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  1. scotsmanstuart

    The Headhunters Calling at TIFF 2016

    <b>Just wondering if anyone is thinking about going to TIFF this year and if they wanted to meet up in a group to try and see Gerry !! The Headhunters Calling is meant to premiere on the 14th Sept. More information will be added here when available. Cheers.Stuart</b>
  2. scotsmanstuart

    Little White Lies (1998 TV Movie)

    Watch the complete movie below - Watch Little White Lies in Drama | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
  3. scotsmanstuart

    Gerry on Jimmy Fallon

    No problem Barb
  4. scotsmanstuart

    Gerry on Jimmy Fallon

    Gerry on Jimmy Fallon (Complete Interview) Gerard Butler on Jimmy Fallon (25.02.16) from Gerry Fan on Vimeo.
  5. Hi Camille, Glad you got Gerry to sign your photo and had a good evening. Thanks for sharing your story. Stuart
  6. scotsmanstuart

    Join Gals on Instagram

    Cheers Celine . Hope you all have a fab time in Vegas !! Stuart We now have 2,538 followers on Instagram !!!!
  7. Gerard Butler Only Sparta Only Victory !