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  1. Does anyone know when the premiere of Bounty Hunter is scheduled? Will it be in New York or LA?
  2. There is NO question here. Gerry is by far the most influential Scot over the last ten years. Compare GB's box office numbers with Boyle's recording numbers. NO CONTEST. Besides, there is no better looking Scotsman anywhere than Gerry. Happy Holidays all you GB fans!
  3. Happy Birthday, Gerry. I met you for the first time at the LAC premiere in LA and you were gracious, funny and a perfect gentleman. You allowed me to kiss your cheek and you smelled like shampoo and soap - nothing sexier than a gorgeous man smelling like shampoo and soap! Wishing you so many wonderful wishes of the day and for always. Looking forward to meeting you again just for the thrill.As always and forever, Bonnielass
  4. I am so verklempt, I could almost cry. This man, this incredible Gerard Butler, everytime I read something about him, he just gets better and better! What a dear, sweet, wonderful man and a stellar human being. That does it. I want him more than ever now!!!
  5. This movie sounds like an actor's dream. But I will always, always love him most in a romantic role. The way he looks at a woman and holds her, the play between the two of them - there is nothing like it. PS I Love You, Phantom, Dear Frankie - even Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married. There are men who are made to play a romantic lead and Gerard Butler is at the top of that list. Now tell me ladies, wouldn't you rather see him romance a woman than murder, death, kill??
  6. He's mentioned before in interviews that he's been in relationships that nobody has ever found out about. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. He's also said that it's better to keep things under the radar because once the press finds out, it changes the whole dynamic of the relationship. I appreciate that he's discreet about it... it makes it that much easier for me to fantasize about him! It's never the same when I know the guy is taken. Steph Gerry and Kim Kardashian? Ghastly. Horrible. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. He's such a gentleman. Like several of you have said, discretion is so very sexy. But then again, we are talking about The Butler.
  7. I so admire this man for the path he's taking. He has a conscience, he has a goal, and he is confident in his decisions. Add all that to the fact that he's gorgeous, masculine, funny, intelligent and single and you have the "perfect" man. Dear Lord, why is there only ONE Gerry Butler????
  8. I have tickets for the premiere in LA on October 6 - I had no idea they were opening on the east and west coast. Thanks for the info. I think this film will be Gerry's benchmark of excellence, it looks fabulous.
  9. I have to disagree. I thought this film was horrible, I actually walked out. I adore Gerry Butler, I may be his biggest fan, he is phenomenal and a wonderful actor but he is WAY above this kind of movie. This was dreadful. My friends are absolutely shocked - "OMG, you walked out of a Gerry Butler movie?" Sorry to say that I did. Looking forward to LAC - it looks like it may be worthy of his acting skills.
  10. If you love just seeing Gerry on the screen, with all his expressions and emotions, you'll love Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married. Granted, he plays a slime, but you know what? He's an adorable slime. I still watch this series over and over again - especially on cold nights! LOL Cheer up, love. Life gets better, really!
  11. He's just wonderful on these late night shows. I've marked my calendar...
  12. I won the tickets. Suffice it to say that I depleted my entire "Go to Scotland" in November account, as well as some of my 401k. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm going to enjoy every single second of it.
  13. Women's panties. Can't help it - this man is SO MACHO that it would be a total turn on to see him in something silky, feminine and lacy. Total sensibility. No other man in the world could pull this off.
  14. This man is brilliant. He says whatever the rest of us are thinking. He never ceases to entertain and I'm in awe of his ability to remain calm around all this publicity. Gerry, I'm here for you baby!!!
  15. Maybe he didn't like the way he looked in Klein. I can't imagine this man looking bad in a Hefty sack, but hey, he is a little vain and he is entitled to keep us hanging....
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