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  1. Hi, I called in and donated but didn't get Gerry. Some guy named Robert. Anyway, it is for a good cause. Cheers, Themis380
  2. Hi, I have not been to a Gerard Butler convention but in 2008 I did go to my first convention for another actor. I was not sure what to expect and very nervous. I did get my own room because I was not sure about having a room mate. Anyway, I had a great time and went to another one in Oct, 2009. I took a friend and it was amazing. So hopefully I can make it this year to the Vegas event. Sounds like everyone has a great time. Cheers, Themis380
  3. Hi Isaboo and Dayna, It is hard but it does get easier. My husband lost his father last year and and it still seems unreal. He was gone within a week so we where not expecting it. You think back about the things you should have done-like go on that family vacation etc. I have known this man for over 20 years and I did not expect it to affect me the way it did. He is truly missed but we have lots of fond memories. Cheers themis380
  4. We women like large kitchens even if we don't cook in them, bwah. Hi Lavender, So true but I don't mind cooking and when my house was built I should have gotten a bigger kitchen. Oh well, next house the kitchen will be alot bigger. People tend to mingle in the kitchen area. Cheers themis380
  5. I love the dark colors and openess. different types and styles of wood and leather material. the only part I don't like is the kitchen-i do love the openess though. it feels like a mini castle with modern and old mixed together.
  6. at least he has a sense of humor and he looked like he was having fun for a few minutes. not much else to say. Cheers Themis380
  7. great article and thank you for posting. Cheers themis380
  8. I have been wanting to attending one for a few years but it never worked out. Let's see if 2010 is my lucky year. Would love to meet all you wonderful ladies. Cheers Themis380
  9. Welcome to a fellow Alex O'Loughlin fan!


  10. Another movie that I will have to watch. I cannot keep up with the movies. I do like Jennifer Aniston so this should be an interesting combination. Gerard worked with Angelina Jolie now he is working with Jennifer. I wonder what the common factor here is-mr cheaty pants Brad Pitt. I know off topic but I did like Brad Pitt movies before he dumped his wife. Themis380
  11. thanks for the information about Gerard attending. It would be nice but I understand that if he cannot make it, I still might be coming. It all depends on my schedule. If there are any Moonlight - Alex O'loughlin fans here, I just went to a Gala in Chicago and he was not there but a few other actors from the show did show up. We had a great time. Themis
  12. Hi, I have been a fan of Gerard for a long time but new to the site. Regarding the convention-will Gerard be attending or is this a girls weekend. I am interested and I love Las Vegas. Got married there. Cheers, Themis380
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