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  1. Wee... I need to start shopping! Something green or blue huh...I'll have to start looking! Can't wait!! Cheryl
  2. Beautiful Delene! Thank you for sharing your poetry! Cheryl
  3. Glad you had a great day Betts! Hope tomorrow is good as well! I love the snow sometimes! When it turns blue like you said, really beautiful! We like to snow ski so it's fun. I have to admit I'm really a sunshine kind of girl though. Sunvalley Idaho is great for skiing, lots of snow and sunshine...Wee! Night to those going to bed! Cheryl
  4. I just looked at your photos Anne. Wow great costumes! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing Gal! Afternoon everyone I've got a butt load of siggies coming later today, just to let you know! Cheryl
  5. What she said! Thanks Barb & Hugh! Cheryl
  6. Hi all, Just posted over in the clubhouse about the snow storms back east. Hope all you east coast gals stay safe and warm. I was also wondering about LAC filming, and how this may effect them. The sun is currently out here in Oregon. Showers set up for the week with temps in the 50's. Cheryl
  7. Hi all!! Anne I'm glad glad you having a working computer again. Sounds like you had a good show, congratulations! Nancy, things happen for a reason sometimes. Being in the right place at the right time helps. The woman at the store sounds really nice. Diane, It's nice to have people enable you. Hey Gerry is a nice vice to have! I have pictures on my cell phine of him, and show thme all the time. Also my ring tone is the "honey, honey wake up" thing he said in that interview. I let my phone ring just to hear it. I've also download some video clips to my phone, just so I can have my Gerry fix with me all the time! .......no I'm not obsessed LOL. Cheryl
  8. Ahhh thanks Moira for the article! It's great to hear Gerry talk about his life, carreer and goals. Hope he finds what he's looking for. Cheryl
  9. Thanks Swannie! OOO he's so hot! Jump suit... no suit..... Cheryl
  10. Thanks Barb! Really fun to see how this movie is progressing. Cheryl
  11. Hi to all Sue - Hope Bryan is feeling better now. Man you really need to make sure you get enough fluids when you're sick. Frannie - Hope Tommy gets over his infection. Have fun with Peggy and Mom. Anne - Don't be nervous! Just perform like no one's watching. You'll do great! Betts - It's really more fun to watch Gerry movies with a friend. they can help wipe up the drool when it's over LOL! Take care all! Cheryl
  12. Swannie, thanks for sharing! They really put some thought into there scenes. Fun to watch. Cheryl
  13. Thanks Barb! Nice to hear from the director. Cheryl
  14. Can't wait for the directors cut and the separate release! Loves Gerry's voice! Cheryl
  15. Thanks Hugh for keeping us all infromed! Thanks Barb for posting the info! Lisa I agree, Gerry has a fabulous base of fans. I think that being the middle of the night and and 39 degrees had something to do with it. If I lived there I'd be out trying to catch a peek of our man! Gerry looks good! Looks like he shaved. So nice he took pictures with the people that were there. Cheryl
  16. New floor!! I'm always up to a good pillow fight LOL! Cheryl
  17. I said it before in this thread, I love This movie and Gerry's performance! He's so much like the real Gerry, funny, smart and sexy! Love the dance scene with Thandie and the funny one with Handsome Bob. They both crack me up. I also have the soundtrack from RNR and it's really kick Arse! Love the out takes from the film between songs. In one out take it says... One Two... "Mumbles, there's something about Bob that I don't think you know." Mumbles..."What's that then? That he's a puff?" One Two..."How the Fook did you know that!" Mumbles..."Come on everyone know that's he's a flammer . You're the only one that doesn't know. He likes the boy's. It's sausage and beans for him all night mate" Cheryl
  18. All I can say is I love Gerry in a kilt! Cheryl
  19. Sue, D, your Hilarious!! I know, can you imagine working out and then see Gerry! It's not a pretty picture after I've worked out. Hair stuck to my head, sweat dripping down my back....OOOOO! Cheryl
  20. Wow, tons to catch up on in here. Just saying hi to all! Susan have fun in San Fransico and at Wonder Con. Make sure you give us a full report when you return, sounds like great fun! Cheryl
  21. Hi Tap, A couple of people have PM'd me about having material available for those who can't go. After the convention I could get the info out to those that want it. Thanks for the interest! Cheryl
  22. Paisleyscot


    Thanks Bailey! I appreciate you sharing that with us. Keep up the good work! Cheryl
  23. Hi GALS! I've been asked to lead a graphics workshop in Vegas. I'll guide you through a step by step tutorial on how to create your very own Gerry "siggy". Learn how to pick backgrounds, format pictures, make animations, and create fun compositions. All with our favorite subject....Gerry! I'll be using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. Download free trial here. I also use Jasc Animation Shop 3. Available here. Sqirlz Reflection software. Available here. This workshop will be geared more toward the beginner, but if you have any requests please let me know. I'm just developing the tutorial so I can make it what you want it to be! I'm excited to hear from you! Cheryl
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