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  1. Best friend/niece Steph and I will have dinner at our favorite sushi place and raise a glass of ice cold COKE to Gerry's health - then we'll watch TUT which we bought this week (may have to fit in POTO, Attila, Timeline, Dear Frankie - our favorites, in no special order) - and I'm sure Steph will provide some sumptuous dessert - as she is the family's dessert diva. Best wishes on your 40th birthday, sweet Gerry - wish you were here (or, wish we were there!) !!!!


  2. On a lighter note (a much lighter note) did anyone else start hearing "The Phantom of the opera is there, inside your mind ..." while Nick and Dunnigan were walking down the tunnel?

    Phoenixgirl: My husband and I double dated with our nephew and his wife last night - and she and I both commented about subtle references to Phantom: chandelier, mask, and trap doors. We all loved LAC and intend to see it again on the big screen.

  3. May I chime in here - I discovered Gerry and Phantom only last July - can you stand it? I really haven't been living under a rock all these years and am working diligently to make up for lost time! Anyway, back to your question, I agree with the posters' responses, but the word that completely sends me into outer space is when he sings "...Chrisssstine, that's all I ask..." right before she unmasks him in PONR. Hence my user name. Where have I been all his life? Thanks you GALS - I love this forum. Happy thoughts!

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