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  1. "Fear of the future factor aside, with a star like Gerard Butler in the prime seat and with Neveldine co-directing (with fellow Crank famer Brian Taylor), and knowing that there is a lot of thought behind this movie, Game is looking promising indeed." Thanks Barb! Looks good! Can't wait to see this one. Cheryl
  2. Thanks for the extra pics! Did you see how he was squatting down in those pics with Hillary Duff. Too cute! Cheryl
  3. OK I was up late again and justed checked in to see that we had a Frannie emergency! Hope you're doing fine now girl! Don't put us through such a scare! Be sure to take it easy and rest up. Hope everyone had a great day. Cheryl
  4. I'm also wishing everyone a wonderful valentine's day! Love and hugs to all! Cheryl
  5. So cute that he too has favorite clothes he likes to wear! Cheryl
  6. for the heads up Michelle! How do you find these things out ahead of time? Cheryl
  7. Hey Raina, Sorry to hear you're in such pain! Hope you find something that can give you relief. I too heard that that actor was retiring - for the meantime anyway. Cheryl
  8. Cat, I'm glad you and your family haven't been effected by the fires. What a terrible time for so many people in Austrailia right now. Sue, Love your Forever Valentine! Nice picture! Sapphyre, glad your connected again! I'm with you on the GALS being your favorite drug! Hello everyone else! 5 more weeks until I finished my Masters!! Yeah! Hugs, Cheryl
  9. IslandGirl I loved your telling of your "night of beauty pampering"! Very funny and I've been there! I'm in my 40's and think were the hell did the time go. I still feel like I'm in my early 30's and that's a good thing. I totally agree that age is just a number. My mom is 70 and looks and acts like she's in her late 50's. A lot of that is because of attitude. If you think and act youthful, it radiates to the outside. I love this saying that goes something like this... Life's to short and in the end I want to finish sliding in with a martini in one hand, a box of chocolates in the other saying holy crap that was a great ride! As for Gerry we can only guess what he's looking for. His carrer is getting really hot now so maybe he just doesn't have the time. Or maybe he just hasn't found that special someone that he just can't live without. Will never know I guess. Life is such a ride! Cheryl
  10. Gerry plays the bad boy very well! You still have to love him because he's so damn gorgeous! Cheryl
  11. Out On top or on bottom?
  12. Congratulations Suzie Sue - Doctors can be so frustrating you just want to I hope Dan'l gets in, and all checks out well! Hi everyone! I had some withdrawls last night when the site was down. I just had to make more siggies! Cheryl
  13. Hey Raina, I'm a big ParrottHead Phan!! I've seen Jimmy 6 times in concert, always such a party at his concerts! Cheryl
  14. Well we all know he should be #1!! Same old tired girlfriend list was given in his write up. I think Gerry is to private to talk about his love life, so they just list people he's been photographed with. Good for him and Scotland for the upcoming Burns movie! Can't wait for this one. Anyone want to make a trip to Scotland later this year? Cheryl
  15. Afternoon Everyone! Good luck to all of us trying to get fit this year! Damn it's hard work! Bethy, good luck in your job pursuit! Hang in ther and you'll find something that's right for you. I do not not like Windows Vista either Raina, Windows XP for me baby! Sorry about your brother in law. Hope he'll be OK. Cheryl
  16. Those guys are funny!! I've seen them before Cheryl
  17. Night gals, off to work on a couple of requests. Cheryl
  18. Thanks for the reminder Ren. How could I forget!! Yes Sue, That Camel scene is.....Crazy wild!
  19. Sapphyre you must catch up on the Gerry movies! I loved 300 - Visually, Brilliant, Men in leather loin clothes, loved it! PSILY - So romantic, Funny, Tearjerking! Dear Frankie - Touching, wonderful performance! Phantom - Faint, and his voice, faint again!! Reign of Fire - He dies again, but he's Hot! The Jury - Love Johnnie, Fabulous performance! Lucy Sullivan - What can you say about Gus, Crazy but OO La La! RockNrolla - Funny, So much like Gerry! Nim's Island - Hey 2 Gerry characters in one movie! Beowolf & Grendal - Hot Icelantic hunk of a man! Shattered - A good twist in the end, and OMG Neil! Timeline - The hair, and did I mention the Hair! Game of their Lives - Gerry in soccor shorts, need I say more! Mrs. Brown - Gerry naked and skinny dipping, again need I say more! Dracula - He can bite me anytime anywhere! Fast food - Ok silly, but Gerry spends a lot of the movie in his underwear! Rockstar - The bowl of fruit, and the dancing tongue, you'll have to see it to appreciate it! Shooters - YELLOW TOWEL SCENE! Am I right GALS? Attila - Beautiful, Gorgeuous, Stunning, and the moive was good too! Tombraider - Oh yes Terry, Hot love scene with Mr. Pinky! Thanks for the reminder Ren! Jewel - Oh how I wish I were a camel! There are also smaller parts in other projects, but that's a quick reveiw of some!! Enjoy Sapphyre Cheryl
  20. Hi All, Just happened across this article. Thought I'd share. The WATCHMEN tie-in animated DVD "Tales of the Black Freighter" hits shelves on March 24th and we've got a look at some new pics from the film. The project stars the voice of Gerard Butler as a marooned castaway who's desperate to return home to warn his family about "The Black Freighter," a haunted pirate ship that steals the souls of the damned. The story is told in the "Watchmen" graphic novel as a comic-within-a-comic that one of the characters reads. Because Zack Snyder felt it was too much to add to the film, he decided to make the story a standalone adventure. Check out the pics below! Link to Article and Pics Cheryl
  21. Thanks Em, I can certainly understand the legal problems it may cause by having fan finacial support. I'm so glad this project is heading forward and I'm eagerly awaiting to see the finished product. I will definately add my support by purchasing a ticket to see the film and anything else Gerry may ask of his fans! Thanks for the info Em, Cheryl
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