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  1. BMW convertible? How oddly sexy for Gerry I imagined him as more of a Mustang man.
  2. Does he appear to be promiscuous? I wasn't aware. In any case, I always have and always will labored under the fact that Gerry just happens to choose the wrong women. Whether or not he is 'crazy pro' as my friends put it is none of my business and only becomes my concern if he's not watching out for himself, but we all know he's capable of that. Plus, I think he said on Leno that he hadn't done it in a while.
  3. I bet he takes care of his leather jackets much better than my Dad... wearing them out in the rain and making it smell like wet leather in the house and car. But will he listen? Noooo, a leather jacket is for all occasions to him! Well... I guess that cow could be considered one of the luckier ones. I wonder if it's kosher XD
  4. Aw well, all I can say is that he deserves only the best, as he is the best. Not that I'm the best, but BLAST being 19 years too late!
  5. "I will fight for my parking space! I will kill. This is my parking space!" DUDE! How did he know?! I get that way a lot. Once a guy tried to steal my mum's spot, and I leapt right out of the car, took my shoe off, and proceeded to badger him and curse at him while threatening to stick my shoe up his... -cough- that was pre-300, though. I was like... 13, 14. Years ago.
  6. His accursed hair! Ahhhh! Why is it always so beautiful, no matter what he does with it?! DX A cow died for that jacket. I do not admire it at all! Or maybe it's fake leather. Pleather? Oh, please, Ger, let that be fake leather D:
  7. ... between PSILY and D2K. I just finished watching my recording of D2K... needless to say, as soon as it was over I deleted it right off my DVR. -.- Chances of me getting the DVD are now... slim to none. Gerry was great and fantastic, of course, and now I want to see him with blood-red eyes again - HEY, he could be in the next X-Men movie! We'll find him a character who's Scottish and/or Irish and has red eyes. Or he could be Banshee. But... I was flabbergasted as to why Dracula remained shirtless throughout the movie. I mean, with all the people he killed you'd think he'd have made time to filch the clothes right off their cold, dead bodies. And don't tell me that's beneath him - he doesn't have a pulse, nothing's beneath him. XD The rest of the movie... um... wow. I never thought I'd be sick of Dracula and the various storylines but this... this was just too much. Van Helsing's "only a werewolf can kill Dracula" thing was okay, but... he was Judas? He got Christ killed? For heaven's sake. No pun intended. Is the 'H' supposed to be capitalized? I don't even know how they could say Omar Epps and Danny Masterson starred in the movie. I'd say they were on-screen for a grand total of 20 minutes each, maybe less. Flabbergasted. I don't think I'll be watching it again until next year.
  8. I was watching Man vs. Wild this past weekend and during one episode alone (where Bear is in Ireland and eats raw sheep heart, awesome!) they showed the same ad twice during commercial breaks - once near the beginning, and once towards the end.
  9. I was wondering that myself! I was really irritated when I realized there was nothing after Holly asked, "Promised what?" It gave me time to learn how to play Snaps, though XD And I'm with discoveringme, the movie was great but they didn't really go in depth with Gerry and John's friendship. I had to remind myself a few times that they were more than co-workers or associates.
  10. My hands are in the air! I'm definitely going to try and get my hands on this, except most likely through the Barnes & Noble and gift cards route. I don't use debit online.
  11. I only recall seeing TV ads, hm... very late September, like twice or thrice. That was it. Since the beginning of October, I haven't seen hide or hair of these elusive ads.
  12. I can't wait for the film! Once again, Gerry astounds me with the eloquency and depths of his words. What an amazing lad, really. He has so much heart and determination, truly an inspiration for the masses.
  13. I've got nothing against Craig, except I have a small beef with him over his name like I did with Jason David Frank. It drives me insane when I hear of people with two or three first names as their whole names. I don't know why, but it does! x_x
  14. I'm just at a loss as to why the scene with Gerry in the travel agency was cut. It was a great scene and fit in nicely. I mean, watching the movie without it, I was like, "Why is Barbara crying? What does she know?" I like that Holly calling his phone over and over was in the film. I know that's something I would do if I lost the love of my life; I'd do anything just to hear his voice again. I actually have, once, not with the love of my life but he was my boyfriend at the time. How blind I was then. I want to watch it again once my schoolwork level has dropped a bit. Meaning I've got to wait till this semester ends. Poo!
  15. I got my DVD earlier this week but only just watched it to tonight. How. Amazing. I knew I'd cry, but I didn't think I'd cry so early and so much! The tears started rolling when Holly called Gerry's phone just to hear his voice. And afterwards, they kept coming in between laughter and OMFG moments. Gerry was, of course, flawless. I watched the deleted scene where Barbara flashes back to when Gerry booked the trip for Holly and friends - amazing. At first I thought he was in disguise, and then I remembered, "Oh, wait, he's dying. Crap!" Just looking at him, so ill and frail (well, you know, the image of frailty that wasn't real), it broke my heart. He was that good. As for those OMFG moments, yeah, Gerry pretending to kick the bucket in front of Barbara was one of them. Or two, if you count the second performance. Hilary Swank - beautiful and talented, she took up the role fearlessly and succeeded in breathing life into the character. I was astounded by her performance, which is saying a lot because I've never been a fan of her. Needless to say, PSILY has definitely changed my opinion! This is definitely a movie I'll be watching twenty, thirty, eighty times a year until the day I die. Or until DVD technology becomes obsolete and we move on to bigger but not necessarily better versions... like Blu-Ray, or Red-Ray, or Y-Ray, whatever. Snaps is the name of the game, The name of the game is Snaps!
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