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  1. stay tuned we're working on both that and a TV show idea...

  3. Yes Nick got a chance to speak in lots of places. UCLA, USC, Harvard Law, Senate Democratic Policy committee - and a separate bipartisan screening on Capitol Hill (not to mention all the TV stuff - ABC, NBC, Fox, Al Jazeera) and Mr. Butler's voice usually preceeded me as they would run a clip of the film before the interviews... anyway - there are trailers on the website for those who haven't seen them already. Thanks for all the support guys Nick
  4. Ok. So I haven't read the forums (fora ???) in a while - I get my updates on our favorite scotsman either from him directly or from a few of the keener fans who send me messages when he does important things....like gets up in the morning or puts on a new item of clothing Jokes aside - I have a favor to ask. Oh btw - I am the director and writer of Shadow Company. I have met some of you in person at the various Shadow Company screenings (or even at the last CUT 2008) - I am sure I will meet more of you at next years CUT. I have enjoyed the support of Gerry's vocal fans since some bright spark figured out it was Gerry's voice in the voiceover back in the day (I think that was Lesley but not 100% sure) so I apologise for asking for yet another favor - but this one's kind of small. Shadow Company is going onto Netflix. (for those non-US fans here I suspect you won't be able to do anything to help but anyway) Netflix is only buying a small number of copies from us - at a very low price (because....errm...they are Netflix) - so while I know a number of you have already bought Shadow Company I was wondering if you could shove Shadow Company into your Netflix queue - I figure if we get enough demand that might prompt Netflix into ordering more copies. I will report here if the logic worked - but it would be funny and cool if it did. (you can add it into your queue now even though Netflix has not taken delivery of the copies) Thank you all Nick
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