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  1. I remember when he said that Frannie. Boy I've been gone all afternoon and missed the action. Damn!! Glad to see everyone in the Gutter!! Cheryl
  2. We're I love it. Gerry needs a He'd probably love it! OK I'm done! Cheryl
  3. So Funny! Gerry likes it naughty, and in his face!! I love it. We new he was a bad boy!! Cheryl
  4. Thanks Barb, Sounds like things are coming together! Let's keep our fingers crossed on all the funding!! This project seems to be close to Gerry's heart. Hope it all works out. Cheryl
  5. Swannie - So glad you finally had your party! Sounds like you all had a great time. Making more memories for the family! Suzie - It sometimes seems like the unpacking never stops. It is kind of fun decorating a new home though. Good luck finding the right draperies. Kayla - Good morning my Evil Twin. We were cut short last night as we finished off the 300th thread in the piggy clubhouse!! Goodmorning Everyone! Have a fabulous Monday! Hugs, Cheryl
  6. Thanks for the info. She's really pretty! I hope Gerry does use his own accent! Love his voice!! Cheryl
  7. Do they still have a convention there every year? Sounds grand! Anyone else have information? Cheryl
  8. Have a great visit with the family Shamrocked! Frannie, you make the sexiest siggies!! !! Maybe you should be known as sexy Frannie, since we have another Frannie now. Suzie good luck with all the unpacking, been there, done that, it's exhausting. Happy Sunday to all the GALS! Hugs, Cheryl
  9. Frannie, Dairyqueen, Lugerry, You're all so lucky to have had a meeting with Gerry!! He's so great to spend time with his fans! Welcome to GALS! What a guy! Cheryl
  10. I'm so excited!!! The G man has been really looking forward to doing this project. He's probably reaaly thrilled that it's about to happen. Cheryl
  11. Thanks Moira, Great pics. No matter what angle, he's still gorgeous!! Cheryl
  12. Made my donation through paypal! Go GALS!! Cheryl
  13. Hi all, Found some new pics of Gerry in Washington. Looks like he had a good time. They can be posted in the Gallery! Cheryl
  14. I bet Gerry and Jamie are going to have a great time on this film. They both have a a wild sence of humor!! Oh to be a fly on the wall........ Cheryl
  15. LOL!! My hubby isn't into musical or romantic comedies si I'm on my own when watching those. Now 300, Reign of Fire, Timeline...he's watched those with me. He's more of an action or thriller kind of guy. When LAC comes out he'll see that with me, TUT, probablt not. Vegas will be a blast!! It's been a long time since I've been there! Evil Twin, Cheryl
  16. Hey Kayla, Just got to this thread after we've been PMing each other. Yes I believe we are Evil Twins!! Great minds you know LOL. Road trip Yeah!! Except I live in Oregon...damn! That would be a very long drive he he. My other half just smiles also. He knows I have a thing for the G man! My hubby is very cute and tall, but hey a girl can have two men in her life right? Cheryl
  17. I've seen this before! Great fun! Thanks for the laugh! Cheryl
  18. Oh good story!! You lucky Gal!! Cheryl
  19. Barb what a wonderful experience. I bet you're glad you made the trip! Cheryl
  20. Wonderful Barbara! How nice to be able to drool all over Gerry while you sleep!! Cheryl
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