  7. i think he looks his best in rocknrolla, the bounty hunter, the ugly truth and gamer, although in gamer his stubble was getting a bit long. i dont like him clean shaven or with a full beard like hes got now. i do love the hairy chest thought. i find that extremely sexy especially when he has his shirt undone a little bit to tease us women. i used to like his longer hair back when he was in his early 30s,like as jonnie and creedy, but i now think it looks a bit messy and prefer a little bit shorter now hes that little bit older. sue grint - londons greatest fan
  8. i think it must be harder for celebrities to fall in love, as a lot of people would take advantage of their fame and money, and you wouldnt know whether people loved you for yourself or your position in society. the other thing is though you think that celebrities would have all the choices in the world, especially if you have all the charm and good looks gerry has, but not everyone has the same tastes. i myself, fancy the socks off him, and lots of other garments, but we wont go there, but what i adore about gerry, a lot of people dont. he loves his fans the most at the moment, but it would be nice, especially for him in the future, to find someone to share his life with.
  9. knew gerry was a knight in shining armour. well done gbutt. sue grint - londons greatest fan
  10. sue grint - greatest london fan i thought he looked great. i think he was trying to be eddie izzard. at least he could walk around new york without anyone noticing him and paparazzi free.
  11. i think he looks like eddie izzard, and at least he wont get recognised and can walk around new york paparazzi free.

  12. i have just received my copy of how to train your dragon and it was well worth the wait it was bloody brilliant. the action was breathtaking and lots going on all the time. the scenery was spectacular and hearing gerrys voice come out of stoick was amazing. i have heard it before in black freighter which was also good, but this had something different to it. i never saw this film at the cinema and usually i go and watch gerrys films twice within a couple of weeks of each other, but because the cinema would have been full of kids, i thought that would spoil it for me. i usually go when its fairly quite and i can appreciate the film, and, of course, gerry better. its like my own personal performance for me only. i also like craig fergussons, gobber. i thought he was hilarious in it, and perhaps the funniest. all the main characters were great, especially the kids when they were in dragon training. i couldnt stop laughing. this film is for everyone as it is so clever the way it was done. no wonder it took 3 years to make, as there was so much in it. well done dreamworks.
  13. gerry looked so hot there and was quite overcome by the whole experience. he looked gobsmacked at how many people were there, and i expect he made their day too. he looks just like johnnie in the jury with his long following hair and much younger then his years. i like him when he looks older and i am older than him, and if he looks younger it makes me sound like a cradle snatcher. i hope gerry is enjoying all the perks of being a superstar because he well deserves it. sue - greatest london fan
  14. im glad this has at long last come about, but i suppose they had to wait for a slot in gerrys filming schedule. he looks great, but i thought he would have had his hair cut just a little bit, but i love the stubble, and always have. he looks petrified in a couple of the shots, but i dont like heights even, and you wouldnt have got me up there, but i suppose if gerry was waiting there for me, that would be a very different story and i would have p lucked up the courage somehow. sue-greatest london fan of all times
  15. i thought he might have had his hair cut just a little bit shorter, but im glad the stubble is still there. he looks petrified in some of the shoots. i would too, as i dont like heights so you wouldnt get me up there, but i suppose if gerry was waiting for me there, that would make a very bit difference.

  16. i think its great that gerry hasnt had to contend with paparazzi in south africa. it makes a great change for him because i know he and jen had so much trouble with them when they were filming the bounty hunter. its nice to know what gerry is up to but we dont have to have photos all the time. about what some of the fans have said previously about meeting gerry and going to visit him on set, and hanging around for ages to see him. i have been to four premieres in london now of gerrys and have been waiting in the front of the barriers for hours on end, twice in the winter which was freezing but hes worth the wait for the hour or two he takes to meet and greet his fans, and twice in the summer, which is much better as he spends a little more time going around the hundreds of people that have come out to see him. if you get to the front of the barriers its the best. i have met and spoken, if you call it speaking, to gerry four times, but i am fine and hold it together as hes coming towards me but when he gets to me i just lose it and turn into this other being and come out with nonsence. thats what he does to me. i first met him at the 300 premiere and it was on my birthday. i had taken with me a blank birthday card and asked him if he would write something in it, he was so nice and wrote sue, happy birthday, gerry b. i then and i dont know what came over me asked for a birthday kiss, and got one. i had stubble rash on my cheek for days. i met him next time at the rocknrolla premiere and got a hug and i kissed him this time. the ugly truth premiere was next but i only managed to say something but not touch. lastly this year was the bounty hunter premiere and i was determined to get a photo with him, so i plucked up the courage to ask him to take the photo as my hands were freezing as i had been standing there for 8 hours in march. he took the camera, we were cheek to cheek, and i was in my element. i was so excited and had come over like a blob of jelly shaking and presumed the photo took. i got home and attached it to my website only to find out that he hadnt taken it properly. i was gutted and now have to wait until next time. the thing is at a gerry premiere you cant get everything on the first meeting, its either autograph, hug or kiss, or photo together, but he is so obliging and wants to please all his fans and cant do enough for you. they are always so much fun and a great atmosphere and i now meet up with two friends i have met at the premieres everytime he comes to london. sue -greatest london fan
  17. this is ridiculous, the only ones that would have voted for the vampire stars would only be under 18s, and how can you call robert sexy hes creepy, but if you like that sort of thing and it turns you on. gerry should have been no. 1, hes a man, the others are barely out of short trousers. most of the under 18s who probably voted for them wouldnt be reading that sort of magazine anyway. what a croc! SUE GRINT (greatest london fan)
  18. i agree that the critics are always putting his films down. but the proof is in the pudding. his films do really well at the box office, and they always take in a lot more then they cost to make. he is a very versatile actor and brings an incredible talent to the movie world. as well as being a really nice guy, ive met him 4 times before, he should be left alone to get on with what hes great at. sue - greatest london fan
  19. unlike delene earlier wrote, i think this will roll off gerrys tongue so easily. he swears already with great ease, which i personally think is great and it doesnt upset me in the least, so this role is brilliant for him to portray. he does look really strange in it, but it is funny considering he is 6'2".
  20. i agree with sandy, the last fan, that gerry takes on these interesting roles, regardless of the fare, because he believes in their cause or something just triggers off in his mind about the story. we do love him for that as a lot of other actors go just for the pounds, or bucks should i say. some of gerrys lessor paid films are among my favourites of his, especially, dear frankie and beowulf and grendel, they are up there with the ugly truth, ps i love you, rocknrolla and of course law abiding citizen. i think that this is such a unbelievable story that sam can divide his time between the church and the children of africa. to go from being a nogooder, bad drug dealer to this man of god and to do such brilliant work out in africa is so commendable to him. i am sure gerry can take on this role brilliantly and bring this unique story to the rest of the world as only gerry knows how, and also as someone else mentioned just because they are a small fare doesnt mean the film wont match up to other larger funded films around. sue (LONDON GREATEST FAN)
  21. i am so amazed that gerry has found the time amongst his busy schedule to join his fellow charity workers down in haiti. he had all the premieres for the bounty hunter and how to train your dragon as well as numerous interviews, tv appearances and is due to start his new film in serbia this week. its so refreshing to meet a star who remembers his meagre roots and can turn his well being and good fortune to help other people less fortunate. i think it shows us what a lovely and caring person gerry is when it comes to these lovely causes he believes in so strongly. this one as well as kkc which he has followed for quite a while now. all this travelling, i wonder if he gets frequent airmiles at all, as since christmas, its been scotland, aspen, barbados, rio, london, new york, l.a., then paris, berlin,madrid, back to paris back up to scotland, then haiti then serbia. probably a few i missed as well and thats in a matter of less than 4 months. i hope he hasnt burnt himself out and has found time to relax a bit and had time for himself. i wish him good luck with his next couple of films and look forward to seeing him again, probably not until next year now, back in london. i have met him 4 times so far and cant get enough of him. bless you gerry from your greatest london fan.
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