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    Aside from the gorgeous Gerry (and a handful of other actors), I love reading, going to the movies, watching TV and DVDs, shopping, listening to music and hanging out with my parents and friends.<br />You know, the usual.

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  1. I know PSILU has this in the bag, so I'm voting it off. ahahaha Someone's gotta show Timeline some love!
  2. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but buh bye PS I Love You!
  3. Still voting off London Has Fallen lolol Gerry and Emily Mortimer had the best chemistry in Dear Frankie.
  4. I vote off London Has Fallen. Timeline has Michael Sheen so it gets huge props for that, but Dear Frankie's cast is sublime.
  5. I'm just gonna repeat myself lolol Boot off London Has Fallen. Ship the precious Dear Frankie to the vault!
  6. Adios to London Has Fallen. Sending Dear Frankie back to the vault.
  7. Exterminate Geostorm. Send Timeline to the vault!
  8. Dumping Geostorm. Sending Dear Frankie to the vault.
  9. Dump The Ugly Truth. Send Dear Frankie to the vault.
  10. Let's chuck Geostorm into the universal trash pile. Send the lovely Nim's Island to the vault please.
  11. I'm voting off Geostorm and sending Nim's Island to the vault.
  12. Dropkicking The Ugly Truth off the island. Sending Timeline to the vault!
  13. Shipping Dear Frankie to the vault. Voting off The Ugly Truth. My punishment for forgetting to vote last week was Rock 'n' Rolla getting voted off. That seems fair. lol
  14. Bye bye bye The Ugly Truth! I'm sending Dear Frankie to the vault.
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