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  1. In life, don’t wait for things to happen. Make them.

  2. Hi Karin! Call me Cheryl :-)

    No problem with the download help. Just ask if you ever need anything. Good to have you here on GALS. I too love to travel :-)

  3. So glad you liked the siggy Kathy! Enjoy and be sure and come play with us in the siggy piggy thread!

  4. Welcome to GALS Kathy! Have a fantastic time here, we sure do!

  5. Thanks! I love making siggy's!

  6. Welcome to GALS! Hope you have a blast!

  7. Glad to have you here on GALS! If you have any questions just ask.

  8. LOL! RNR is one of my favorites!

    That scene is pretty Hot, short, but Hot!

  9. Hey Linda,

    My Trading Card has Frieda Pinto on it. The woman from Slumdog Millionaire.

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