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  1. Hey GALS! Long time no Gerry! Hope all is well with you all. Lots of things have happened in the past year and half I have been AWOL. Sorry about that. Most of you know about us losing our grandbaby Christmas of 2010. We all have since moved to paradise. I finally talked my husband into moving to the beach in Florida, so we moved to Cape Coral July 2011. This past May & July, both of the girls moved here too, so the family is back together. Leaving my Pookie behind in Tennessee was hard, but I know his sleeping spot will be well cared for by his Auntie. My son in law, Mason's dad, is now a civilian worker overseas. He and my daughter Autumn have done well in their recovery of the loss of the baby, and have started rebuilding their family. I am excited to share that we are expecting a new blessing in January. Charlotte will be making her debut January 8, and I can not wait! Mason will always be missed, and our hearts will always feel his loss, but we have learned that life must go on, and good things do come from sad events. I was promoted to department manager at my job, and so far I love it. How is everyone here? I truly have missed you gals.
  2. May, sorry it took me so long to respond. I will pray for your family and for the new babies, especially for little Tommy Lee's sibling. We too are nervous about any new babies. My daughter won't even think about it, and right now I can't say I blame her. I think once we get the results from the autopsy back it will help with their, and our, grieving process. The not knowing sort of keeps us going at the moment. Your family is in my thoughts.
  3. Delene, Elissa, May & Linda, thank you all. I appreciate the support. May, I am sorry to hear of your brother's grandson. It is a hard thing to deal with. I don't know how my baby girl is managing it. I am a wreck!
  4. Barb, Cheryl, thank you. It has been tough and I appreciate the thoughtful words. James is doing well with his meds and exercise. It was tough going for awhile. I worry about my daughter and son in law. Losing Mason was horrific for them. As bad as it hurt me, I can not imagine what my baby girl is going through. We only had him for 3 1/2 months, but I am so thankful for that time. I miss him everyday and sometimes it hurts so bad I could just lay down and never get back up. I know I need help, and I don't know how to help them. I saw the Siggy thread ya'll posted back in September. You all are so sweet and it feels good to know ya'll cared enough to miss me lol, and the siggy dedications was cool! I feel like a star! I want to come back and play, and lean on all of you. Do any of you gals have facebooks?
  5. Hello my sisters! I know it has been forever since I have been on here. How is everyone? A lot has happened over the past year. My husband was diagnosed diabetic in July, and had a heart attack a few days later. After several months recovery he is back to his old self again, albeit a bit thinner and having to take a crap load of medications. He and I became grandparents in August to a sweet little baby boy, our eldest daughter's first, named Mason. On December 7, we lost him to SIDS. To say that we were devastated is an understatement. The past nearly two months have been the toughest I have ever lived through, and somehow I wake up each day. I miss my little guy so much, and I do not understand how perfectly healthy babies just go to sleep and do not wake up. I have missed you girls and have needed you all so much, but it has been hard to post anywhere about how I am feeling. Just doing normal day to day stuff is hard. I wanted to let you all I haven't forgotten any of you.
  6. Did ANYONE even read Holly's post?!? I'm sorry that some have been offended - on both sides - but we were trying, as Holly mentioned, to afford discussion and not be "heavy handed" or "oppressive." Seriously...we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. I think the vast majority of the membership thinks ENOUGH ALREADY! But why should we close it because we're sick of it? Do you REALLY think we Mods/Admins ENJOY having to police this thread? I think it's time for me to go to bed because right now, I'M the one getting pissy and it ain't got nothin' to do with GB or MJ. ~ D D, don't sweat it. Someone will always get pissy. As long as they don't get ME wet I could care less.
  7. I think the world has become so darn politically correct that you can't say or do anything funny anymore. SOMEONE is going to get their panties in a wad over something. I actually respect someone MORE for saying 'too bad so sad' than for someone to have a laugh then turn around and apologize for it. Was it crazy? Yes. Maybe not a great idea? Sure...but it was hella funny. Gerry, darlin, don't apologize for having a laugh and poking fun at someone. People need to lighten up and stop being so darn sensitive. You can't please everyone and if you try you will lose yourself. It's ok to tell people to f_off. If any fans stop liking you for having a warped sense of humor, then they weren't your fans in the first place. I remember when humor was actually funny and people LIKED it. Now you can't say anything. Well, others can't. I do as I choose. And don't care who likes it.
  8. Hey sisters! It is a driveby! I will be in Panama City Beach Fl this weekend (16-20) if anyone lives in the near by area (Dothan etc) and want to meet up. Let me know! My cousin and I are taking a girl trip for a few days! Hope to see some of you.
  9. Hey Beachie baby! Hows the waves?
  10. Thank you Diane. It will be strange to not have him around.
  11. Thanks gals! It's nice to be back after so long!
  12. Here's mine. I threw it together lol...
  13. Hey gals! I know it has been awhile! How are all ya'll? I have been missing my sistas! I am thankful to have a job, but whoo! Wally World is kickin my butt! I also crashed my puter and had to buy another. Tripped over my puppy and broke my foot...So yea...I have been through it lol! Hope all is well with my girlies.
  14. I am here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Galfriends! It will be a drive by here and there but for the moment I am here to play!
  15. I am off Wed, Thurs & Fri this week. I need it with all the hours I am working lol! Sapphy give me a call either of those evenings and I will be here to help plan. If we have a guestimated head count, I can start calling to some hotels and see what comes out as far as pricing. Also, I need exact dates for the weekend. I also like plays. Am I the only one? Maybe we could hit a concert or something?
  16. Lets do a weekend if possible. If Opryland is out, there are other places we can stay CHEAP if we plan ahead and book rooms in advance. We can get a group rate. I see FUN in our futures!
  17. April, I am sorry about your trouble with a so called best friend. Unfortunately, it can happen with a female too. I had a similar situation with a girlfriend. We had been best friends for 11 years, our kids played together, we had keys to each other's houses etc. We did things together and never tired of each other's company. It was a tanning bed that ended us. I won't go into the nasty details, but let me just say that I would have smashed the thing to bits had I know it would cost me my best friend. The thing is, she would also place the blame of disputes on me...No matter who was right, I had to apologize first. It sometimes would make me crazy, but I hate conflict. That is not to say I won't kick arse if need be, I just won't like it. The end of us hurt so much I cried for a week straight at first, then only random days. It still hurts to know that after everything we had been through, all the secrets we shared, she would allow this to happen. I have kept all her secrets...When I say forever, I mean it...I only wish my friend could have too. I can't get close to women anymore. I have tons of 'girls' I know, eat with, talk to etc. But no girlfriends. At all. <my husband says cry me a river> lol.... If you need an ear, you got one.
  18. LadyScot

    Pet Photos

    My baby is a 2 year old brindled boxer we call Hephaestian. He loves his daddy, but he is definitely a mama's boy. He likes to snuggle and sleeps next to me and keeps my toes toasty warm. Sometimes when I wake up, he will be curled around me with his legs like he is giving a hug. He likes to hide behind me when daddy yells at him after he has been naughty. He also loves peanut butter cookies (peanut butter on his dog bones), biscuits and gravy, apples, and mashed potatoes. Hephaestian
  19. I'm lagging behind. I am sorry! I LOVE my Celine card. My husband took me to Vegas to see her for our 10th wedding anniversary. She is one of my favorites. My Card
  20. You + Me + Chocolate Cake = A birthday party! Hope you have a great one. Andrea LadyScot
  21. Hmmm...I have a few: 1. Run by Snow Patrol (PS. I Love You) 2. Landing in London by 3 Doors Down (Gerry cause he travels alot) 3. I Stand Alone by Steve Perry 4. Are You Alright by Lucinda Williams 5. Take Me With You by Elizabeth Fraser & written by Alan Rickman (PS I Love You) 6. The Anchor Holds by Ray Boltz (for the Dracula death scene) 7. Je Taime Encore (I Love You Still) by Celine Dion (PS I Love You) Je T'Aime Encore (Engligh lyrics but the French version is just beautiful) Here the autumn ends bringing back the rain The old Chevy's dead they tried to fix it in vain Elisa's got her first teeth, little Jimmy is getting strong I'm learning guitar I almost know a song I've found some chanterelle at the market this morning I'd like to live in Rome, oh it would be such a good thing Try to grow some flowers, the same I tried before That's all for now Oh yes je t'aime encore But where are you So far with no address How's life for you My hope is my only caress Finally cut my hair, I hear you say at last It's been kind of strange but you see I survived When I'm asked I go out, I dance all night and more But when I dance Je t'aime encore But where are you So far with no address How's life for you Time is my only caress Je t'aime encore just like in an old fashioned song And it burns in my soul, anything else seems too long Oh more and more, it's strong as I can be Oui je t'aime encore But you, you cannot hear me.
  22. Yes you can! Thank you! lalalalalalalalalala....can I add one more lol.....Gerry's Secret hiding in his closet Gal? Peas and Carrots.
  23. I've added your GALS name to the list LadyScot! Cheers! zany Thank you very much. PS...can I also add Red Wine GAL?
  24. My humble requests: 1. Creedy's Hot Water GAL 2. Gerry's Say My Name GAL 3. Midnight Margarita GAL 4. Gerry's Kilt Guard 5. The Scot's Lady These should all be free. I didn't see them on the list. Thank you, thank you very much!
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