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  1. Just when you think that he couldn't get any more wonderful, he goes and takes the time for us. He is just so wonderful. I am crying here at the absolutely beauty of this man.
  2. Hey what a great idea, I am Gerry's Aussie Rose GAL. Cheryl
  3. India, This was a brillilant idea and I have sent my postcard already. I got a special Australian one with Koalas on it so that he would realise that people from all over the world are supporting him and love him and his singing and want him to sing again. I told the girls in Las Vegas that my dream is for him to "Camelot" and play King Arthur (yes I kkow another sword and chain mail) but he is so gorgeous with a sword in his hand. I can see him singing Camelot. Sigh Lots of love Cheryl :inlove:
  4. Oh Noooooo. I can sympathise although my camera wasn't lost, it froze up on me and wouldn't do anything. It was a brand new digital one that I got especially for the event. Damm. I have had to send it to Melbourne when I got back to Australia (another state even) to get it fixed. They have had it for 3 weeks not and can't find the problem. Hopefully they will replace it for me. I had to rely on my old film cameera and the pics were so dark. Thank goodness for all your wonderful GALSD who have posted pics on the site so that I can see them Cheryl
  5. Nope haven't had this happen, I have had some really weird things but not this one. Hope someone can get to the bottom of it for you. Verra strange Cheryl
  6. Have started saving already. I had the most wonderful time of my life in Las Vegas with all the GALS. Have never laughed, danced, cried so much in my life. and I felt like I was 20 again. Anyone who can get to the next one do it. The memories will stay with you for the rest of your life. thanks to all the girls who made 2006 such an incredible time. Cheryl
  7. AMEN to that, it was the most wonderful weekend, and the work before and during must have been incredible. You GALS are one in a million, it was the best and I am already saving for next year. :inlove: Cheryl
  8. GALS I am also looking for my pic with Gerry. It was after he left the stage and here is what i look like (minus the cloak of course). I am still in Gerry withdrawal as it was the most wonderful weekend and thanks to all the GALS who were there who made it to incredible. He actually asked me if I came all the way from Australia and I nearly fainted. He is the most gorgeous man no wonder we all love him so much hope you can help Cheryl
  9. Heelllpppp GALS I too can't find a pic of me with Gerry. I held his hand after he came off the stage and he looked and me and said 'I have to go'. I was struck dumb just looking into those beautiful eyes. Does anyone have a pic of me with Gerry Plleeeeeze. I was wearing a silver black top and long gypsy skirt - yep I am the one who came all the way from Australia (Gerry asked me that) and he said "I love Australia". I have searched all the pics that everyone has posted but alas no me with our beautiful Scot. Can all you GALS search your pics for me. love Cheryl (aka Phantomrose)
  10. :Draculababy: WOW look at that list, it is getting bigger and bigger we are going to have the absolute best time. Las Vegas here come the GALS :gerrytacular:
  11. :Draculababy: Congrats Sherry you lucky girl. You can putit next to your bed so you can dream of him every night. Well done
  12. :Draculababy: I got mine in the mail this week. They are just gorgeous, and I have them on my Gerry-linx bracelet. Absolutely beautiful Love the bat hehehe
  13. :Draculababy: What an amazing lot of ladies we have here. This is just a wonderful idea and I am sure that everyone will think the same. Bravo
  14. :Draculababy: HELP, I still can't find the Over 18 forum. I have tried and tried and even posted the question but to no avail. Can someone let me know what is happening Pleeeze
  15. :Draculababy: OMG OMG jumping up and down this is to fantastic, I thought that I would never get to see this on the big screen. WOW what a weekend this is turning into Thank you girls for all the hard work putting this together, we are going to have a ball
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