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  1. i agree with the other person, sorry i forgot her name, that gerrys best performance by far is as clyde in law abiding citizen. he was very good and funny as milo in the bounty hunter, but clyde was such an intense and in depth character and gerry gave an amazing performance as him, and i think in this role gerry really outdid himself. milo was very much as we think gerry is normally and i dont think he had to work too hard for this role, other than the physical side, but most of it just came naturally. the best kiss i think was in the ugly truth as they could cuddle and caress each other while kissing, whereas in the bounty hunter the bars got in the way.
  2. i had mixed thoughts about this film. i didnt enjoy it as much as tut, i didnt think it was as funny, but it was more action, were as tut was funny in the verbal situations. i thought the scenes which jen and gerry were in were hilarious, and i thought jen was really good as we dont normally see her in such a physical film, or gerry in a comedy action film. we saw it a little bit in rocknrolla but not much. i thought they were brilliant together. i didnt think too much of the storyline and also i didnt think the other people in the film were that funny, but there were a few exceptions. its hard to explain about the film. i did see it twice, but thats a thing i do with gerry films, but its a bit like my thoughts on gamer, there were parts i liked but overall it wasnt a favourite film. i didnt come out of the cinema thinking wow, but ok it was quite good, which is what i thought with tbh, unlight lac and tut where i came out and thought bloody brilliant. i agree gerry looked gorgeous in this a bit between, one two and mike and my favourite so far. i thought jen and gerry had great chemistry but you cant have great films all the time, even though, my man gerry is in it, and i think a true fan can take the not so good with the great stuff without getting touchy.
  3. getting really fed up with everyone pairing gerry off, particularly with jennifer aniston. as a great fan of gerrys i think they would make a lovely couple, but if the sparks not there, then best friends is the next best thing. the newspapers make me so cross as they only put what they think everyone wants to hear and to sell papers and magazines. today, after the premiere, in one of the papers it said they were at the golden globes kissing and cuddling but they were presenting. also they said they were both holidaying together, but failed to say there were a few extra friends there as well. if it upsets us fans then i dont know what it does to gerry and jen. hes said several time that hes happy single and enjoying himself. one day, maybe, he will find that one person to settle down with but until then he should be able to flirt and enjoy several girls affections like he was in rio at the carnival. bye the way, the premiere was fantastic. i manage to always get to them when they are in london, as i only live a few miles from the centre of london. gerry looked awesome as usual and jen looked very beautiful. it was extremely cold and i was there for ages so that i was at the front and could speak and get photos of gerry.
  4. gerry seemed to be enjoying himself on the red carpet and his usual playful self. i loved the interview with the young girl from precious. her words about gerry could have come from my lips. ha ha ha. he did looked a bit uneasy presenting the oscars. perhaps the honour of being up there for the first time was a bit too daunting for him. he obviously felt more comfortable again at the after party. i wondered if he did one of his party pieces, which hes so good at, by entertaining the table over some of his brilliant jokes and stories from his past. i could sit and listen to them all day long and night if i ever got the chance. from sue, his best london fan
  5. well done gerry. i expect youre so proud that you are finally making your mark in the film industry, i know i am. good luck and enjoy all the fun of that day and evening. hope to see you on 11th in london at the bounty hunter premiere.
  6. congratulations to everyone involved in this brilliant film. i saw it twice at the cinema and am at this moment waiting for my copy from the US which should come either next week or week after so then i can watch it as many times as i like. i give up with all that award nonsense as this is a fantastic film which scored very high on the scale for how well it should go, but so did 300 and that film was so different than anything else out there at that time, and no big awards were given to either. i just judge it myself and believe in that. i dont need to see awards given out to show how good a film is. xxxxxhxxxxxxoxxxxxxexxxxtxxx oxuxsxbxexixxcxxxx eisence.
  7. why is it that reporters not only get gerrys name wrong, but in the article in brazil about him not being able to do a gillette ad. because they wanted him to shave and he is growing his beard for his next film role, they cant even get his films right. they put the simple truth and code of conduct. whats this rubbish. it annoys me so much that after all his achievements in the last couple of years especially, and all his past roles before that they cant get their information correct. i presume he is going to have a king leonides hair and beard do in corolonius. im sorry if its petty to some, but it just gets my back up. getting back to gerry he looked very happy in rio and relaxed, and it was nice to see him with rodriques again. i met the both of them at the 300 premiere in london in 07 and chatted to them for a few minutes, and they were both really nice and friendly., and they both signed my birthday card and i got a birthday kiss from my man gerry as well and photos. it was great. gerry though, i wish you wouldnt wear these strange hats. i can cope with the baseball cap just, but the others just dont look right for you. thats only my personal opinion, but i dont want you wearing hats, sunglasses, unless desperately necessary etc. as i want to see that lovely natural face of yours as often as possible.
  8. this film does look really funny and the trailer gave us all a taste of whats to come. i especially love the way gerry uses his expressions with his eyes, he does this a lot in various films. its just that little look he gives, its so brilliant. i love him in comedies, but he is great in all genres, and my favourite film todate is the ugly truth, but because he does do so many different films it is hard to pick the best ones, because you have to pick the best one of each category. he said in an interview that jen was up for anything and it does show that in this film, it does look hilarious and i am really looking forward to seeing it. it is my birthday the week the film comes out in the uk, so that will be a nice treat and i always see gerry films twice within a few days of each other. on the trailer, my favourite bits were him getting him by all the golf balls as hes chasing jen over the golf range, the bit in the bed when she trying to undo the handcuffs and she has to climb on top of gerry, and the bit when jens zapping gerry in the bathroom, they are so funny it makes me laugh everytime i see it.
  9. im gerrys greatest london fan, and i received my copy of gamer a week ago as i always get them from the usa as i have a multiplayer dvd recorder at home, so i can see them first off as well. i have played it each day, thats what i do when i get the new dvds for about 2 weeks. this time its great though, because by the time ive got gamer out of my system, lac will have arrived and i start again. then on march 17 the bounty hunter is coming out at the cinemas in the uk and i always see gerrys films twice within a few days of each other, so feb. and march are going to be awesome for me and so much gerry juice, hows a girl going to cope. thats not including how to train my dragon with his gorgeous scottish accent. it is also my birthday on the 14 march and i am hoping also that gerry might be coming over to london for a premiere of the bounty hunter and bringing the lovely jen with him as well. i have met and greeted gerry at his last three premieres in london, the ugly truth, rocknrolla and 300, once each year and this year shouldnt be any different as i can cope, if i have to, only seeing him in the flesh, so to speak, once a year. heres hoping he can make it over amongst his heavy schedule. i know hes filming coronilus, always spell that wrong, in march, in ser bia so i wish him luck with that, and also all his work he is doing for the haiti relief charity. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, GERRY love from english sue.
  10. congratulations gerry on being scot of the year. i can imagine you still being it when youre seans age as hes still a great scot as well. i agree that you dont need the great awards for people to know how good you and your films are your true fans will always stick by you, as it should be.
  11. this will be a great film when it finally comes together, but its been an ongoing project since about 2002 and gerrys had plenty to do since then with other projects. about his nudity, he has bared all in 4 films already so thats nothing new, and i like him partially dressed so you can use your imaginationl, and the intrigue, so i find that so much sexier than having it on a plate entirely.
  12. gerry looked absolutely gorgeous and so dapper. i was hoping he wasnt going to shave unlike last year as he looks much better with a bit of scruff. i loved him on the red carpet talking about jennifer and saying he let her touch him all over. i was very jealous and i wouldnt have been able to keep my hands off him even. well i have had a couple of hugs from him and a kiss on the cheek and i have kissed him on the cheek as well at a couple of premieres. he was so funny joking around with the interviewer about keeping him waiting until after the break in all that rain. i thought he looked really great also presenting with jennifer. it reminded me back in 05 when he presented with emmy rossum on the golden globes as well.
  13. i thought gerry was in dubai for a few days, as the festival was on from the 9-16, but obviously he had work to do in l.a. last time he was there he managed to stay a few days, it must be hard travelling all that way for such a short time. he looked absolutely overwhelmed about the award, which is truly deserved and had a lot of fun with the students especially when it came to questions and answers. some began to get a bit personal, but he was so funny and played along with them in his usual unique way. the last girl asked him if he would marry her, and that was so funny as the other girls in the audience where shouting no. she also asked him what part of him is the best, and as all of us gerry fans know, hes the whole package inside and out. he looked very relaxed and well after all his travelling and events of november, and it looked as though his eye had cleared up. he looked really nice in his casual clothes which i, personally like him in better as i think it reflex on how you feel. if you have a suit and shirt on it looks so stuffy and you have to behave differently.
  14. i thought both of these interviews were so funny and amusing. gerry was so relaxed and the young interviewer was great with the questions and interacting with him. i especially enjoyed the second part about gerry being hard and soft in various films.
  15. this is fantastic news for gerry and i congratulate him fullheartedly. what with the gq award in munich, being able to have the premiere of lac in glasgow, the ambassador of glasgow for the film industry and now this award in dubai its unbelievable what a brilliant year you have had. each year seems to get better and better. these awards are really great as they are for you individually, and the films that have come out this year are for us, fans, so its a lovely mix. have a lovely time in dubai, as i know you love it there and i believe you are getting in a lot of relaxation and rest at the moment, what with being in london and now presumably going over to dubai pretty soon, and then supposedly up to scotland for the christmas celebrations. ENJOY YOURSELF AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND ANOTHER BRILLIANT NEW YEAR SOMEWHERE!
  16. this is a great honour for gerry and i am so pleased for him, it shows what respect he has now in glasgow, and how they hope he can help with their growing film industry. i expect gerry is so chuffed after receiving this appreciation from his home city and people.
  17. its my favourite gerry film todate, so i can obviously understand this. i was lucky enough to download the film off you tube before it was deleted, so i am always watching it. i cant wait for my proper copy to be delivered, any time now, as the real thing is always the best, as we can tell by gerry.
  18. i just wanted to say when talking about gerry having to drop his scottish brogue for an american accent, that some roles do call for it, like attila, phantom and ps i love you, but i agree with others is it always called for like in b.o.a.w. , tut, gamer etc. i must just mention that when i have been to america and canada , which has been a few times, everyone always asks me if i am australian. i am english, from london with a bit of a cockney accent. also i used to have a friend at work who came originally from wigan, north england and she had hardly an accent at all , but when i used to go home with her and she was with her mum and dad this strong northern accent just reappeared from nowhere, so once gerry gets home im sure his accent will just come back naturally. it always sounds strong when he is on craigs show and he said he had terrible trouble in tut when he was talking to him and having to keep up with his american accent, so it shows that no matter how many times he has to drop the scottish accent, it is still only just under the surface waiting to jump out. happy birthday gerry and enjoy all your various celebrations and i cant wait to see you on the jonathan ross show on friday as the two of you together is going to be awesome and so funny. i am also looking forward to lac on the 27th but a bit nervous as i am a bit of a whimp and i think i am going to be shocked a lot, but i still have to watch it for the thriller side of it and to see you in this brilliant and different role for you.
  19. i think gerrys got a wicked sense of humour very similar to mine and im not even scottish, im english. ive always wondered why the americans dont like jokes that are too near the mark and also on a sexual nature and swearing. surely this is part of life. this is why i am especially looking forward to the ugly truth because a lot of it is very close to the mark and more grown up for its adult audiences. sending him to these courses on how he should behave makes me think of when i was younger and i was sent to speech lessons because my cockney accent wasnt acceptable. by the way they didnt work but i like myself how i am and it hasnt hindered me in any way, and i might be different, but different is good, why does everyone think that they should be the same as everybody else. that would make life so boring if we were all the same and uninteresting. gerry you should be yourself as that is what we like about you. bye the way, good luck on the bounty hunter and enjoy yourself. it nice to think you are filming close to where you live and you can in fact walk there without being attacked, i bet that you couldnt do that in l.a.
  20. thats so funny, it reminds me of that bit in beowulf and grendel when gerry (beowulf) and stellan (hothguard), i know ive spelt that wrong, where talking about fooking sheep, rabbits and squirrels. its doesnt leave much to the imagination.
  21. he does look really handsome in his suit and gorgeous red tie, and does match with the ladies red dress, and with the added scruff that i love so much on him, p e r fect. the only thing is i thing the suit thing is so put on for special occasions and i still love him the most in his everyday casual clothes. the clothes he always walks around in. the true gerry look.
  22. nice seeing him relaxing with the ladies before he starts, yet another film project. i wish him good luck with the bounty hunter. he will be on the east coast filming while i am going to the west coast for my holidays, but its nice to know we will be in the same country at the same time. ha ha ha. im glad hes grown his scruff again because he looks so much better than at the last few award shows where he is very clean cut, and it looks as though there is something missing.
  23. anyway i always say true fans respect gerrys wishes and dont need photos of him all the time we know how wonderful he looks, and after all its his films that we want to see and as long as he is well a nd enjoying life we should be satisfied with that. one thing i would say though, only in my opinion i wish he wouldnt wear those hats, other than the baseball ones, as i think it makes him look odd, but thats only me, as i cant stand hats myself.
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