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  1. It has been a while since I've been here. Been hanging out on the True Blood sites and those are some nasty places to be. Those people argue all the time so it's good to be in a happy place.
  2. I saw The Bounty Hunter today and boy was it worth the ticket price just to see him in that bath towel
  3. Looks like he was having a great time. But, he's going to pay for that tan with skin cancer.
  4. Sweetheart, if I saw him out in the field on an International Harvester....I'd never leave the farm!!! The Divine Miss S I called and donated and all I got was someone named Lola. But, it is the donation that counts. Getting to talk to Gerry would have been icing on the cake.
  5. I must run out and get this one. My 2 favorite men are in there. Gerard and Stephen Moyer. Great Britian sure is putting out some hunks. All you British people, across the pond, just keep on giving birth to all those beautiful British men.
  6. I think he should've been higher up on the list. All some people did was wow the girls with their bare chest.
  7. It has been a long time since I've posted. This will be great.
  8. The man can't burp without it making the papers now. But, you know what, I'd be mad too if I brought my Mom to a restaraunt and they made her sit at the bar until the whole party arrived.
  9. my thoughts exactly lol but how awesome he was with his crew. and he wonders why we love him We got full frontal with Dr. Manhatten and we got full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (That guy wasn't good looking, so I could have done without seeing that). So there is hope GALS.
  10. Please Lord, don't let them edit that out. Please, oh please, Lord don't let them edit that out I would go to the movie just to see Gerry naked.
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