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  1. So nice that he's always freindly to fans! Gotta love em. Cheryl
  2. Congratulations Kayla!! A girlfriend of mine quit a couple of years ago and said it's hardest the first couple of months. Hang in there baby!! You can do it! Your Evil Twin, Cheryl
  3. Thanks *guest* !! Love the song! Cheryl
  4. Great work Diane!! You have a good eye! Keep drawing, you've got skill baby!! Cheryl
  5. Afternoon GALS! Great job Sue on the weight loss and being a non-smoker I too am trying to get fit, who isn't. It's hard work man! This is me computer jogging. Cheryl
  6. Hi all!! We've hit #300 agian!! This is going by really fast! Cheryl
  7. Maybe we'll get some more juicy pics from the sets! Sue can you imagine them using your home to film in! OMG! Cheryl
  8. Just signed up for Facebook. I know so many people on it but I haven't been on before. It will take me a bit to figure it out! Cheryl
  9. Thanks again Barb! Love Gerry's voice, so I can't wait to has this! Cheryl
  10. Yes I do!! Susan I love it! I must now read this book!! Cheryl
  11. Thanks *guest* ! Love me some Gus. I've watched it on utube but would love to have the DVD. Cheryl
  12. This will be fabulous! I love Gerry's voice! Thanks for the info. Cheryl
  13. Sue - Hoping for speedy recovery for Bryan. Prayers to him and Dan and yourself! Big HUGS to all who need them and congratulations to the new baby on it's way! Cheryl
  14. Thanks Barb!! Love me a bad boy He's in good company! Cheryl
  15. Everyone! Kathy I love PSILY and the strip scenes!! Hi Anne, Welcome, of course we don't bite. I got my copy of RNR. Sue the updated siggy will be coming soon Cheryl
  16. I would love to see Gerry dance!! Not just the movie stuff he's done, buth the real Gerry! Swoon! Cheryl
  17. OK it's the 27th!! Time to RockNRolla!! Everyone get your copy!! Cheryl
  18. That will teach Gerry to egg us on! You know will go for it!!
  19. Hello my Evil Twin Sista!! I'm just popping in to say hi! I have to do some late night homework for classes tomorrow...BOO HOO! This thread has really gottena work out today huh! Cheryl
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